Battlefield 1942 - FH Mod- Retro II. world war tactic shooter

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Battlefield 1942 - FH Mod- Retro II. world war tactic shooter

Post by CATCH-ME-IF-YOU-CAN » Sat Jun 01, 2019 8:49 am

Hello! You may heard about it or played it for long time ago: Battlefield 1942.

This game wasn't that great. BUT. from 2005 till now a community cared about MODDING and taking that game to a whole new level!
The Mod name is Forgotten Hope (FH)

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A lot of Gamers who already played that game became problems. With new windows version and EA didnt support it anymore in this way. But some guys found a way to get this game work very easy with some fixes.

But most of them dont know that its very easy to download and playing it. There are 270 maps, hundreds of Tanks, planes, cars, weapons, different nations. Its not only
a war game, its also a great community (Pixel fighter community) with events on historical happenings like D-DAY event coming next.

The only way to play this game from 2002 again is to download it for free. There is a manual what to do. But its not complicated.
You dont need the original battlefield 1942 game. You just have to download this file and play the mod FH. With realistic feeling of shooting, tactics and you can play together with maximum of 128 Players on one map!

Its free and you dont need to install something. YOu also can play it from USB-stick or any drive. The system requirements are very low so everybody who wants to be part of second world war history is now able to be it.

Have fun! We are online in the afternoon/ evening europe time. Till evening USA time.

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