Gaming predictions for 2015

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The Beans
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Re: Gaming predictions for 2015

Post by The Beans » Sun Dec 20, 2015 6:53 am

LAIS wrote:Thought it might be fun to post a collection of correct predictions...needless to say I was horrendously wrong with most of mine, although I was PART right about Fallout 4 being announced (although I did say it wouldn't be released until 2016) and I suppose I was right about the Wii U winding down release wise.

Some of the other correct predictions (in case I miss any, I'll preface this with "I WON'T LIST THEM ALL, THOUGH!")

DPrinny: "PS4 will continue to sell well despite having no games of note"
"Half life 3 will not be shown"
"More new Zelda footage"

The Beans: "Lego Dr Who"

c0nfu53d: "I think the Vita will have a few new physical releases this year but not many."

ALK: "DS games are added to the Wii U Virtual Console"
"Nintendo confirm the Wii U's successor will be revealed at E3 2016"

Sal Feena: "Elite Dangerous for PS4/XBOne" (Well...part right!)
"Devil's Third will be a hilariously shoddy mess, rather than the Second Coming Itagaki groupies are hoping for."

General Opulence: "PS4 Project Morpheus doesn't get released in 2015 "
I was spot on about the WH40K license too! Unfortunately.

Totally forgot about the piracy thing kicking off in this thread. Marko's comedy clean up of posts made me lol. :D
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Re: Gaming predictions for 2015

Post by ALK » Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:43 am

ALK wrote:-At least 10 new FPS will be released
-Call of Duty's next gimmick will be Skylanders like figurines of guns and other weapons
-The 3rd teaser for SW Battlefront will premiere at E3, with the 4th dated for 2016
-DS games are added to the Wii U Virtual Console, and that's about it.
-New 3DS models come out, but continue to be outsold by the Frozen DS game
-A "New 2DS" is revealed
-Some other new annual entry in the Pokemon series. I dunno, X2Y2, Z, SUPER Emerald, XZYZ, pick one...
-Nintendo confirm the Wii U's successor will be revealed at E3 2016
-And a dream one to cap it off. New F Zero with HD Graphics, mass online, create tracks using the gamepad, DLC that adds Mario, Link, Animal Crossing and others as playable racers, etc.
Was I right about 10 FPSs? Probably was. No Figurines yet but microtransactions came so nearly.

What do ya know, we did get Battlefront. We also got DS games on VC but also N64 too.

I think Frozen has finally died down thanks to Star Wars. No New 2DS yet but since they're determined to continue the 3DS line, it can't be too far ahead.

Nope, no new main entry Pokemon game. NX is probably likely going to be at E3 and yup, no F Zero either.
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Re: Gaming predictions for 2015

Post by Megamixer » Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:43 am

Megamixer wrote:Forum Predictions
-People will continue to champion PC's
-Others will continue to fight back.
-At least one (maybe more) threads will de-rail into a needless PC vs Console battleground with users lowering themselves to insults, leading to a locked thread and maybe some ban-hammering, users taking a break from the forum.

Proper Predictions
-PS4/XBO will continue to sell steadily and be classed a success without actually becoming icons like the PS2 and 360 did.

-Wii-U will just about tick along with a new console announcement emerging sometime between summer and winter.

-The Vita will be largely forgotten and left to die-hard fans discussing the latest indie downloads or import titles.

-Street Fighter V will properly enter the information drip-feed process. Some sort of online poll will take place where fans tell Capcom which characters they want in the most (completely irrelavant in the future when everyone ever will be included in the 'Ultra Turbo' edition).

-Tekken X Street Fighter will finally break cover.

Can't really think of much else as I genuinely believe this gen will be pretty similar to the last.
Hmm, arguably you could say most of mine were correct-ish apart from Tekken X Street Fighter being revealed and a character poll for SFV. I'm especially adamant that my top predictions of consoles vs PC's derailments on the forum came true :)
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