If You Could Choose One System

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Re: If You Could Choose One System

Post by demon » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:59 am

I'd choose the C=64 because of the overall balance between AV performance, flexibility and enormous catalogue.

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Re: If You Could Choose One System

Post by stayAwhile » Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:44 pm

the amiga 600 yes it games are limited but that means your collection is easier to manage
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Re: If You Could Choose One System

Post by Negative Creep » Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:11 pm

I'd be tempted by the SNES, but would have to go for the Xbox One, especially as so many 360 titles are now backwards compatible on it.

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Re: If You Could Choose One System

Post by nakamura » Sat Aug 19, 2017 4:05 pm

Matt_B wrote:
Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:17 am
nakamura wrote:
Thu Jun 29, 2017 3:54 pm
PS2 because it plays PS1 and that is allowed because it's a standard feature. :D
Except that the OP specifically asked for an 8 or 16 bit system, so it isn't allowed. :P

If we're going to open it up to any system from any period in time, I'll go with a modern desktop PC that can emulate both the PS1 and PS2, and pretty much everything else that's been mentioned.

Sorry, SNES then!
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Re: If You Could Choose One System

Post by miqrojamie » Sat Aug 19, 2017 5:40 pm

RodimusPrime wrote:
Sun Jun 04, 2017 8:02 pm
Super nintendo without even having to think.
This. SNES holds so many great memories for me. :D
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Re: If You Could Choose One System

Post by Sega2006 » Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:52 pm

Sega Saturn, I don't care if it didn't have the 3D epics of the Play Station, it was my first proper console and having spent most of my childhood summers stuck on the Norfolk coast it plays the games that were familiar to me without the need for umpteen 20 and 10 pence pieces, RIP Segata Sanshiro.
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Re: If You Could Choose One System

Post by paranoid marvin » Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:28 pm

A system with all the peripherals and all the games? For sure it would be the VCS; Id spend as much time admiring the box art and enclosed paraphernalia as playing the games.
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