Your top 5 indie games

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Your top 5 indie games

Post by LAIS » Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:19 am

5. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (PS4)- Compelling story, I really wanted to find out how it all ended. I suppose it is essentially a walking sim, but I loved every moment of it.

4. Steamworld Dig (3DS) - Brilliant fun, ploughed through this game in no time at all.

3. FTL (PC) - I didn't think this was my kind of game until I actually took a chance on it during a Steam sale. I'd love to have it on the Vita, but the ship's probably sailed on that one.

2. Klaus (PS4) - Possibly my favourite game of 2016 so far. I don't know why this game has gone overlooked by the vast majority of gamers, but it's criminal really as it's hugely original, great fun and the story packs a punch too.

1. Hotline Miami (Vita version)- The sequel was massively disappointing, mainly because the original is so good. Really addictive gameplay, challenging and fun. At its best on the Vita for me, a great game to play on the move.

Honourable mentions: New Star Soccer (Iphone/Android), Game Dev Story (Iphone/Android - does this even count? Don't know much about Kairosoft, who're behind it), Undertale (PC), To The Moon (PC), Super Meat Boy (PC/PS4/360), Shovel Knight (3DS)

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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by theantmeister » Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:36 am

1. VVVVVV - The level design is simply sublime. All games should adopt its checkpoint system - trial and error is very much encouraged thanks to the way the game is laid out.

2. Bastion - This game is almost perfect. The graphics are beautiful, the music is wonderful, the ARPG gameplay is addictive and the story is really nice. Just the right side of mysterious. Did I mention the music? There's a perfect moment in this game where the music shines.

3. The Stanley Parable - Absolutely hilarious and thought provoking in equal measure. The gameplay is mostly just walking forward though. With you making the occasional choice (or do you? hmm?).

4. Hotline Miami - I love its twitch gameplay and the over the top violence. Another great soundtrack. I still need to play the sequel sometime.

5. Jazzpunk - Another game that is laugh out loud funny, but also bizarre. It is really hard to describe. I guess it is a first person adventure game? It is packed full of references to all sorts of things (Bond, The Matrix, Street Fighter).

I've played a lot of indie games recently. I like that they aren't terribly long. No overly drawn out gameplay to tick a box.

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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by LAIS » Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:43 am

theantmeister wrote: 5. Jazzpunk - Another game that is laugh out loud funny, but also bizarre. It is really hard to describe. I guess it is a first person adventure game? It is packed full of references to all sorts of things (Bond, The Matrix, Street Fighter).
Not heard of this one, I think I'll give it a go now I've looked into it a bit more.

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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by English Invader » Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:51 am

Prison Architect (PC - Steam) - old school comedy sim in the Theme Hospital mould but slightly more realistic than TH and a lot more violent:

Race the Sun (PC - Steam) - a bit like Space Harrier only you have to avoid obstacles instead of shooting them:

Game Dev Tycoon (PC - Steam) - mentioned this in the piracy thread, really enjoy playing this and it also educates gamers on the realities of game development, under-rated gem with a ton of homebrew DLC:

Dark Echo (PC - Steam) - clever sound based game that's effectively survival horror at it's most primitive and basic level:

World of Goo (PC - Steam) - comic puzzler in the vein of Worms and Lemmings:

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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by theantmeister » Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:55 am

English Invader wrote:World of Goo (PC - Steam) - comic puzzler in the comic vein of Worms and Lemmings:
I still haven't finished World of Goo despite trying. I don't know why, but I really struggle to figure out the levels :oops: Great game though.

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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by Matt_B » Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:14 am

Good suggestions so far, but I'll try to go for some different ones:

1. Xenonauts (PC) - While I love the official reboot too, this feels more like the true heir to the X-Com legacy; a thoroughly old-school strategy game but with all the conveniences you'd expect of a modern game.

2. Invisible Inc (PC/PS4) - Another obviously X-Com influenced game, but the stealth element gives it a huge twist.

3. Anomaly (PC/iOS/Android/PS3/360) - Turns the tables on tower defence games so that you're now on the attack. The sequel is really good too.

4. Frozen Synapse (PC/iOS/Android) - A truly hardcore strategy game where you've got to plan your moves out in precise detail. Refreshingly lacking a random element.

5. Chaos Reborn (PC) - Julian Gollop revisits my second favourite game of his and really goes to town with it. I just can't imagine him doing anything like this if he was still at Ubisoft, even though he did some good games there.

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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by paranoid marvin » Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:16 am

I must admit I haven't played a lot of these (although I do own quite a few).

Papers Please is very good, but gets hard quickly - and does Angry Birds count as 'indi' as it's addictive.

Probably my favourite is Limbo as I completed it; it's short (not TOO short) and has some really neat touches in it.
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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by outdated_gamer » Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:23 am

"indie" is a pretty vague description, a game like The Witcher 3 is "indie" (self-published, independant developer), yet I doubt anyone would put it in that category. I think what you mean with "indie" is really "small budget, retro-looking games". Anyway, VVVVVV and World of Goo are both excellent. Was not so fond of Braid but I enjoyed "Gumboy" and "Soldat" some years ago.

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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by The Beans » Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:57 am

Frozen Synapse and Steamworld Dig are good shouts, enjoyed them both.

Main indie faves of mine are Terraria, Spelunky, Legend Of Grimrock 2, Rogue Legacy and Divinity: Original Sin.
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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by ShadowMan » Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:19 am

1. Shovel Knight - One of the best games I've ever played easily. Its Mega Man, Duck Tales, Castlevania etc. all mixed into one and its a bloody great game at that. Looks, sounds and plays amazing with a nice roster of awesome bosses and cool secrets to discover. Free DLC expansions that really add to the game are another excellent bonus.

2. Super Meat Boy - Only just edged out by Shovel Knight, but Meat Boy is pretty much the perfect fast paced platformer for me. Its tough yet strangely fair (as long as homing missiles aren't involved). I love the fast paced platforming and level design, even on death I always have that all important "one more go" feeling.

3. Ori and the Blind Forest - A beautiful platformer that has some awesome level design that keeps getting better as you power yourself up - areas get more complicated and challenging as you go and this is exactly how I enjoy things. The platforming is fast paced and challenge level is just right for me, plus the game didn't bother including rubbish bosses, instead giving you balls to the wall escape levels to clear instead (which are infinitely more fun than badly designed bosses). The directors cut improves things further and includes even more excellent content.

4. Hotline Miami (1&2) - I'll bunch both games together since the sequel feels like a harder mode for the original game. Both are bastard hard top down action titles that force you to die several times before you'll eventually clear them. Again, incredibly fast paced once you get the combat down and figure out which weapons suit you best, you'll be racking up huge combo's (and a huge body count) as you glide from one enemy to the next! The first game is the better of the two games - with smaller levels and better designed maps that are more fair, the sequel has a larger dependency on guns and huge levels so it won't be all that surprising when you get shot off screen by someone you never saw coming. Both games have incredible soundtracks, which is great as you'll be dieing so much in the games at least you'll have something decent to listen to as you do so!

5. Rogue Legacy - A procedurely generated Castlevania style castle where you need to explore and defeat bosses as you go, while collecting money to use after your inevitable death to power your characters up, which allow you to reach further into the castle. Its a simple concept backed up by insanely addictive and solid gameplay which is why I listed it. The combat feels like Castlevania SOTN while the difficulty level is much more reminisant to earlier Konami/Capcom efforts. The enemies while dangerous all have fairly easy patterns to learn so as you get better you should be able to reach further into the game with skill, even if your underpowered - same deal with the bosses you face. There is even a great challenge to purposely clear the game within 15 lives.
The game is has EX bosses to fight, remixed bosses that are way harder than your normal bosses and you have a specially selected character with their own health and skills so you can't simply power level your way to victory here.
Its a game that dug its claws in me deep, and I ended up playing the game endlessly until I 100%ed the trophy list for the game. Its a tough, awesome action game and one I'm sure I'll return to again.

Other excellent games just outside my top five (only just) - Trine 1, Titan Souls, Binding of Isaac, The Swapper, VVVVVV, 1001 Spikes, Bastion.

Its fair to say I prefer Indie titles these days, they have a level of challenge that I don't usually get from current gen games, along with some amazing platformer games which are easily my favourite genre.
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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by sscott » Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:50 pm

5) Firewatch (first of 3 walking simulators-ish)
4) Everybody's gone to the Rapture (slightly disappointing ending)
3) Valiant Hearts (ww1 game)
2) Rocket League (will play forever!)
1) Life is Strange

Not sure if these are true indie games more than digital only but enjoyed them thoroughly. Life is strange I still think about now. So many PS4 indie games through free downloads and have never given them the time some deserve.

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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by felgekarp » Wed Apr 20, 2016 1:36 pm

Thomas Was Alone
Risk Of Rain
Super Meat Boy

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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by ulrich7ad » Wed Apr 20, 2016 1:58 pm

Haven't played enough considering my ps4 hard drive is full of them.

1- Pix the cat- poured many hours into this by just having 'a few goes' nearly every time I boot up the console.
2- Velocity 2x- Great music, great controls loved every minute of this.
3-Trine 2- Really need to pick up the rest some point.
4-the unfinished swan- Never played anything like it.
5-Shovel knight- only played the first level thus far but can tell it's special.

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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by MikeFishcake » Fri Apr 22, 2016 7:21 am

All on Steam on PC in no particular order:

Nihilumbra (plus iOS, Vita and Android)
Atmospheric platform puzzler with an interesting play mechanic. It's on iOS, Vita, WiiU and Android too but I'm not sure how well the control system would work on anything other than a keyboard and mouse. Very dark commentary in places. If you like Limbo, you'd probably like this. AND it's on sale until 25th April for £1.74 so it's well worth an impulse purchase :)

Excellent puzzle game where you have to rewire parts of a building to sneak around and 'hack' into computers. The main game itself is really well written in a private detective style. While the main game itself is only about 3-4 hours long, there are LOADS of user-generated levels which extend the life of the game.

Speedrunners (possibly XB1 too?)
1-4 local player game. Get a bunch of friends together and play this from your sofa. It's a ridiculously fun game where you run about, block your opponents with obstacles and it's one of the favourites when I have a bunch of friends round. It's just come out of Early Access too.

Particle Mace (plus iOS)
Mission based or up-to-4-local-player Asteroids without guns. Looks like your classic Asteroids game, but with a twist; instead of shooting rocks (or enemies), you fly about and use momentum to swing 'particles' to destroy them. Mutiplayer is awesome and the mission based single player thing is pretty good too. A great example of how to put a twist on an old game. Currently on 90% off on Steam until 2nd May for sixty nine whole pence. It'd be rude not to try it.

Starwhal (also on PS4, PS3, XB1 and WiiU)
I HEART STARWHAL. As do lots of my friends, who went home and bought the game after they played it at my house. You play a cartoon narwhal and your objective is to swim around and stab your opponents in the heart. Simple concept, but could (and have) played for hours at a go. One thing I will warn you about though is that despite the graphics looking really simple and old fashioned, the game might struggle a bit on older PCs. I wouldn't believe the recommended specs. I'm not saying you need a super-powerful box to run it, but if you're running a PC that's, say, over 5 years old, some of the game might lag a bit on multiplayer. But even if you've got something entry level now, that should be fine (runs perfectly on my i3 skylake 6100 CPU and Geforce 740GT video card). This obviously won't be a problem with the console.

Honourable mentions to Limbo, Braid, Talos Principle and World of Goo which are already well known enough for me to not need to mention them :)

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Re: Your top 5 indie games

Post by Bluce_Ree » Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:52 am

1. Chime. This was my go to game until I got so good at it that a go on three minute mode would take four hours.

2. Risk of Rain. Roguelike, 2D, retro. F**k. I should hate it. But it's legitimately wonderful to play. Really looty.

3. Minecraft. I don't give a toss about the story or the engineering stuff. But put me in an party and have us all just create nonsense and it's just wonderful.


4. RE: Get to the Schol on Time.

5. MotorHEAT. The best racing game of all time.
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