Top 25 NES games

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Re: Top 25 NES games

Post by Dam » Sat Oct 18, 2014 3:39 pm

1. SMB 3 - For me, better than Super Mario World but it's so, so close

2. Castlevania 3 - Can't believe nobodys mentioned this one yet, looks great, sounds great, multiple routes, multiple characters, challenging but do-able, its right up there with Rondo, SOTN and IV as the best of a brilliant series. Well, except for the tedium of the falling blocks bit, but the rest more than makes up for it.

3. Tiger Heli - only home conversion of Toaplans (I think first?) shooter

4. Duck Tales - A little bit short, but it captures the cartoon really well and is great fun while it lasts.

5. Super Mario Bros - An all time classic, which I might have included just because I'm struggling to think of a 5th game...

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Re: Top 25 NES games

Post by Guitar_Geek » Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:42 pm

1. Legend of Zelda - It showed that games could be more than linear platforming adventures. A game so huge that you had to save it with a battery pack, not to mention that it had a golden cartridge.

2. SMB3 - A perfectly crafted platformer and a true classic to this day.

3. Mega Man 2 - Super tight gameplay and what is probably the best soundtrack on the system.

4. SMB2 - Sure, it might not be a REAL mario game, but it's still an excellent platformer and a worthy addition to the series.

5. Contra - A rock hard, action-packed, running and gunning multiplayer adventure. And who could forget the Konami code? (gently tap B and lick the D-pad).

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Re: Top 25 NES games

Post by JamesC » Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:25 am

Punch Out. My. Favourite game on the NES - it's just about perfect.

Cobra Triangle. A really under rated and unique game. I can't think of anything else like it and I spent hours and hours on this as a kid.

RC Pro Am. My favourite racer on the system.

Special mention to the Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros double cart. Has there ever been a better pack- in game?

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Re: Top 25 NES games

Post by davyK » Sun Oct 19, 2014 7:18 am

1. Super Mario Bros 3 An astounding sequel - so much so that the later games have to be considered evolutionary after this revolutionary leap.. So many things were added to the genre that are now taken for granted - an over world map, the power up suits, mini-games, mid-level mini fortresses, the army of new characters added to the universe, the throw away ideas like Goomba's Shoe that are used for one level - a trick Nintendo took to its limits in the Galaxy games. A huge challenge too - more levels than Super Mario World,and a battle mode version of the original Mario Bros thrown in just for fun. Still as good today as it was then and stands alongside SMW and Yoshi's Island.

2. Solar Jet Man. Wonderfully realised gravity and inertia in this "thrust-em-up" with treasures to find and a choc-full shop of weapons and power ups to buy with the booty. Huge levels filled with a massive array of enemies, warps and hidden bonuses and an epic quest to assemble battle ship parts - this takes the genre to its limits.

3. Punch Out. The first game I can remember laughing out loud at. Wonderful atmosphere and character design augments the simplistic but rewarding gameplay. No other boxing game entertains the way the Punch Out series does.

4. Dropzone. Lightning fast Defender redux by Archer Maclean. Great PAL version too.

5. Probotector. Amazing run and gun game that kept me playing to the bitter end. Excellent side scrolling levels and enjoyable into the screen sections, great boss battles. War in a box.

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Re: Top 25 NES games

Post by theantmeister » Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:49 am

Ugh, I had a list in my head before reading this thread and now I'm not so sure... so many excellent games mentioned...

1) Contra - probably the game I spent the most time playing on the NES. Everything about it is awesome. The graphics (for the time) were impressive, large sprites, loads of variety and loads of cannon fodder. To say nothing of the 3D base levels. The fact that Konami blatantly ripped off the Geiger alien designs helps too. The music is equally enjoyable. Special mention has to go to the Waterfall stage's music. And, finally, the controls and gameplay are spot on. Just the right side of difficult and never unfair.

2) Gradius 2 - Another stonking effort from Konami. While the game does suffer from a bit of flicker, it looks tremendous. The speech is a nice touch, although it does rather sound like the voice actor had been at the gin "shpeed up" :lol:

3) Super Mario Bros. 3 - I could be wrong, but isn't SMB3 the top selling NES game of all time? It is easy to see why. This game really opened up the linear Mario formula by adding the overworld map. Something just about every Mario game since has had. Super Mario World went a bit further by adding more branches and hidden levels, but on the NES, nothing comes close to SMB3.

4) Faxanadu - an underrated RPG from Hudson. Side scrolling, which is unusual, but it works. It also features some pretty weird Dwarves. Nothing like your typical Tolkienesque variety. There's just something about this game that keeps pulling me back to it. I started off renting it from the local video shop, but eventually bought my own copy from eBay when I started collecting NES games. I actually prefer Faxanadu to Zelda.

5) Megaman 2 - a pretty obvious choice, for all the obvious reasons. The intro is so cool (just the fact that you get one) - the way the music starts off slow and builds to the familiar Megaman theme tune. And the music stays at that high level for the rest of the game. Capcom and Konami really knew what they were doing with the NES.

That's my list. I would have loved to include "smaller" games like Balloon Fight, Bubble Bobble, Kung Fu, Road Fighter, Punch out, Ice Climber, Double Dragon, Tank City and many more. But they didn't leave as much of an impression on me as the five I mentioned.

There's also a few "big" games that just didn't make the list, like TMNT, Rescue Rangers, Tiny Toons, Super Mario Bros 1 and 2, Zelda and so on. All excellent games that I'd recommend to anyone.

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Re: Top 25 NES games

Post by sirpigmeat » Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:43 pm

1:Super Mario Brothers
2:Adventures of Lolo 3
3:Megaman 2
4:Castlevania 3
5:Bionic Commando

Or something like that maybe...

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Re: Top 25 NES games

Post by nakamura » Sun Oct 19, 2014 3:12 pm

1) Street Gangs/River City Ransom. Awesome 2 player scrolling beat em up RPG. Lengthy, challenging and packed with things to see and sadly still not bettered.

2) Blue Shadow. Superb side scrolling ninja action game. Fast, good looking, great music and easy to play. Probably the best alternative to Strider on 8bit systems.

3) Super Mario Bros 2. My favourite 8bit Mario game. Interesting levels and more varied gameplay. Good music too.

4) Super Mario Bros. The original and still a complete classic. Fast, responsive, superbly designed and endlessly re-playable.

5) Double Dragon. Yes the main game is 1P only but loved the move unlocking system. It plays really well and offers a real challenge.
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Re: Top 25 NES games

Post by adippm82 » Mon Oct 20, 2014 8:16 pm

1. Snake Rattle 'n' Roll Rare and Nintendo shared a very special bond, and brilliant games like this make me sad they no longer make games together.
2. RC Pro Am Another Rare classic, just the most special arcade racer, amazing fun to be had, especially with mates.
3. Solstice I am always a sucker for a good isometric game, and this is one Rare or Ultimate would have been proud of.
4. Excitebike Typical Nintendo, simple as anything, but hard to master, and so much fun.
5. Cobra Triangle Actually quite hard to compile a list of NES games and not to fill it with Rare games, this is one of the most frantic mission against the clock games that you are ever likely to play.

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