International Galaga Competition "Galagala" being held at Pincadia (Brisbane, Aus) this weekend!

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International Galaga Competition "Galagala" being held at Pincadia (Brisbane, Aus) this weekend!

Post by ArcadeMYK » Thu May 23, 2019 11:17 pm

Hi All,
Thought I'd drop another line but this time about the Massive Galaga Comp happening this weekend at Pincadia in Brisbane, Australia.

It all kicks off tomorrow 25th of May (in about 20hours time) - You'll be able to watch the live feed on Twitch TV here:
Some of the big hitters are currently doing some sporadic practice runs during today & tonight so tune in to possibly catch a new world record being created.

There are some huge names joining the action here in Oz such as:
Dwayne Richards
Jordan Dorrington
Andrew (Barra) Barrow
Phil Day
Mike Thompson
John McAllister
& there is one other world ranked Galaga player cited to be involved but as yet their name has not been released.
A bunch of us locals are also joining the action, but hold little hope of beating those skilled Amercans!

This weekends events will be focussing on mainly the Micro 31 track and the Macro tracks for Galaga.
Micro 31 see's the machine set to Rank A (easiest) with an extra life at 20K then every 70K after that - the thing is your score is only taken down when you finish level 31 or if you die before getting up to/finishing level 31. This has been pushing all the players to delve into the depths of points pressing techniques that haven't really been explored before in competetive Galaga gaming.

On the Sunday (26th May) There'll also be world record runs being attempted by the attendee's of the competition, I assume these will be done on Rank D (hardest) and in Marathon or Tournament mode - these will also be live streamed via twitch.
Another key element to the weekend is the coveted Northern Hemisphere vs the Southern Hemisphere match. 2 teams of 4 players who are the highest ranking qualifiers, that hold passports for their respective hemisphere's will battle it out in a match that will decide who rules the galaxy.

If you are a fan of Galaga & you can tag any streaming you do of your Galaga games with #PincadiaPractice - you can also download the animated Galagala gif off the website (head to the bottom of the Registration page)

You can check out all the details and info about the comp from the following links:

I actually headed in last night to meet some of the guys as well as to attend the talk that Pincadia had organised for Q*Bert creator Warren Davis to talk about his involvement & memories of creating the game.
After the talk I had a 2 cracks on the Galaga cabs running there & on my 2nd credit I racked up a new Micro 31 PB of around 350K and I followed on from that attempt to record a brand new overall PB of 882K!
From Game&Watch to PS2 and Arcade in between, its been so much fun every single step of the way.

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Re: International Galaga Competition "Galagala" being held at Pincadia (Brisbane, Aus) this weekend!

Post by kiwimike » Fri May 24, 2019 2:07 am

Cool, might tune in for a bit, inspire myself to have a practice on Galaga. Can't see them having anything to worry about with my high scores Lol

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