Gazillionaire, Stars! and Other Retro Spreadsheet Simulators

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Gazillionaire, Stars! and Other Retro Spreadsheet Simulators

Post by jpishgar » Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:53 pm

I was browsing through the listing of available 4x strategy and business simulation games the other day, and I realized the great golden era of these was most definitely and firmly ensconced in the retro era.

Gazillionaire was a magnificent game that was not only fun, but taught resource scarcity and business fundamentals in a whacky and zany (poorly CGI illustrated) way. Every so often, I'll get a bug to play this and see if I can corner the market on Exotic as a whale ship with a souped-up engine.


Stars! was probably the most in-depth, convoluted, immersive turn-based 4x game out there - and I count it as considerably higher than Master of Orion. The visual representation of your stellar empire was extraordinarily simplistic, little dots, squares, shaded fields, and lines. But it let you customize your own ships, lay minefields, build stargates that linked wormholes, and even exist as a starbase-only species way, WAY before Stellaris.

I'm hunting for a good game I may have missed, so what was your favorite retro "spreadsheet" simulator?

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