Sega-esq iOS arcadey driving game early build freebie

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Sega-esq iOS arcadey driving game early build freebie

Post by Mootown » Mon Nov 02, 2015 5:35 pm

Hello guys

Been a while since I posted on here but I figured a few of you would like to check out this game - it's a top-down into the screen kind of racing game called Dashy Crashy, which you may have seen at EGX or similar in the indie sections. A friend of mine designed it and he's ex-Infogrammes / ex-Sumo Digital / ex Rare and was largely responsible for Wacky Racers on DC, Sonic and Sega Racing 1, Out Run 2 home version amongst others. The guy who codes this game also did Viva Pinata (which is a game I love, so instant points for that in my books) and it even has the same voice over lady who actually voiced Out Run 2! ACE. Anyway, I really love the game, and they are currently offering out an early build for free, so here's the instructions from their official Twitter - get involved, it's really lovely. Trust me.

"Hey! Got an iOS device & fancy playing #DashyCrashy before release? Drop a mail to"

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