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Anyone interested in playing MMORPG game on their PS2 with me ?

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:49 am
by Materion
Note for admins - this game never left Japan, besides even If You try to play it online with oryginal disk it will not connect because servers are long dead. So downloading custom client is only way to play it online now :P.

Hello, there is one game that have private online servers to play on. Its .hack//fragment. Heres how it looks like: ...

If you want to play it you will need an ISO of the disc to patch {link removed as it breaches AUP, users will either need to make their own ISO or find their own sources]

And patcher from here:

When You download patcher unpack its folder somewhere and put ISO file to patcher folder. Then run patch file - when cmd window appear just hit Enter and then ISO will be patched. Now You are ready to burn ISO or send it to Pendrive and play this game online over internet with other people ;).

You can also join Discord channel -

See ya in game ! :)