games that changed your life..

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games that changed your life..

Post by dai » Tue May 15, 2007 10:14 am

what games seemed to completely change you? the ones leaving you with a sense of awe and the knowledge that life would never be the same again. i hope i haven't repeated an existing topic, but, here's mine..

Football Manager (Speccy), this was the sole reason for me demanding a ZX Spectrum+ for chrimbo. my Jamie Lee Curtis pics never got looked at whilst playing this game.

Elite (Speccy, Amiga and PC in its various forms), i became the 'don' of our estate after getting this. kids i never even met before would let me into their homes and offer me all the crisps and viewings of their sisters knicker drawers simply because i had the game. wide-open spaces (the game, not the knickers..) awesome.

Populous (Amiga), i was/am always one for god-like games (Powermonger, SimCity etc.) in fact i bought the Amiga simply because of Populous.

the first time i played Doom (PC), i found it incredible - it felt like i was actually part of a movie. our house cleaner said it looked 'sick' so i changed weapons to the chainsaw and killed a grunt ... she stated that she was going to puke and then ran off.

Half-Life (PC), even my partner at the time (fat cow, hog .. er, sorry, i'm rambling now..) used to just sit and watch me play, simply to find out what was going on. i never imagined another FPS would 'hold' me the way Doom originally did but this game just blew me away.

Ultima Online (PC), again wide-open spaces but with fiscal management and loads of monsters too (in fact just like the real world but petit..) i also enjoyed certain online footy management games (before they all banned me.)

IK+ deserves a mention as well, along with a few adventure games. all the above had a profound influence on me and offered the opportunity to play by myself ... but that's another story...

anyway, what about you? do you have similar experiences or am i just too strange?

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Post by Elgin_McQueen » Tue May 15, 2007 10:16 am

Just reinstalled Champ manager and it's really distracting my revision at the moment, just wanna go back home and play it. Need to close this page, revise for a couple of hours for test tomorrow and go play, but it's on my mind too much!!!!
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Post by one2escape » Tue May 15, 2007 3:34 pm

1. Mega Lo Mania - Got me started on God Games
2. Civ - I have not had a game experience like it it since. It had a hold of me and just played and played and played again.
3. football manager \ champ manager- as close as you can get to managing a team
4. FFVII What can you say.
5. Now for a shocker! Enchanted Arm on Xbox 360. Every game I have played since his on my 360 has been hmmm.

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Post by Cabal » Tue May 15, 2007 4:20 pm

Got to be Learn To Read 4 for the Spectrum 48K. My first introduction to computers. I think that was back in 85. It didnt impress me, but its the strongest memory I will probably have of computers. I suppose I just saw it as another...thing in my life, something to be taken for granted.

Years later, I was changed by Nightbreed(Spectrum) for it was most probably the first horror game I ever played, which was something completely new to me. I now believe its the greatest game on the spectrum.

Monkey Island 2(PC). This was like watching a movie, but then playing it! Wonderful. Perfect game for its day.

Tie Fighter(PC). God almighty, I lived and breathed this game. Nothing will ever beat the times I had with the original floppy disk version! I pulled a sicky off school, went into Thurrock Lakeside and my Mother acutally forked out £35 for it. This, together with the Empire Strikes Back film on Video was the perfection of the whole star wars saga.

Soul Blade(PS1). This game was years ahead of its time. I would play this game til 5am in the morning.

Castlevania: SOTN(PS1). Lived and breathed this game. God, if he could grant me one wish it would be to make me as cool as Alucard. "Farewell, we will not meet again...", gee, watta guy! :D

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Post by wilf » Tue May 15, 2007 5:13 pm

Star Raiders on my Atari800XL pretty much changed my life. I could actually be Luke Skywalker in my own bedroom!

I seem to remember being hugely in to Mercenary as well.
Still remember when I first found the Jet out in the wilderness!

DOOM probably had the biggest impact of all though since I embraced the mapping and modding in a big way.

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Post by learnedrobb » Tue May 15, 2007 5:21 pm

Phantasy Star: My introduction to Japanese RPGs.
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Post by forestville » Tue May 15, 2007 7:26 pm

Simcity on the Amiga: building a city from scratch and then bringing it to its knees and building back up again was most fun, Simcity2000 on Amiga 1200/Apple mac was the same fun but in fantastic isometric 3d and a bigger game world, then along came simcity3000 on the Apple Mac with its top notch graphics and building tools and now still till this day simcity is in play with SimCity 4 (Apple Mac os x) especially the rush hour extension pack.

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Post by rossi46 » Tue May 15, 2007 7:27 pm

I was going to list Golden Axe and my quest to find the arcade version of the 3rd installment, or Sega Rally and Daytona and my mission to get my initials on every seaside arcade version of them on the entire East Coast - but the game that truly changed my life was the MegaDrive version of Ghouls 'n' Ghosts. After breaking 3 joypads in a 14 hour session, 2 trips to Comet to buy replacements, 20 or so joints and umpteen beers while I lost my temper again and again at this game, my first wife announced that she was going back to her parents to stay. I replied, Whatever. I only saw her a couple more times when she came to pick up stuff.

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Post by CrookedMouth » Wed May 16, 2007 1:23 am

Pirates! on C64 - I remember playing it till my c64 power box started to smell like burnt rubber. This was the first game that I became enraged at because of the passion I felt. It showed me games could be more.

Ultima IV on c64 - The elation at beating Ultima 3 was great but then Ultima 4 came along. It added so much to the equation. Your actions had consequences. The day/night cycle had meaning. This game was a huge leap forward, and it was huge. I actually get a tear in my eye when I think back to me and my brother playing this together, listening to Floyd.The feeling of beating it was unrivaled.

Dungeon Master on Amiga - I have to keep it pithy. At the time it felt like I was playing a game from the future. The sound evoked emotion like fear for instance.

MUD called Wheel of Time -I believe it is still going. It is text, there was PK. I actually got adrenaline rushes playing a text game. I remember the first time I back stabbed a player Trolloc and he ripped. I thought about it while I slept. This made me realize that I would not, could not ever play games like Evercrack or WoW.

You've already mentioned Half-LIfe, I won't add much more just that this game made me care about my AI followers. I cared about a computer character!?

Thief on PC -I had played the run and gun Doom, the Incredible story driven Half-life and the Visually stunning moody Unreal. When I got thief initially I had to upgrade my vidcard. Well let me tell you this game altered my idea of FPS and gaming in general. In no other game had I felt more like I was actually this character and that life and death hung so squarely on my actions.

Counter-Strike even though it seemed like every other player was cheating, this was the ladder drug that eventually led me to America's Army today. Oh just one more round!

Mirrowind/Oblivion - I know they are completely different but these are the games that brought me back to RPG's. There is alway's a feeling that something fantastic lies over the next hill.With these games I didn't need to be online but still got that feeling of a living breathing world, even though Mirrowind's characters felt static. Oblivion to me nailed it.

way too long, probably no one will read it.

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Post by Argo » Fri May 18, 2007 7:27 am

So many games it's difficult to single any out, but here goes.....

Black Hawk on Speccy - Began my journey into proper gaming at the age of 8. Fantastic difficulty curve and non-stop action. Brilliant

Supremacy on C64 - Space trading/war/strategy masterpiece. I'll gladly swap a kidney for a boxed copy today!

Rtype Leo on Arcade - First played it on an import cab on holiday. Now still a regular on my MAME

FF7 on PS - Seminal RPG and still the only game i deem worthy of 10/10

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Post by Barkie » Fri May 18, 2007 8:01 am

Lords of midnight on speccy - got it from a friend, my jaw droped when i saw this massive world full of armies etc.

nothing like being chased through forests and mountains by doomdark's armies when you are a liitle kid.

Also FF7 and Dungeon Master like the previous posters.

I suppose i should include Frenzy as this was the first game i played on my new speccy with Space Raiders and Hungry Horace. They started me off on that long road of games playing.

That little white head in Frenzy coming after you now that was fear.
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Post by Smurph » Fri May 18, 2007 8:34 am

I've been impressed by games, I've enjoyed games a bit more than I should, too... I'd never say I was changed by them. It sounds a bit pretentious to me, like a music critic that says 'Mahler changed my life'.
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Post by Lindopski » Fri May 18, 2007 10:11 am

Chuckie Egg - Acorn/BBC
Hooked me like crazy , I couldnt get enough of steailng them eggs and the seed. I just kept playing and playing till I could get like all the seed of the birds lol.

Football Manager - Acorn/BBC
I still think footy manager rocks , what an ace game for like 1982 or whenever it come out,I always had Wrexham so had to change the team names though lol.

Ghosts N Goblins - C64
I remeber playing this for the first time on the black and white telly at my nans at night time , there was a sense that you cant really explain of actually getting into the game with it,like you were actually there in GnG land. I love this game to toady.

Paperboy - c64
again a fantastic game , I loved it though I could hardly get past wednesday which was the dark day. another c64 fave of mine , god I love that machine.

Wings - Amiga
I spent months and months playing wings, a fantastic story and allround fun to play I had to finish it no matter what.

Shadow of the beast 2 - Amiga
everyone knows its gameplay wasnt ace , but the sound and visuals made up for it tenfold. I adore sotb2 even today. I tamazed me when I first played it on the amiga, another one that draws you into the story.

The Secret of Monkey Island - Amiga
for months I kept telling my mate to get it when it comes out lol and scanning mags for screenshots. I love monkey Island it is amazing, one of the best games on anything ever. I have it on my PC, my Amiga, My Gp2x and my mobile phone - ace.

Tomb Raider - Ps1
I told everyone I knew that they had to get this game I had bought that was really ace called tomb raider, no game since has captured that perfect solitude of the original. I havent played the new one yet though , but if its a remake its mine.

Gran Turisom 2 - Ps1
Nothing has managed to get the sheer amount of vehicles into a game with the great driving feel of turismo 2 , turismo 3 was a let down and 4 was good but not enough cars, id rather they spent the cash on old models of cars than a fortune on the likes of Zonda etc..
Imagine racing a Capri vs a cortina in Turismo 5 (mint)

Those are the games that stand out a lot in my brief history of gaming, though I love loads more.
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Post by DanDare » Sun May 20, 2007 9:44 pm

Games that changed my life? Hard question.

I'm sure you all remember Road Rash on the Megadrive. Well on the Commodore 64 there was a similar type of game. Except you couldn't hit people. Instead you had to pass them almost so that you were touching and then they would do some kind of somersault and I think you'd get like an apple or something (I'm going off memory here).

I can't remember the name (but if anyone can...)

Why did it change my life?

Well, it brought Dad and I closer together somewhat. It wasn't as though we didn't speak or I had a difficult childhood or anything (I did but more health reasons than anything else) but it kinda broke down some walls. I never realised it at the time mind you. Thinking back that was the first game he ever played and it was the first game I got hooked on. It gave me something to do during the day when I wasn't at school.

Would my life have been different had I not played that game? Unlikely - but it did change me.

The ironic thing is I dislike racing games.

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Post by SirClive » Mon May 21, 2007 2:32 am

Galaxians on C16 - I HAD to have a computer after I played that at a mates.

FFVII - proved that games can be as rich and immersive as films.

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