Fancy a career working with retro games?

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Fancy a career working with retro games?

Post by dolligan » Wed Nov 21, 2018 5:20 pm

Hopefully this is ok to post here - if it's the wrong place then mods, please feel free to move it!

Thought this might be a good place to look as we're looking for retro gaming enthusiasts to join the team at Antstream.
You might have read about Antstream in Retro Gamer, there was a news piece about us a few months ago, and this month's issue has an interview with our licencing director, the legend among men that is Darren Melbourne.

In case you don't know, Antstream is a subscription-based streaming retro gaming service which is currently on track to launch early in 2019.
We've licensed literally thousands of classic games, from the era of the Spectrum and C64 up to the Playstation generation.
Now we need a hand loading all of these games onto our platform in time for launch!

We have a variety of roles to fill but the one I am hoping that a few here might be interested in is the auspicious-sounding "content analyst" position.
This basically involves prepping classic games to work with the Antstream service.
This involves making packages of the game's data files, alongside assets such as artwork and instructions, and configuring control and input methods.

I will stress that these are very much entry level positions with little needed in the way of technical skills but a basic working knowledge of photoshop (for cropping, resizing etc) and content management systems will be very useful. Experience using and configuring emulators to run games on classic platforms is a definite plus, too, as is knowledge of retro gaming in general.

As such they will also be paying entry-level salaries - however if you are enthusiastic about the games industry, and particularly retro gaming, and happy to accept starting on the bottom rung of the ladder in order to get a foot in the industry, this could be a great opportunity.

It's an exciting time to join us as we are rapidly expanding and getting set to launch, and there will be a lot of great opportunities at the company for people who join us now to move up into more senior roles - either with our tech, marketing, social media, business development, legal or content functions.

You will also be working with a fantastic team of passionate retro enthusiasts, including some industry legends you will have read about in Retro Gamer - and of course our chairman, the one and only Ian Livingstone (yes, that Ian Livingstone) who pops in from time to time to keep us on our toes!

There's a few other openings at the moment, for programmers and admin, best to take a look at our job page -
for more information on those. But it's content analysts in particular where I feel the RG audience in general might be able to make their mark with our team. (The community manager job advertised on that page has been filled already).

Happy to answer any questions here or by PM if anyone wants to know more.

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