PS4 Exclusive Recommendations?

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Re: PS4 Exclusive Recommendations?

Post by ShadowMan » Fri Mar 29, 2019 5:51 am

Mini games in Yakuza could be a full game in themselves, I' must have spent 10s of hours in the arcade, Karaoke and Mahjong alone. That's probably part of the reason I put on average of 100 hours into each new game on release (and playing 4's remaster on the PS4 at the moment, I can see me very well putting in the same amount of time there as well, its fantastic).
Megamixer wrote:
Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:53 pm
I need to get back into SFV. Enjoyed the gameplay and visuals but unfortunately, I don't bother with online as I don't have the time to get THAT good. Playing offline is crap for amassing FM so you're kind of committed to having to pay for stuff with cash. Wasn't impressed with having to pay for things as small as palette swaps and I haven't been taken with many of the new characters that have been released since I stopped playing it.

Still, it has my three favourites - Mika, Cammy and Akuma - so I still get something from it.

In my opinion, KOF XIV has been the better fighting game (and I believe it is exclusive to PS4 as far as consoles go). Quite a lot of free updates and the DLC characters are all worth getting IMO. I've put about ten times the playtime into that compared with SFV. Shame that it doesn't look that sexy but at the same time, I was shocked with how good it was given the SNK situation at the time with the new owners.

Until Dawn is another essential exclusive IMO.
Yeah, KOF XIV got some great updates and Samurai Shodown looks even better. Really liking SNK's output lately (well, bar that whole bad Gal Fighters looking game).

Fight Money wise, well they nerfed the best ways, so to get some good FM now you basically gotta do survival runs with your least used characters. But that's really just good for unlocking the weekly extra battle stuff, you're not getting new characters that way unfortunately :(
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Re: PS4 Exclusive Recommendations?

Post by learnedrobb » Tue Apr 02, 2019 12:05 pm

Horizon: Zero Dawn and Until Dawn both get the nod from me.
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