Arcades–thrill from thought of losing money, or from game?

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paranoid marvin
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Re: Arcades–thrill from thought of losing money, or from gam

Post by paranoid marvin » Sun Jul 24, 2016 5:48 am

Money spent at the arcade was never 'lost'; what mattered was how long it lasted you. If you had a £2 or £3 (quite at lot of money back in the 80s) you could get a good couple of hours play if you spent wisely. Dragons Lair was usually out of bounds because A.It cost 50p , B.You hardly lasted any time and C.It was just as much fun watching someone else play it, particularly if they were any good at it.

Usually the best ones to play were those like Gauntlet and Rampage, because with a power bar you at least were guaranteed a good go even if you weren't very good. Games like Nemesis were brilliant to play, but with just 3 lives it usually meant only 2 or 3 minutes gameplay. As Ant says, Outrun and Space Harrier made it more dificult, because at 50p a go it was five times what you'd spend playing an older machine (which were usually 10p with the newer machines being 20p), but at least both games let you get a bit of a go , and let even novices get through the first couple of levels.

Then when you were down to your last 3 or 40p it was a case of going on the machines that you were quite good at and could make last some time - Double Dragon was a good one, esp when you discovered the 'elbow' which could get you quite a way into the game.
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Re: Arcades–thrill from thought of losing money, or from gam

Post by sscott » Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:48 am

I was a chicken and stuck to games where I got my 10ps worth such as Mr. Do! I think when Virtual Fighter came out and it was a quid (maybe) that it became to expensive for me.

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Re: Arcades–thrill from thought of losing money, or from gam

Post by Shinobi » Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:19 pm

For me it was being in the zone and lasting as long as possible, entering Barry Island or Porthcawl arcades with rows of Arcade cabs with people playing all of them.. You always a group of people around and they're 10p's resting on the cab so that they where next in line to play it after you died, or how impressed everybody was when a good player 1cc'ed a game such as Dragons Lair, Renegade or Kung Fu Master.. The only game I could 1cc back then was Sega Shinobi could get to Fan on Yie Ar Kung Fu and do 1 loop on Kung FU master some guys could loop it about 3 -4 times on 1 credit and Golden Axe with Tyris Flair I could 1cc always have loads of people watching and wanting to play doubles.. I remember somebody doing the 2p trick for me where you put the 2p up the coin return slot of Gorf and it would give you 2 lives, and showing me which other games it would work on Galaxian and Astro Blaster(could never get on Galaxian always somebody playing it)

Last year I played a sit down Out Run 1 and the smell of the sand and the hot weather on my back took me back to the glory days, really can't be emulated back then you had nothing like that and the only way you could play those games where in arcades..

Another good show off game was Killer Instinct 1ccing it with Orchid and her 48 combo's and seeing peoples jaws hit the floor.. I met some of my best friends through that game and we had a group of 15 of us all competing just to get our name on the high score table that and Time Crisis 1 and Star Wars arcade really pushed those games to the limit.. My friend finished Time Crisis in 10:05 the world record holder XXX finished it on Games Master in 10:00..
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Re: Arcades–thrill from thought of losing money, or from gam

Post by flying_delorean81 » Mon Jul 25, 2016 9:50 am

It wasn't often I got to visit arcades as a kid, so when I did the thrill came from getting to play games that were way better than anything I could play at home (I had a Gameboy), and had only seen in pictures in magazines. Obviously I tried to make my money last as long as possible, but as I rarely got to play arcades, I wasn't very good at them. My favourite ones were the multiplayer ones you could play with friends on, like The Simpsons and Ninja Turtles.

It was almost better when there were arcade halls with maybe 10-20 cabs in them, as it was easier than trying to pick a game from the entire MAME library these days!! As much as I love being able to play every arcade game ever, the willpower to stick with one game isn't always there, as if I struggle with one I'm likely to just move on to the next. And as has been mentioned earlier, with unlimited credits comes less interest from the player.
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Re: Arcades–thrill from thought of losing money, or from gam

Post by Sephiroth81 » Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:07 pm

flying_delorean81 wrote: And as has been mentioned earlier, with unlimited credits comes less interest from the player.
Exactly - I can't seem to find the same appeal from arcade compilation games, like The Midway Arcade Origins for example, because you just press a button and all your back in the game. So you end up just dying a lot in games like Smash TV, but it doesn't matter as you can still progress. Unlike Super Smash TV version on the SNES, where credits were limited so you really did have to make the effort to avoid the shrapnel and on-screen carnage! Gauntlet is another example.

I suppose one has to be disciplined and not give in to the "credit" button so easily.

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Re: Arcades–thrill from thought of losing money, or from gam

Post by space_ace » Tue Aug 02, 2016 7:31 am

Some excellent opinions and memories here, fascinating stuff.

Another point would be that there were older gamers too back in the day; there was one guy, about 27, who the other kids would swarm round because you knew he always spent about 20/30 quid and often let one of us have a few games with him on two player games, free of charge. Again, with him, that thrill and desperation wasn’t quite there, a spent life would mean just another press of the credit button; you could argue that being older played a part, and would be less likely to display the histrionics of a young gamer on his last life with no money left.

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