N64 video capture- can anyone help with this?

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N64 video capture- can anyone help with this?

Post by HdE » Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:06 pm

Hey folks! Been having a bit of a wrangle (and thats puttingthings mildly) trying to capture N64 gameplay footage for Youtube. This is a bit of a saga, but I was hoping somebody here might be able to advise me where I'm going wrong or what a better solution might be.

Basically, it comes down to this:

I've got an RGB modded N64 console, which outputs via SCART. I tried to plug this into my video capture device - the Hauppage HD PV Rocket. Which is this one:


I've previously thrown a lot of different stuff at this, and anything that hasn't worked via the HDMI input has worked pretty well through the unit's supplied PS3 adapter. But the N64? No dice.

I'd connected the console to the HD PV Rocket via a SCART to HDMI converter box. The box in particular is this one:

It'll supply a picture to my monitor, but the capture device can't detect a video signal. I figure one of two things is happening - either the converter box isn't actually converting to HDMI, or the N64's outpt resolution isn't supported by the HD PV Rocket.

So, I'm now looking for a reliable solution, as whatever I try, the Rocket appears not to work. Whatever I do, short of pointing a handycam at my monitor (which doesn't look great) is going to cost money. So I'm hoping to find a cost effective, reliable solution.

Some things that have been suggested to me are:

Buying an Ultra HDMI modded N64.

Honestly not something I'd rule out. But I wonder if this would actually output a signal the HD PV Rocket could work with if the issue is the N64's native output resolution.

Buying an OSSC unit

Cheaper, but again, I'm not sure if it would be a reliable fix. NintendoLife's review implies that some capture devices don't play nicely with it.

Buying an Elgato HD capture device

I've seen some set-up videos on Youtube that suggest this will work with a bit of clever set up. I'e heard a few reports of issues in the captured footage, though.

Recoding through a VCR

I can't say this appeals, because I've seen examples of the end results. So far, my Youtube channel (HdE's Totally Unoriginal Gaming Show) has a reputation for high quality video capture, and I'd rather not compromise that at all if possible.

I figure it's worth posting here just to see if anybody within the community can vouch for any one of these possible solutions, or had similar issues and experiences. I can afford to throw a little money at this in efforts to make it work, but as I'm sure folks will appreciate, I need to find a solution that WILL work. I can't be flushing money down the drain!

Any input or ideas would be VERY gratefully received.

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