Retro Gaming. How far Back is your cut off point.

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Re: Retro Gaming. How far Back is your cut off point.

Post by RodimusPrime » Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:46 am

Its a nice change of pace as I find myself agreeing with both Gman and Seph here. Some really good points made.

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Re: Retro Gaming. How far Back is your cut off point.

Post by JamesC » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:43 am

Modern AAA games can seem a bit bland sometimes but they also push the boundaries in other ways.
The indie scene wouldn't be where it is now if games like Halo, FIFA and COD hadn't encouraged the money men to pump huge sums into making online work so well on modern consoles.

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Re: Retro Gaming. How far Back is your cut off point.

Post by gman72 » Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:47 pm

Another way of looking at it could be that retro gaming was modern gaming at some point in time and that many of the issues people are attributing to modern gaming now are true of then.
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Re: Retro Gaming. How far Back is your cut off point.

Post by outdated_gamer » Thu Jun 02, 2016 3:21 pm

gman72 wrote:
outdated_gamer wrote:
I know that pretty well and I'm not opposed to polishing and improving proven concepts, I'm just pointing out that the "AAA" budget type of games usually don't experiment much. It's usually just some changes in the scenery and such, the core game stays the same which, if rehashed too much, can give a sour taste in mouth even for those who are regular customers of said rehashed franchises.
Yes, but this has been going on since games started more or less.

Flick-screen collect-em-ups on 8bit computers, side scrolling platformers on NES, the glut of animal based side scrolling collect-em-ups on SNES, side scrolling beat-em-ups on 16 bit machines, Fifa going all the way to the Megadrive, International Superstar Soccer going all the way back to the NES. Command and Conquer clones on PC... to name a scant few gaming trends.

Your talking about a trait that you deem unpleasant in GAMES... not exclusively MODERN GAMES
True enough, but many of those were made because of hardware and control limitations and because they were the most "fitting" type of game(s) for the given platform(s). For example you mentioned the NES, Super Mario Bros. was the game that kind of defined that system - it gave out a template of what kind of game would be best suited for that system so there's no surprise there was like a ton of sidescrolling platformers for it. Of course there were other type of games too, but the sidescrolling SMB. style platformer was what really defined the system.

But if you look at, for example, the Amiga, it had more interesting concepts going on - actual movie games before movie games were a thing (Cinemaware's stuff), strategy games, 3D simulators, adventure games, etc. Of course there was also a fair share of Arcade-style games on it, but it's increased capabilities and control styles allowed for more creativity and genre variety.

That's not to say the NES/Famicom was bad by any means, but it's pretty clear to me that it was designed more for the Arcade-type games and games that followed the established sidescrolling platformer pattern.

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