Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and why!

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Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and why!

Post by JenGamer » Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:22 am

The Sega console question is pretty popular so now Nintendo's turn!

Super Nintendo
Wii U

Which order from best to worst would you place these 6 consoles everyone and why?

Which one has the best games?
Which one is the best to collect for?
Which one do you personally have the fondest memories with?

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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by mrmessy » Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:32 am

SNES (great)
N64 (underrated and fairly great)
Game Cube (seemed to deserve better)
Wii U (nice idea, may get one)

NES (overrated)

Wii (irritating)
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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by RodimusPrime » Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:38 am

Super Nintendo - superb machine and arguably the best of all time.

Nes - the machine that made me look at the 8bit home computers I was used to and decided to upgrade. grew up with this console

N64 - criminally underrated, at the time it provided me with epic single player on Mario 64 and Zelda + some amazing 4 player all nighters in multiplayer on Goldeneye, Mariokart, ISS 64 etc.

Gamecube - Rogue Squadron, soon as I saw that I knew I had to have the console.

Wii-U amazing machine with a nice little selection of fantastic games.

Wii - Tried to love the motion controls but really struggled, gained a new appreciation of it now there are some great games that allow you to use a traditional controller.

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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by joefish » Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:41 am

1. Wii - some great games played not so much with motion controls, but with a pointer control. Made Resident Evil 4 amazing and gave us novel stuff like Boom Blox.

2. N64 - wrote the rules on how to take classic gaming concepts like platformers ad arcade-adventures and turn them into 3D. Mario 64 and Zelda stand out. Still suffered the Nintendo curse though of nothing ever matching the launch games.

3. Super Nintendo - jostled for the lead in the UK and had overpriced games, but had a lot more variety and some decent home titles that held the attention longer than SEGA's output.

4. NES - Tedious games. Presumably took America by simple lack of competition. But, it did carve out a market for a revival of consoles.

5. Gamecube - Pointlessly backward and unloved by many, especially any third-party developers.

6. Wii U - Blew its chances at any goodwill left from the Wii by abandoning the successful remote controller in favour of a dire over-sized and under-functioning touch screen.

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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by theantmeister » Mon Nov 02, 2015 11:41 am

1. NES (Well, Famicom)

So many excellent series got their start on this system - Mario, Megaman, Castlevania, Contra. Not to mention it basically made some Japanese developers household names - Konami, Capcom, Hudson and more.

2. Super Nintendo

A quantum leap in terms of graphics and sound over the NES. Introduced home 3D gaming thanks to, first mode 7 and then the Super FX chip. The SNES has just an incredible library of fun, interesting and deep games. It was the Playstation of its era.

3. Wii

The Wii was underpowered and plagued by shovelware, but it was also home to many novel and fun games. With an emphasis on the novel. I remember when they unveiled the thing at E3, it was a revelation. Finally something different! Also, it earns #3 for me just for the Mario Galaxy games.

4. N64

Some amazing games. Some poor games. Not enough games. It's a tough call for the N64. On the one hand you have Mario 64 and Ocarina of time and on the other...there's not much else. The thing that made the NES and SNES great was the number of excellent 3rd party developers. They just didn't support the N64 and who would when you have the (much cheaper to develop for) Playstation?

5. Gamecube

Same as the N64 really. Love Luigi's Mansion and Pikmin, but otherwise... Mario Galaxy was ok, but these are all Nintendo games.

6. Wii U

Same story, just with a woeful controller that gives me hand cramp.

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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by sscott » Mon Nov 02, 2015 11:48 am

N64 - got me back into gaming, and I like the controller
SNES - my first foray into console gaming after computers for 10 years
Wii - really like motion controls in most games they were designed for
Wii u - as it gets me and my son playing together
Gamecube - er, it had a few good N64 updates
NES - I own one buy never got into it then or now

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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by DPrinny » Mon Nov 02, 2015 11:51 am

N64 - Mutli player, single player, some really good games, a lot have aged really badliy
Wii/gamecube - lumped together due to backwards compatibility, some good innovative games and a lot of crap
NES - After getting the Everdrive im investigating the libary and finding some good titles
SNES - Dont get on with a lot of games on this
WiiU dont own (yet) so cant judge

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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by ALK » Mon Nov 02, 2015 12:09 pm

Tricky, but here we go.

1. N64- So much personal nostalgia for me. Introduced me to Zelda, Star Fox, Mario Kart, Rareware's Best, freakin' N64 Magazine and took games like Mario to the next evolution in 3Dness. Love it so much its a console I'm aiming for a 100% game collection for, someday.

2. Wii- It was either going to be this or Wii U, but Wii wins it for its retail selection of games. A great library of games, even ones I consider beat or came close to being the best in their franchises (Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword.), the Virtual Console for catching up on titles I miss and never knew before (Turbografx anyone?) and of course, the real game changer in the Wiimote.

3. Wii U- Despite it under performing in sales and some silly decisions here and there, I've still played this more then my 360 anyway. Stacked with hidden exclusive gems, the eShop while not having as great a Virtual Console as the Wii still was a big evolution to the slow, points currency of the Wii Shop with some great eShop titles, again many exclusive to the console, and weekly sales at last. I had to shell out for a 2TB hardrive from all the stuff I brought. XD While the controller was far from revolutionary, its still pretty neat when it is underutilized right in games like Splatoon and Game and Wario.

4. NES- While the only NES we had growing up was the one we borrow from my Aunt for a month, I was introduced to the likes of SMB, Duck Hunt, and urm, Fester's Quest (Hey, it wasnt my NES. XD) so it has that childhood nostalgia for me but also thanks to the Virtual Console, I've experienced others and grown quite the addiction to playing a lot of these 8 bit gems for the first time.

5. Gamecube- Boy it felt like forever since this came out or I last played a lot of its games, but this had the title of the first console I saved up for and brought with my own money on day one. Reintroduced me to Sonic thanks to Sonic Adventure 2, more great games like Smash Bros, Wind Waker, Double Dash, Sunshine and my all time favorite game, Skies of Arcadia.

6. SNES- Before you get the pitchforks and torches out, I'll explain why it's so low. I did have one in my childhood and while I still own the console and it does have great games, I only ever owned 2 games back in the day (It has since expanded to 20 carts, but I need to repair my SNES) in Mario Allstars and Tom and Jerry. The problem being was we also had a Mega Drive in the house and I grew VERY addicted to Sonic the Hedgehog, so my SNES never really stood a chance. While I have played more games since then thanks to the Virtual Console like Mario RPG, Mario Kart, LTTP and so on, there are still a LOT of games I've still not played like the Final Fantasys bar IV, Starwing, Pilotwings, and I'm sure many more. Plus remember I was introduced to games like Zelda through the N64, meaning I'm always to be more attached to things like OOT's Time Traveling over the light and dark worlds in LTTP.

Don't get me wrong, its still a very good console from what I've played, but I need more exposure towards it one of these days...
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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by Megamixer » Mon Nov 02, 2015 1:59 pm

Gamecube - Had this on its own for a long time and played so many fantastic games on it. Great memories.
Wii - Got one not long after launch and again, played many fantastic games on it over its lifespan.
Wii-U - Not as good as the GC/Wii but the first party stuff is as good as ever and 3rd party games with real effort put in aren't far off.
SNES - Not really played on one too much but I have played some games elsewhere and enjoyed them.
N64 - Hate the controller and the console has no pull for me. Got a lot of the best games on other platforms thanks to re-releases.
NES - Never played on one.
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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by MadManDan79 » Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:12 pm

A tough one but here are my thoughts:

Snes - The best all rounder and still the best of the Nintendo machines
Nintendo 64 - A nice console but controller is rather bulky
NES - Good machine with cool games but getting rather expensive for what it is.
Gamecube - Nice loooking machine but rather limited as it won't play cd's or dvd's
Wii - Not bad and can be bought for peanuts these days.
Wii U - Never owned one but seems to lag behind Xbox 1 and PS4 which it is competing with.

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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by shiftytigger » Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:58 pm

1. Gamecube - got it fairly early on and still sticking with it. Seemingly easy to dismiss as no competition for the other two. Dig deeper , theres lots to enjoy here. Add in a nice controller,Gba connectivity , gameboy player and a catalogue of strong titles and its the underdog coming out on top for me.

2. Wii - love it or hate it , so called casual gaming was just one aspect , add in backwards compatibility from the outset - so the best of both worlds. Yes it had its shovelware but a lot of consoles do.

3. Snes - hard to deny there are some good games - personal favourites are Secret of Evermore and LTTP. Sadly thats it for me , other titles like Mario Kart and All stars etc all very good but not enough for me to hold onto a console .

4. NES - despite some long held memories of enjoying some great games , i never had one and neither did pretty much anyone i knew. Classics wise should maybe higher but its my list so bleh.

5. N64 - comes to something that this isnt last really. Really never got along with the controller,the graphics make my head ache and the only titles worth bothering with have been made available elsewhere.

6. Wii-u - im sure it has its good side. Not in my house. Move on.

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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by Matt_B » Mon Nov 02, 2015 3:23 pm

1. Wii - A machine that tried to be different from the crowd, and succeeded at it. You either love it or hate it, and I love it.
2. GameCube - Not one of their more commercially successful machines, but the games are great. A real treasure trove of hidden gems.
3. Wii U - Ditto. Although they really dropped the ball with third parties, there's a great first party line up and some stellar indies too.
4. SNES - Overrated. A golden age of sorts, I suppose, but not a machine with a catalogue I could easily get lost in like the above three.
5. NES - A good machine for a few very specific genres of games; everything else is down to how talented the developers were.
6. N64 - Nintendo's worst console is still up there with everyone else's best for me, but beyond the handful of obvious greats there's a sharp decline in quality with the thinnest line-up of any of them.

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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by retr0gamer » Mon Nov 02, 2015 4:15 pm

1. SNES pretty much the pinnacle of 2D gaming for me. All though the catalogue isn't that varied it's full of absolute gold.

2. NES. Very close to the SNES. Lots of terrible stuff but some real gems on there as well, especially releases from 1987 onwards. A good mix of big titles and japanese weirdness. Suffers from only a handful of good RPGs.

3. GameCube. It was a great companion to my PS2. In terms of exclusives it had some of the best of that generation and it made a great multiplayer console as well.

4. Wii. Severely under rated console. Forget the shovelware. Nintendo published titles were excellent and if you look for games off the beaten track there's plenty of great niche third party games that offer something totally different to the samey rubbish that was flooding the 360 and PS3 catalogues.

5. WiiU. It has a back catalogue of absolute gold but there's just too few of them. It's far better than both of its competitors at the moment but it has maybe a year left.

6. N64, it just isn't a great console. There's a good few classics on there like Starfox, mario 64 and sin and punishment but the rest is either overrated or has aged badly. Rare's only real great games are blast corp and banjo, afterwards they turned into tiresome collectathons. Goldeneye is a dog to play today. The PAL machine is a piece of muck as well and didn't even support RGB scart.

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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by pratty » Mon Nov 02, 2015 4:19 pm

Wii - Great games, the usual quality from Nintendo as well as many 3rd party gems. It tried new things with the controls. And it's also a Gamecube which makes it twice a great, and the virtual console allows you to (legally) play many retro classics so great for nintendo fans and retro gamers.

Gamecube - Again great games, a lot of which still hold up very well graphically. Missed a few quality multiplat titles but more than made up for it with me with some cracking first party offerings and third party exclusives. Local multiplayer was very strong too, and the Gameboy Player is a great add on.

N64 - The N64 had some absolute classics, including some games that nailed the 3D conversion first time of asking such as Mario 64 and Ocarina Of time. There was memorable 3rd party quality too with the likes of Goldeneye and WWF No Mercy.

Wii-U - Don't own one yet but will get around to it. The fact that it's basically a Wii minus the GC compatability alone puts it right up there, but it also has many exclusive games that would interest me.

SNES - Great games including some real classics, Super Mario World, Super Metroid, A Link To The Past, Street Fighter 2, Chrono Trigger etc.

NES - No denying it got the ball rolling for Nintendo and had some good games, but I do feel Nintendo's subsequent consoles have comfortably eclipsed it.

I have the fondest memories playigng the N64 and Gamecube, for the N64 took gaming from a casual entertainment to a dedicated hobby, and the Gamecube was the first console I bought myself and I had the income to essentially buy whatever games I wanted.

Which had best games is tough, I think overall the Gamecube is probably the best combination of quality and quanity, very closely followed by the Wii, shouldn't really comment on the Wii-U has i haven't played much on it. The SNES and N64 obviously had some great games but for me I could get by with less than 20 games for both, where as the Wii and Gamecube have more games I'd want.
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Re: Vote from best to worst Nintendo's 6 main consoles and w

Post by outdated_gamer » Mon Nov 02, 2015 4:58 pm

Interesting perspectives here to say the least. :wink:

Anyway, here's mine (no order, just opinions):

NES - great system with games that actually pose a challenge opposed to holding your hand at every turn. Retro console gaming at it's finest, the 8-bit graphics and sound became iconic which you can't say for many other systems out there. The Japanese version (Famicom) also had a floppy drive and several nice games that weren't officially released overseas. It deserves some criticism for a gamepad that wears off too fast, some sprite flicker problems and the occasional slowdown (part of hardware limitations so it's understandable).

SNES - a more advanced system with advanced 2D and pseudo 3D visuals, advanced surround sound and advanced controller with more buttons. A very good system that had great support and some true gems made for it. Although the high difficulty present in NES games took a bit of a backseat in order to make it more mainstream-appealing. But the advancements in games cannot be denied and some of it's games are rightfully considered "evergreen" games that will always be enjoyable to play. It also paved the way for early 3D console gaming with Super FX supported games. The very expensive games deserve a critique however.

N64 - a very good system which was sadly bottle-necked in some ways and lost some major 3rd party support as a consequence. For it's time, it was a very advanced system, but the difficulty of programming for it and associated costs and storage limitations because of the cartridge format ment that few knew to tap this system well. And that was mostly Nintendo and their close associates (Rare, Factor 5, Boss, Acclaim, Midway, etc.) whereas most 3rd parties struggled on this platform. Nevertheless, this system gave us some trully ground-breaking games that are still very enjoyable even today, if you can look past some technical obstacles.

NGC - the GameCube was a system of mixed feelings for me. On one hand, the small purple box was a capable system with some nice games, on the other it failed to deliver the kind of quality we were used from Nintendo in the past. It also left a lot to be desired in terms of 3rd party support and online gaming (which was non-supported; Nintendo gave us LAN support instead, which barely anyone used). The Spaceworld 2000 presentation and initial launch blew me away, but once the system was out bad news seemed to overgrow the good news. They made a "cartoony" Zelda instead of the "realistic" tech-demo one (was eventually released as TP but too late to impress), a Mario game with a water-pump gimmick and lack of environmental variety, they lost Rare to MS (huge blow for me back then since a large part of the reason why I got this system was with the prospect of playing Rare's excellent titles), they didn't support online play (was still in it's infacy but still), declining 3rd party support (for example the excellent Burnout 3 skipped the GameCube), etc. It also didn't help that I got more seriously into PC gaming at the time and it was hard to ignore that games like UT 2003/2004, Far Cry, Doom 3, H-L2 and F.E.A.R. were basically a gen better than what GC had (although Resi 4 and Rebel Strike were mighty impressive too).

Wii - a system that I didn't care for at all. While the craze for it was at it's peak, I viewed it as an overpriced extension of the GameCube with a motion controller. The only game that interested me was Mario Galaxy, but that wasn't a good enough reason to buy a system that costed more than a Xbox 360 did, which offered way more for the money. I'm glad that the craze is over, even if it made lots of money for Nintendo (I'm not a business man so that's not my concern).

Wii U - most certainly an improvement over the Wii, a more conventional game console system with traditional Nintendo franchises. The problem here is that it came out years too late and that they put too much emphasis on it's slightly gimmicky and pricy controller. The low sales of the system are not a coincidence, it failed to garner interest of the audience that was buying the Wii en mass and also failed to deliver the things that the "hard core" gamers want such as good hardware specs, good 3rd party support, good online support, mature-oriented games and so on. It's quite clearly a niche system for the fan of Nintendo's franchises (those more popular ones at least) and equally niche Japanese titles (mostly of Plantium's signature).

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