Which 6th gen console was your fave?

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It was

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The Laird
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Re: Which 6th gen console was your fave?

Post by The Laird » Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:48 pm

Can't be bothered with this anymore.

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Re: Which 6th gen console was your fave?

Post by RodimusPrime » Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:54 pm

Considering Halo, and COD established the now preffered win stick method that each game likes to use that gen. Games like Timesplitters were silky smooth.

Driving games like Grant turismo, Forza, PGR all came to the fore with sublime handling and very precise analogue controls + analogue triggers for accelerate and brake on the Xbox.

Resident Evil perfected the over the shoulder method that everyone copied.

Games that needed precise inputs for control in a 3d enviroment like Monkey ball were around as well.

Not really sure a statement like 3D controls in that gen were clunkand we had to wait till the next gen to nail it really applies TBH.

In fact it worked out so well that Gen that both the Xbox and PS brand are still using variations of the same controllers.

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Re: Which 6th gen console was your fave?

Post by gjones » Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:58 pm

I do agree that the big open-world games were definitely superior on the 7th gen, but there's a part of me that prefers the focus and limitations of worlds like GTA 3's Liberty City or the town in Bully. The modern open-worlds are imposing, although that is also down to getting older and having less time to wrap myself in these worlds.

The 6th gen is my favourite gen because it was the last time there were a variety of sports titles - not just sims. The likes of SSX, 1080, Tony Hawks, Def Jam Vendetta, Mario Golf, WWE games etc. There seemed to be more titles that didn't take themselves seriously - Burnout was at its peak, Timesplitters was king of the FPS. It was my favourite era for both SEGA and Nintendo games. Japanese games still dominated - Ninja Gaiden, Resident Evil 4, Pro Evolution Soccer.

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The Beans
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Re: Which 6th gen console was your fave?

Post by The Beans » Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:37 pm

Hell, I don't even assocciate the 5th gen with arcades tbh. Hardly any arcade ports would trouble my top twenty on systems even going as far back as the Amiga. The arcades haven't really been a huge focus for ages except for maybe the Dreamcast. At some point the arcades hit an astonishing level of dullness where it was wall to wall fighting games and driving games and these were considered big releases on the consoles but for me it was all a minor thing compared to the masses of other stuff that had never been near an arcade.
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Re: Which 6th gen console was your fave?

Post by Megamixer » Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:45 pm

Dreamcast and moreso the Saturn were the last true homes of arcade conversions and I have to say that I loved those machines for it. Fighting games and the type of arcade stuff that Sega put out even into the mid-late 90's were pure gold imo and enjoyable gameplay that wasn't always trying to be something else or follow market trends (even though the latter contributed to Sega's demise).

PS2, Xbox etc. only have retrospective ports, compilations or home sequels to arcade-originating franchises. I don't think arcades have been mainstream relevant since the 80's/early 90's and not relevant to arcade fans since the late 90's/early 2000's.

But I believe Laird was just saying that the absence of such games/conversions was why he didn't like those newer systems; not saying that he expected modern consoles to be primarily full of arcade conversions.
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Re: Which 6th gen console was your fave?

Post by SJ_Sathanas » Sun Oct 09, 2016 5:00 pm

RodimusPrime wrote:In fact it worked out so well that Gen that both the Xbox and PS brand are still using variations of the same controllers.
Oh god I hate the Dual Shock so much! It struck me as incredibly lazy to simply dump a pair of analogues onto the existing Playstation controller, as well as copying Nintendo's pioneering of analogue on a mainstream console, but then they kept of the PS2! Then the PS3! And I presume the PS4 has it too....

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Re: Which 6th gen console was your fave?

Post by davyK » Sun Oct 09, 2016 6:05 pm

I find it rather difficult to separate that gen.

Right off I can dismiss the Oldbox. It never had much to interest me . I'd like to have one for PD Orta and maybe for its version of Outrun which is supposed to run smoother than the PS2 version - but I don't think that's enough to justify getting one.

PS2 - the grand old workhorse. I like it because of the shmups I can play on it and the retro compilations. I've never been one for the likes of Metal Gear Solid, GTA etc but the scope of its library means it has those AND the sort of games I like so from the point of view of the depth of its library it can't be beat. Even the PAL gamer who likes shmups will find PS2 gems such as Dragon Blaze . Homura and Samurai Aces to play - boasting 60HZ and TATE modes to satisfy the hardcore. Then you have RType Final and Gradius V - two reasons I bought the console in the first place. Pity about the controller though - the dpad is pretty censored - but there are lots of options for arcade sticks for the type of game I like. PS1 BC too which is always nice. It's depth of library make it a winner.

GC - a smaller library but very strong when it comes to same room multi-player (4 ports remember). Load times are almost non-existent and it was great to see Sega do some superb work with Monkey Ball (forget about the poor relation ports), Beach Spikers and F-Zero GX. It was a powerful and safe pair of hands for Nintendo's own updates benefitting from the increased power and they are all beautifully crafted and polished games. GC has lots of novelty items too with the bongo games, experiments with microphone control (Odama!), linkup games such as Pacman Vs and the excellent GBA player. Wavebird was magical when I first tried it - a truly great controller. Overall GC games just feel so much more polished. That and its same room multiplayer make it a winner.

DC - what could have been. I love arcade games so I lap the DC library up. Get some of those gorgeous arcade sticks and suck up those beautiful ports of Virtua Tennis, Mr Driller, Gigawing, Cosmic Smash and Streetfighter III 3rd strike. VGA adaptor. Daytona USA with a steering wheel. Typing of the Dead with the keyboards. It was an indulgence project for Sega and owning one with a nice game library and the various controllers feels indulgent to the collector. It's arcade game style experience in the home make it a winner.

I wouldn't be without any of them - they all win for different reasons - I really couldn't pick a favourite.

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