Most righteous/evil characters

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Most righteous/evil characters

Post by pratty » Thu May 12, 2016 3:51 pm

Who are the most righteous and evil games characters of all time? Which goodies are the most courageous and honourable? Which do you admire and which are annoyingly too nice and/or perfect? Which villains are the most evil and dastardly? Which villains do you actually like despite their badness, and which have no redeeming features and you genuinely despise?

We can say why, but let's try not to give away any major spoilers, i.e. not give away plot twists, for example somebody turning on their friend, or somebody revealed as an evil mastermind towards the end of a game.

I'm thinking Link might be the most righteous good guy, he doesn't even speak to say a bad word about anybody, he just saves princesses, slays tyrants and solves people's problems.

Albert Wesker was a right bag of scum, but he was pretty bad ass about it.
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Re: Most righteous/evil characters

Post by MadManDan79 » Thu May 12, 2016 6:18 pm

Righteous characters: Mario, Sonic, Street fighter Dhalsim (a pacifist who did burn people though), T Hawk, Ryu (when not Evil Ryu)

Evil characters I like: Tanya out of Mortal Kombat was evil but cute, a bit like Juri out of Street fighter

Evil characters I hate: Officer Tenpenny, Steve Haines, Devin Weston, ie any self centred/corrupt individuals.

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