Retro consoles on a 4ktv

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Re: Retro consoles on a 4ktv

Post by shiffy » Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:40 pm

As Analogue's FPGA based Super NT and Mega SG have been mentioned I thought I'd throw in another FPGA system that is starting to gain a bit of traction. It's fully open source & does rely on "the community", which is quite small at the moment. Unlike Analogue's systems it doesn't use real carts. But it supports many consoles, as well as FPGA creations of various computers and even arcade machines. In the four months that I have owned the machine I have seen it progress in leaps and bounds.

This project was born out of the Mist system (FPGA based Amiga) and is called the "MiSTer Project". There are now quite a few videos on Youtube demonstrating this system. It's certainly worth looking into.

Edit: I should have mentioned that this sytem can be the best of both worlds in that the main board of the MiSTer (DE10-Nano) outputs by HDMI, but by adding the community designed I/O board you can output an analogue signal to a crt and/or VGA monitor. You can even output both digital & analogue at the same time.

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Re: Retro consoles on a 4ktv

Post by David » Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:22 pm

Finally got round to sorting out all my emulators etc on the laptop and picked up a wee arcade Stick for £22 off amazing (madcatz alpha something or other )

Connected laptop to TV with hdmi cable - bingo! Except everything was seriously stuttery and choppy

Figured out that I had to change the laptop display resolution to match the TV and everything runs flawlessly.

Delighted with it

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