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Re: Your favourite mods for a game?

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:46 pm
by Analog
it's been a while since I have played around with mods, but I loved the mods, mutators and total conversions for ut99. instagib, strangelove, chaosut, which modded the weapons in clever ways and infiltration which turned the game into tactical based shooter, no respawn, realistic weapons.
urban terror which was a total conversion using the engine from quake was pretty good fun, a friend of a friend had it loaded onto his parents computers and we'd have a few lan parties around there playing that or c&c generals.
minecraft has had some interesting mods. one I was keeping a lookout on was an attempt to raise the vertical cap of the world. unfortunately it has always remained stuck in experimental stages and has never progressed much. biomes o' plenty and industrial craft are pretty good, as is geocraft a geology based mod which added in more/better ore distribution.