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paranoid marvin
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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by paranoid marvin » Thu May 01, 2014 3:16 pm

1.Mario 64; still the only game to make a superior 3D conversion of a 2D game.

2.Orcarina of Time. Err..ok only the second game to make a superior conversion of a 2D game. So atmospheric, and you'll never forget the first time you reach Hyrule Field or encounter Epona

3.Goldeneye. The first (and arguably the only) game that FPS can be played just as well with a controller as with a mouse/keyboard combo.

4.The first level of Shadows of Empire. The rest of the game is garbage, but the Hoth level is a thing of beauty

5.ISS64. Showed that analogue control was the way to go with football games.
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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by silvergunner » Thu May 01, 2014 3:34 pm

1: f-zero by far the best racer on the system. The sense of speed is crazy.

2: mario 64. Still the best 3D mario game full stop.

3: conkers bad fur day. Fantastic game with great original set pieces and Micky takes of modern films. Some people hated it because of the humor alone. Please leave the room if that is you.

4: Star Wars rouge squadron. Yes you needed the ram pack to get the best out of the game but boy did it handle well and look the business. Not a fan normally of medal chasing but I was with this game.

5: goldeneye yes it plays poor today but on first release it was such a landmark title for the FPS on consoles in general that you have to mention it.

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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by adippm82 » Thu May 01, 2014 4:12 pm

1. F-Zero X - Simply one of the most exhilarating, blistering racers to grace any system, brilliant tracks, great play modes, still play it today.

2. Jet Force Gemini - Pushes the system hard, to the point of some nasty slowdown, but that is where the criticism would end, it looks fantastic, is a real pulse pounding shooter, with some of the best characters that Rare have come up with.

3. Sin and Punishment - Treasure were on fire with this one, just technically astounding, the carrier level lived long in the memory, shame it never got a western release back in the day, cost me a fortune on import.

4. Shadows Of The Empire - Although it was a shock to go back to a cartridge game with near static cut scenes, and subtitles, this was a great Star Wars game IMO, from the Hoth level to taking on Boba Fett, the set pieces could be wonderful, like taking on a walker, the early walking sections were a bit basic, but this was my game of choice to get with the machine.

5. Super Mario 64 - Although I never completed it, as far as I got I was utterly astounded by, it must be a brilliant game when rival platform holders openly congratulate the game, looks and sounds awesome, and plays like a dream.

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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by killbot » Thu May 01, 2014 5:39 pm

1. Super Mario 64 - Influenced everything, from Assassin's Creed to Half-Life 2. The game that changed an entire industry and taught every other development team on the planet how to make a game in a 3D space.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - OOT's odder, sadder, more experimental cousin. The three day cycle mechanic still feels really innovative and it looks brilliant.

3. F-Zero X - Looks rubbish in stills with low poly counts and blurry textures. Then you play it and realise why it looks so sparse - because the developers wanted all the N64's powere concentrating on speed, not looking pretty. Knocks WipEout into a cocked hat.

4. Fighter's Destiny - The N64 didn't have a lot of great fighters but this one was a lot of fun. The judo-style points system made it feel very different from other one-on-one fighters of the time.

5. GoldenEye 007 - Yes, now it feels slow and it looks ropey. At the time it was a revelation, and the first game to challenge the recieved wisdom that you couldn't make a good FPS on a console. Its bag of tricks has been thoroughly raided by everything from Halo to CoD, but popping off a headshot remains immensely satisfying.

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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by Sephiroth81 » Thu May 01, 2014 5:51 pm

1. Super Mario 64 - I remember having a PS1, and mocking the N64 like a fanboy when it was first released (as one with envy and console insecurities does particularly in their teens), till i buckled under the pressure of all the colourful glorious screenshots in magazines of this incredible title (and the consoles other games), and managed to get hold of an NTSC N64 and Mario 64.....and what an experience it was. This game is up there with Street Fighter 2 on the SNES as far as mind blowing system sellers goes.

2. Goldeneye 007 - A terrific FPS of its time, still reasonably fun today albeit dated. Split screen multiplayer was a riot, and it was really the first time a console gamer had something to shout about in terms of first person shooters. It certainly hushed a few PC gamers up at the time.

3. Pilotwings 64 - I still prefer the SNES original, despite the N64 version being a huge technical achievement. Great game though, plenty of humour. Just disappointed it never made its way to the Wii Virtual Console. I don't think Nintendo have ever explained why. I can only assume they couldn't emulate it properly without it being too glitchy. Shows how impressive this game was for the time.

4. Banjo Kazooie - Rare's glorious 3D platformer for me wasn't a Mario beater, but hugely impressive, and another game that really demonstrated the power of the 64bit console. Lacked the magic of Mazza's adventure, but still a hugely entertaining game.

5. Zelda : Ocarina of Time - An incredible game, but another one where I prefer the SNES game of the series. But this was still is a magical game and Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto at their best. I still need to play Majoras Mask properly...

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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by davyK » Thu May 01, 2014 7:14 pm

1. Super Mario 64 Boring choice. I know - but this brought a sense of wonder back to gaming for me in my early 30s, and after all these years is still quite brilliant and despite many attempts, unmatched. Nintendo got so much right in 3D first time round and to think that this and Yoshi's Island was probably being worked on at the same time you have say this was a purple patch for Nintendo. Control, level design ,audio and visuals in perfect harmony. The little jingle you get when you activate something or discover a secret is beautiful. It took over a decade to get near this level of brilliance again. Only the magnificent Mario Galaxy can be counted in its company.

2. F-Zero X Pure balls to the wall racing entertainment - there is nothing quite like this game - even the mighty GX which is just a bit too hard for its own good. The energy bar / boost trade off was introduced in this game, as was the concept of a rival - both ingenious tweaks that make this game a pure adrenaline rush and a risk management exercise. Add in that big aggressive pack, plenty of superb levels , not to mention the randomly generated X cup, a workable 4 player mode, the ludicrous but enjoyable experiment that is death mode, and a super slick TT mode and you have the finest arcade racer of its generation - and one of the finest ever.

3. Mario Tennis Took the shine off Virtua Tennis - this is that good. Joyous, solid 4 player tennis game with initially accessible controls that reward mastery. Proper 5 set matches are available which 1-ups Sega's game, and plenty of cups, mini-games and gimmick courts that haul the Mario universe into the gameplay bolster the content.

4. Tetris 64 What a pity this didn't get a release outside Japan. Brilliant and still unique 4 player battle mode has a garbage distribution system that allows you to store up lines and spread the love between your opponents a line at a time using the camera buttons. Choc-full of modes, including the infamous heart monitor mode, and the ahead of its time option screen allows you to toggle features such as wall kicks and rotation systems allowing you to create the modern Tetris experience should you desire it. Rudimentary menu presentation gives way to cut glass visuals in-game, satisfying spot effects and the 4 laid back lounge music tracks (with a mute option) round this off.

5.Doom 64 One word describes this game. Atmosphere. This is old school Doom - no jumping, no gun sighting - just excellent run and gun gameplay with the old coloured key mechanic for progression. Genuinely creepy ambient sound effects compliment the exclusive , great looking , all new levels which mix things up nicely between corridor crawls, open space melees and some light puzzling from time to time. The controller scheme is flexible enough so that you will find a setup that suits and the analogue stick for movement performs really well. Just a pity there's no multi-player or mid level save which would have extended its life, but a highly entertaining game from when the FPS genre still had a sense of humour.

I am on the lookout for 2 JPN import games that should probably make the list - Sin & Punishment and I haven't played the N64 versions I can't include them - but that would make picking only 5 games even tougher.

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Team Alfie
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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by Team Alfie » Fri May 02, 2014 5:45 am

Predictable but deserving. Playing it for the first time at launch provided one of gaming's all time revolutionary moments. Arguably the most revolutionary of all. Console launches have never managed to feel quite as special ever since.

The best sequel to the best game of all time. Ever. They don't come along all that often. Neither does one of those rare Zelda games that doesn't feel like a reimagining of the same story.

Did GTAIII before GTAIII did but with a superior trashy sci-fi aesthetic. The rough edges only served to add to the vibe. Well ahead of its time, even with the delays.

One of the games that set N64 apart from the competition. The water effects were the star - in addition to showing off the magic of the N64 hardware, they served as the base for a racing game that felt like nothing before.

Rare at the height of its powers. Powers that would extend throughout its N64 canon, in fairness, but this is the kind of original concept that's missing from Nintendo's consoles today.

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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by errolwd40 » Fri May 02, 2014 12:42 pm

Nintendo's last great home console for me.

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 - My favourite wrestling game ever. So easy to pick up and play and so customisable, slighty edges out No mercy for me as I had to return 3 copies of no mercy due to issues with the cart no saving my data.

Goldeneye - Amazing for the time and I still thing it plays well even after all these years, great death match and fun campaign.

Waveracer - I loved the handling it played so sweet, great water effects. Not even it's own sequel could compete with this.

Diddy Kong Racing - My second favourite karting game ever just behind Crash Team Racing on psone. Much better than any mario kart in my opinion.

Excitebikes 64 - Late release this one but played even better than the old nes version. In recent years the motorstorm games have borrowed heavily from this title.

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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by BennyTheGreek » Fri May 02, 2014 1:44 pm

1:Blast Corps
2:Pilotwings 64
3:Mario KaRT

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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by sirpigmeat » Fri May 02, 2014 4:13 pm

Had more great times on the N64 than any other console before or since... its really, really hard to top 5 it!
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
Zelda Ocarina of Time
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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by Dam » Fri May 02, 2014 5:35 pm

1. Mario 64
2. Mario Kart 64
3. Pilotwings 64
4. Lylat Wars
5. Rogue Squadron

Can't believe I haven't put Goldeneye on that list, but I think on balance I've enjoyed all of those 5 games more. Still a brilliant game though. Also, I'm a big fan of Doom, and I'd really love to have a crack at Doom 64, but I've tried several times and I just can't seem to find a control method that works for me, I wish they'd port it to 360 with dual stick control!

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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by davyK » Sat May 03, 2014 4:14 am

Dam wrote: Can't believe I haven't put Goldeneye on that list, but I think on balance I've enjoyed all of those 5 games more. Still a brilliant game though. Also, I'm a big fan of Doom, and I'd really love to have a crack at Doom 64, but I've tried several times and I just can't seem to find a control method that works for me, I wish they'd port it to 360 with dual stick control!
There's no look control in Doom64 - so dual stick would be useless unfortunately. I use stick to move and A/B for weapon select (you can move "up and down" your weapon list this way and double and triple fast presses are recognised for fast selection) and trigger to fire. I should probably use the R button for strafe but I use two camera buttons for action and strafe. I guess the problem is going back to something like this from modern schemes which may be difficult to "unlearn".

Now if they did a revamp with twin stick support that would be pretty good.

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Darran@Retro Gamer
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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by Darran@Retro Gamer » Sat May 03, 2014 2:20 pm

I hope sin and punishment wins.

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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by Grizzly » Sun May 04, 2014 3:23 am

1. Zelda: Majoras Mask- had a lot more to it than ocarina in terms of scale and setting. This was probably the first game to show me that there is more than just colourful characters and that games can have a beautiful story when told well.

2. Banjo Kazooie- infinitely playable and the best 3D platformer of all time. I have a lot of good memories with this one.

3. Zelda: Ocarina of time- a classic I w old happily go back to all the time, also one of the few n64 games that has aged well.

4. Blast Corps- unique. The fact that this hasn't been remade or replicated in any way is a damn shame.

5. Shadows of the Empire- this game oozed Star Wars, it is also one of those extended universe properties that suitably has a place in the overall canon (regardless of what disney may say) the battle of hoth scene was authentic, the asteroid belt level had that awe inspiring music from empire strikes back and the last battle had you flying into a space station to take out its shields! Underrated gem!
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Re: Top N64 games vote

Post by SpockIOM » Sun May 04, 2014 3:39 am

Tough to narrow it down to 5...
1) Goldeneye 007
2) LoZ OOT
3) Banjo Kazooie
4) LoZ Majora's Mask
5) Mario 64

Honourable mentions to Perfect Dark, Lylat Wars and Pilotwings 64
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