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Android Handheld Gaming Tablets

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:27 am
by Managarm
Hi All,

I've been using a GPS caanoo for handheld gaming:

But was looking to replace this sometime soon as although it's brilliant for most things, the Amiga emulator has no save state and the PS1 emulator needs over-clocking for lots of games which means it chews through battery.

I was looking at Android gaming tablets, they're a bit chunkier than the Caanoo but what I've read said they'll play N64, Dreamcast and PSP games. Has anyone had any experience with these and do they emulate these consoles at a respectable speed?

A couple I've been looking at are: ... 47650.html ... EB989Z7GQ0

Re: Android Handheld Gaming Tablets

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:51 am
by RetroAerosmith
There are a couple of jxd threads on here with various reviews. I have one, can be fiddly or sometimes a reboot to find roms on memory card is needed but im told this is common with a lot of these things. One down point for me is the woeful battery...2 or 3 hrs at best.

I usually look at youtube reviews to decide on things that sometimes helps.

Re: Android Handheld Gaming Tablets

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 10:28 am
by ncf1
I had a jxd s7800b and sold it recently. Summing up : it performed better than I expected. Emulated very well, was great with most emulators, using happychick you could download a vast amount of games, the screen looks just terrific, and overall it performs very well indeed, after the initial figuring out what to do which can take a bit.

For me though, I could never get used to the thumb controllers; they spoiled the whole experience for me. And its really disappointing, really.. because for instance Pacman, Donkey Kong, games that need precision are almost painful to play, and although they look and sound just terrific, your thumbs slip and slide all over the place, and gaming should simply not be frustrating like that. As someone on another thread about the jxd said, they sold theirs to get a dedicated laptop for emulation and I thought that was a great idea. Goes against the whole completely portable thing but ultimately, for me, the jxd was disappointing. or should I say disappointingly close... a most impressive device but let down by less than satisfactory controllers.

You wont be disappointed getting one, I will say that.... but for those that are a bit fussy perhaps with gaming like me, its just, simply, not quite good enough. Just those damn thumb controllers.

Re: Android Handheld Gaming Tablets

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 8:04 am
by Managarm
Thanks for the replies!

I think I'll go for the GPD XD - I like the clamshell design.

Re: Android Handheld Gaming Tablets

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 8:48 am
by Lorfarius
I did a closer look at the JXB a couple of years ago, one of my all time fav systems:

But recently went for a GXD and couldn't be happier. Controls are a lot better and the clamshell feature is so handy for portable gaming, I take it everywhere with me now. You can even plug it into a HDTV to play games.

Re: Android Handheld Gaming Tablets

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:36 am
by greenberet79
Let us know how you get on! I'm pretty happy with my modded PSP. Been looking at getting another as back up, or a Go as something different.

Also recently got a Bluetooth gamepad off a kind RG forumite, and love it. Works well with my android phone.

Re: Android Handheld Gaming Tablets

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:42 am
by Managarm
I'm happy to say that the XD is everything I wanted and more!

It's an Android device, so there's tons of emulators to choose from. It's reasonably sturdy, the button layout is well thought out (i.e. stolen from the Playstation controller layout!) I've only played a couple of Android games on it - it has this really nice feature where you can drag an overlay that represents the physical controls and map them to the onscreen buttons.

Of the emulators I've tried so far, this is how it/they performed:

Megadrive: MD.emu - Very nice, didn't expect any performance issues and there were none. Streets of Rage ran as smooth as anything. There are some good scanline and filtering options to make it look prettier too.
SNES: SNES9X EX: The interface isn't amazing but it ran the games flawlessly.
Amstrad: CPC4Droid: Bomb Jack, Bomb Jack, Bomb Jack, Bomb Jack, Bomb Jack, Bomb Jack, Bomb Jack, Bomb Jack, Bomb Jack, Bomb Jack!
Commodore 64: C64.emu: A bit fiddly to setup as you have to copy three folders from the VICE emulator to a specific location and even then I had to restart C64.emu a couple of times to get it to give in and work. Creatures was the same as any Windows emulator I've tried.
Amiga: UAE4All 2 - Had this on my phone, sooo much better with physical controls. Sensible Soccer and Banshee (AGA) ran flawlessly.
PS1: FPSE - THis is the one I was looking forward to and it didn't disappoint. Tekken 3, Bomberman Fantasy Race, Hexen, Exhumed, Robotron X and Castlevania Symphony of the Night played without a glitch. This is without any messing with the video and system tweaks.
N64: Mupen64+ AE - A lot better than I expected. I've found N64 emulation under Windows to be glitchy so I wasn't holding out hope of it being perfect. The games I tried all ran at full speed but some had missing textures or black areas (but much like on a PC.) Ocarina of time was a bit flickery, Majora's Mask ran fine but the sound would crackle every so often, Diddy Kong Racing was fine and Mario Tennis had invisible players.
Dreamcast: Reicast - Really, really good. Easy to setup and map the controls and the two games I tried, Sword of the Berserk and Sonic Adventure 2 were amazing.

These are all emulators I downloaded from the Play Store. There's a built in dodgy game store called Happy Chick: You choose your game, download it and the system automatically loads the emulator for it. I've no idea what emulators are running or where it stores the ROMs/ISOs/things so I thought it would be neater to set it up manually.

The only thing I found was that when I first got it, the Play Store would not load. A firmware upgrade (from the Dingoonity website) which was very easy to do fixed that.

I'd say this is well worth buying!