Upgrade path for home computers

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Re: Upgrade path for home computers

Post by kebabinho » Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:28 am

it was just the plus 4 I had, and now have again.

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Re: Upgrade path for home computers

Post by Carrot007 » Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:09 pm

Nice thread!

Speccy +2: (grey) Was my first! Loved it and computers helped me a lot as I'm a bit dyslexic, however the tape setup sucked hence.

Speccy +3: With a panasonic kxp1081 and tasword 3 on disk, was pretty much the only person at school to hand in printed work!

Speccy being fine for all my serious stuff I then went to consoles for gaming, but that's not for this thread.

Amiga 500: After seeing a friends I put up an ad to swap my megadrive+games for a A500

Amiga 1200: Both me and said friend went to I think comet and spend a nice chunk of ourt Student Loans on a a1200 the minute we got the cash at uni! Random bitter point, mine came with a knackered a500 (light) psu and they refused to replace it as it could not have come with the machine, my protests of commodore went bust, they are all currently refurbs was muchly ignored, I used an old A500 (heavy) psu, which was properly better since I used a 3.5inch HD drive bodged in at first and then in a black box from maplins hanging out the back when bigger (800mb?) drives came along.

The in my 4th yewar at uni (year out). I found out I could still get the student loan, so I got my first pc, mate working at a computer shop did me a good deal! P166mmx, nice box, reinstalled os (win 95 osr2) from scratch winthin a week to get used to things. Was first xmas away from home working so on xmas eve I wondered into hmv and got muself a nice voodoo 1 for it. We were even subscribed to demon internet because it had all the newsgroups!

Since then too many PC's to mention. Had to get rid of a lot when I moved (they were rotting in the loft and a lot were damaged!)

I have also at times, but not seriously (as in main machine?) used the following computers. Aquarious. A lot of macs, from 68k ones to early ppc, oh and that reminds me, a macbook and mac mini from the original intel launch. (the core 1's which were clearly a mistake since they were not 64 bit, damn you intel, you should have caved to amd's 64bit earlier!)

ADDITIONAL: Also a c64, and a archimedies at points.

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Re: Upgrade path for home computers

Post by Cripper2 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:38 am

MSX 1984 £299 - I had a Sony MSX1. I wanted an Amstrad but my parents thought Amstrad stuff was junk. The Sony was a really nice computer that i had some good cartridge games for. Cassette games very mainly Spectrum ports which was poor but at least there were a few games to play. Magazines were crap and not many games available in shops but when that computer was sold it was a regret

Atari ST 1987 £259- I would have wanted an MSX2 but that never came out in the UK so I bought a 520STm which was the model with an external ss/dd disk drive. Mainly i used this with a mono monitor for serious activities. In 1987 the ST was much more popular and substantially cheaper than the Amiga. I had also owned an Atari console so that was what i wanted. Bought from SIlica Shop

Atari 1040 STe 1993 £199- broke the old 520 so i got this. Sold it to someone wanting it for midi work

AST DX2 50 £999 - cd-rom a big upgrade. Later added a Pentium overdrive chip to make it into a p60
Mesh Pentium 133
Evesham Micros Pentium 2
Dell Pentium 4
i5 2500k

General trend to becoming more generic

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