First games you played on each system

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mr jenzie
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by mr jenzie » Mon Feb 20, 2017 7:45 pm

spectrum - daley thompsons decathlon
gameboy - tetris OBVIOUSLY
megadrive - either ghostbusters or gain ground (japanese)
SNES - super mario allstars
amiga - microprose grand prix
saturn - sega rally probably
ps1 - gran turismo
ps2 - gta vice city
ps3 - gta4

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by ALK » Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:55 pm

NES- Mario/Duck Hunt
SNES- Mario Allstars
Mega Drive- Sonic 2
Saturn- Nights
N64- Mario Kart 64
Gamecube- Sonic Adventure 2
Dreamcast- No idea
Wii- Wii Sports
Wii U- Nintendo Land
Gameboy- Tetris
GBC- Pokemon Blue
GBA- Super Mario Advance
DS- Metroid Prime Hunters Demo/Project Rub
3DS- Super Street Fighter IV
360- Street Fighter IV
XBox- No idea
PS1+2- No idea
PS3- Tales of Symphonia
Turbografx- Bomberman 93/Blazing Lasers
Master System- Sonic 1
Game Gear- Road Runner
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by shinymcshine » Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:24 am

Spectrum - something off the bundled demo tape, I recall watching (rather than playing) some sort of life growth demo

C64 - International Soccer (cartridge)

Megadrive - Sonic 2

Gameboy - Tetris

PS 1 - Gran Turismo

GBA - LotR Two Towers

PS 2 - Spiderman

360 - Assassin's Creed

Wii - Wii Sports

GBA SP - Mario v Donkey Kong

DS - Eragon

PS4 - Infamous Second Son

I admit, not the best games, but they were primarily the 1st played as they came as some sort of bundle/deal with the console, and as you can probably tell, I'm not one for buying a new console anywhere near its initial release date.

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by outdated_gamer » Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:16 pm

ZX - Tetris

Atari 2600 - either Outlaw or Defender

Famicom - probably Bomberman, but there was more options

Game Boy - Motocross Maniacs

Mega Drive - Sonic

SNES - Axelay

PC - Prince of Persia or California Games

N64 - Mario 64

NGC - Mario Sunshine

Xbox 360 - I think Gears of War

Arcade - either Turbo Outrun or Street Fighter II

I played games for other systems via PC emulators so I can't say for sure, but I think Gran Turismo was the first game I tried for PlayStation and Soul Calibur first for Dreamcast.

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by Katzkatz » Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:41 pm

Arcade - Buck Rogers(it was in a motorway service station and on the way to Essex).
Commodore Plus/4 - ACE(the flight simulator).
Commodore 64 - Jumpin' Jack(a frogger clone and it was on cassette). First disk game I played on the C64 was Elite.
Dragon 32 - Star Trek.
Oric 1 - Some shoot 'em up which I sadly can't remember the name of. It was my uncle's and it got hooked up to the main telly one time.
Spectrum 48 K - Arkanoid 2.
Spectrum 128K - Bubble Bobble on floppy disk.
Amstrad CPC - Total Eclipse.
Amstrad GX 4000 - Klax.
Sega Master System - Afterburner.
Nintendo Gameboy - Super Mario Brothers.
Atari Lynx - California Games.
Atari ST - Street Fighter(the original not the more famous second installment).
Commodore Amiga - Batman.
DOS PC - Some aeroplane game with a twin view and you used the keyboard. Basically you could have two players, and one controlled the vertical movement and the other the horizontal and shooting. It was on one of those luggable PCs with the small mono monitor built-in, which my dad borrowed from his at the time workplace. My brother and I played it. It must have been on either a 286 or 186 machine. Had the 5 1/4 inch floppies. After that, Lemmings on my dad's 386 PC - always remember the speaker sound for the music on that.
SNES - Mario Kart.
Sega Megadrive - Sonic the Hedgehog. It was on the one that used to be in the local Blockbusters store.
Sony PS - Ridge Racer.
Xbox - Project Gotham Racing.
Nintendo Gameboy Advanced - Parasol Stars.
Sony PS2 - Tony Hawks.
Nintendo 64 - Goldeneye.
Sega Dreamcast - Ikargua.
Nintendo Wii - Mario Kart Wii.
Nintendo DS - 42 All Time Classics.
Sony PSP - Syndicate.
Sony PS3 - Grand Theft Auto V.
Xbox 360 - Forza Motorsport.
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by Katzkatz » Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:04 am

Ah, just to add a few more :-

Atari 800 XL - Druid 2
Apple Macintosh - Myst
CDi - Tetris
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by TheDude18 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:00 am

I'm guessing, but a lot of the following would have been pack-in games..............[tries furiously to remember 25+ years ago, but yet cant remember what happened last week]
Also the systems below are some of the ones I've owned, not just played.

C16 - Punchy. Which I still play, sadly via emulation like a lot on this list :(
C64 - Shadow Warriors. A Pack-in game from the Night moves pack. The arcade game was great, this conversion was sh!te.
SNES - Super Mario All-Stars. I'd never owned a NES at this point, so All-Stars was a great way to play catch up.
PC - Tie Fighter. Awesome. Just hearing the music (via the all new CD-Rom) was amazing.
Nintendo 64 - Mario64. Jaw dropping stuff.
GameCube - Mario Sunshine. Lovely to look at, but I found the FLUDD thingy a pain to control and the game was hard for me.
Wii - Wii Sports. An obvious one, but still unique and fun.
PS3 - Motor-storm Pacific Rift. The graphics (and soundtrack) still impress.
Mini NES - Super Mario Bros. What else?

As for others, I just cant remember! :oops:

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by gunbladelad » Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:42 am

Commodore 16 - X-Zap
CPC 464 - Fruit Machine (Amsoft)
NES - Duck Hunt
SNES - Link to the Past
Game Boy - Robocop
Mega Drive - Super Hydlide
Game Gear - Shinobi (I don't recall which one - if there's more than one)
Playstation - Final Fantasy VII
PC - Frontier : Elite 2
Saturn - Command & Conquer
N64 - Goldeneye
Gamecube - Pokemon Colloseum (Came with the console - Mega pak bundle with Pokemon Box included)
Game Boy Advance - Super Mario Kart : Super Circuit
DS - Dr Kawashima's Brain Training
Wii - Wii Sports (I know, kinda obvious this one)
WiiU - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
3DS - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Yes, I know, but I bought both the 3DS and the WiiU specifically for this game)

I'm sure I can probably add a couple more in here, but I can't think of them at the moment.
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by lupogtiboy » Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:49 am

Hmm, see if I can remember....

C64 - Probably American Warewolf in London or Commodore Soccer (the cartridge one)
Snes - Street Fighter 2
Amiga - Bart Vs The Space Mutants
PS1 - Die Hard Trilogy
PS2 - Burn Out
PS3 - Warhawk
PS4 - Probably Fifa on my son's
Mega Drive - Sonic (probably!)
Master System - Alex Kidd
PSP - erm... nope, its gone!
BBC - Grannie's Garden!!!
NES - Mario (very badly!)
N64 - Goldeneye
Virtuaboy - Mario Tennis
Vectrex - Minestorm
Atari 2600 - Centipede
Gameboy - Tetris (obviously!)
CD32 - Soccerkid
Xbox - The Hulk I think...
Xbox 360 - Forza
Bandai Wonderswan - Gunpei
Gamecube - Mario Kart
Jaguar - Alien Vs Predator
PC - Doom!
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The Laird
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by The Laird » Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:10 am

ZX Spectrum - Manic Miner
Commodore 64 - Zaxxon
Amstrad CPC - Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
Atari 2600 - Centipede
BBC Micro - Granny's Garden
Sega Master System - Zillon
Amstrad GX4000 - Burnin' Rubber
Commodore 64GS - International Soccer
Nintendo NES - Super Mario Bros.
Atari ST - StarRay
Commodore Amiga - New Zealand Story
Acorn Archimedes - Lemmings
Nintendo Game Boy - Tetris
Atari Lynx - Electrocop
NEC PC Engine - R-Type
Atari 7800 - Dig Dug
Sega Mega Drive - Altered Beast
Super Nintendo - Super Tennis
Sega Game Gear - Columns
Philips CD-i - Palm Springs Golf
Sega Mega CD - Cobra Command
Atari Jaguar - CyberMorph
3DO Real - FIFA Soccer
Amiga CD32 - Nigel Mansell Grand Prix
Sega Saturn - Panzer Dragoon
Sony PlayStation - Toh-Shin-Den
Atari Jaguar CD - Vid Grid
Sega 32X - Star Wars Arcade
Sega Dreamcast - Soul Calibre
Nintendo 64 - Super Mario 64

I have only included consoles and computers that I played back in the day when they were new, not ones I have discovered in recent years,

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by killbot » Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:41 am

Acorn Electron - Killer Gorilla
C64 - Mikey
Amiga - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
PC - Some old driving game I don't remember the title of...
NES - Super Mario Bros.
SNES - Street Fighter II Turbo
N64 - Super Mario 64
Gamecube - Super Monkey Ball
Wii - Wii Sports
Wii U - Trine 2
Switch - LoZ: BotW
Game Boy/Color - Amazing Spider-Man
GBA - Kuru Kuru Kururin
DS - Yoshi Touch & Go
3DS - LoZ: OoT 3D
Master System - Double Dragon
Mega Drive - Street Fighter II SCE
Saturn - Panzer Dragoon
Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure
Game Gear - Sonic the Hedgehog
2600 - Pitfall!
Jaguar - Cybermorph
Lynx - Ninja Gaiden 3
PlayStation - WipEout
PS2 - Fantavision
PSP - GTA: Liberty City Stories
Xbox - Halo
Xbox 360 - Elder Scrolls - Oblivion
Xbox One - Banner Saga

I think that's it. If I haven'tmentioned a machine it's because I simply have no recollection of playing on it.

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by rocky1980 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:16 am

Its amazing what comes back to you when you start thinking about it
48k – horace goes skiing
C64 – Rambo
Amiga – Push Over
ST - Thundercats
PC – Alley Cat
PS2 – Elite Forces 2
PS3 - Little Big Planet
PS4 – COD Ghosts
Xbox - Outrun
360 - Terminator salvation
Xone – Fifa 2014
NES – Mario 1
SNES – F Zero
N64 – Golden Eye
GC – Mario kart
Wii - Wii sports
Wii U – Nintendo land
GB – Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
MS – Alexkid
Megadrive – Spiderman
Mega CD – Sherlock Holmes
32x - Doom
Saturn - virtua fighter
Dreamcast – Soulcalibur
Gx4000 – Burnin Rubber
Neo Geo Pocket – Sonic
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by ArchaicKoala » Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:54 pm

hmm let's see... I'm trying to list these in the order that I first played the systems and not necessarily the systems age

Atari 2600 - Pacman
Spectrum - Hunchback
Master System - Alex Kidd in Miracle World
NES - Super Mario Brothers 2
Game Boy - Escape from Camp Deadly
Game Gear - Sonic The Hedgehog
Megadrive - Sonic The Hedgehog
SNES - F-Zero
Sega Saturn - Street Fighter Zero
Playstation - Ridge Racer
Amiga 1200 - Cannon Fodder 2
Game Boy Colour - Game and Watch Gallery 2
Nintendo 64 - Mario 64
Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure
Game Boy Advance - Super Mario Advance
Gamecube - Smash Brothers Melee
Xbox - Halo
Playstation 2 - Quake 3 Arena
Nintendo DS - Mario 64 DS
Xbox 360 - Perfect Dark Zero
Wii - Wii Sports
3DS - Pilotwings Resort
Wii U - Nintendo Land
Xbox One - Rock Band 4

I've probably missed a few but it's surprising what you can remember at times

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by Bluce_Ree » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:00 pm

Not sure these are exactly accurate but..

Speccy - Jumping Jack
Amiga - Street Fighter 2
SNES - Mortal Kombat 2
Jaguar - AvP
Dreamcast - Virtua Tennis
PS1 - Resident Evil
PS2 - GTA3
PS3 - Chime Super Deluxe
PS4 - Resogun
Xbox 360 - Dead Rising (although it might have been Hexic)

With handhelds I'm less sure.

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by mrmessy » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:53 pm

For the machines I had, as far as I can remember & not including the pong-style TV game from 1979...

ZX Spectrum: Thro' the Wall (round a friend's house), early '83
Spectrum 128: Stormbringer 128, perhaps, Xmas '86
Atari STFM: possibly Super Sprint (from the Summer Pack), Aug '88
Amiga 500: Batman the Movie (in a computer shop) I think, 1989
SNES: Street Fighter 2 (at a Gamesmaster show at the NEC), 1992ish
PlayStation: Battle Arena Toshinden (the day I bought one on release - shop had run out of Wipeout),1995
PS2: Timesplitters (round my friend's house - same friend who had the Spectrum), 2000
Xbox: Splinter Cell (in Gamestation), 2002
Xbox360: Mashed Fully Loaded (at a retro event), I think, 2010
PS4: Little Big Planet 3 (was bundled with it), 2014
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