Top 25 Saturn Games

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Darran@Retro Gamer
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Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by Darran@Retro Gamer » Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:42 am

We've had a playstation list so let's find out what your favourite saturn games are. Tell us your top 5

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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by Sephiroth81 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:49 am

Saturn is a very recent experience for me, but i'll for the following 5, in no particular order :

Sega Rally Championship
Virtua Cop
Daytona USA Championship Edition
Virtua Fighter 2

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Black Ridge
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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by Black Ridge » Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:18 am

Same for me, Its all a bit new but loving it so far. Here's mine

Fighters History Dynamite - Probably the best SF clone out there. A solid fighter that plays extremely well
Soukyugurentai Otokuyo (Terra Diver) - an excellent shmup with a cracking soundtrack
Astal - Quirky platformer with lovely visuals
Cyberbots - the best robot fighting game there is
X-Men Children of the Atom - brilliant fast paced fighter that helped pave the way for Marvel vs Capcom

i think the Saturn really excels with fighters and shmups given that it does 2D very well. Shame that so much of these excellent titles were missed here. Perhaps then I would have been compelled to get a Saturn back in the day if imports were more readily available.

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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by gmintyfresh » Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:23 am

In no particular order:

1. Dark Stalkers Vampire Chronicle
2. Metal Slug
3. Layer Section
4. Batsugun
5. Thunderforce V

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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by ArchaicKoala » Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:01 pm

1) Fighters Megamix - I was torn between Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighter 2 so I thought I would just compromise
2) Sega Rally - Straight up arcade racing fun that still holds up today
3) Virtua Cop 2 - Until Time Crisis appeared this was my my go to Light gun shooter at home and in the arcades
4) Street Fighter Zero - First time I played this was on a friends (at the time) recently imported Japanese Saturn. I never got to play SSF2T so seeing Zero with it's awesome super moves blew my mind
5) Sonic Jam - The 3D Sonic world included was a fantastic way to present all of the artwork, videos and other extras. The down side being it made you crave a 3D sonic game even more

There are even more games i'd like to add but those are the stand out titles for me.

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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by rossi46 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:21 pm

Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Daytona USA CCE
Nights into Dreams
Sega Rally
Wipeout 2097
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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by sirpigmeat » Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:31 pm

Sega Rally
Virtua Cop
Panzer Dragoon

Lost Dragon
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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by Lost Dragon » Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:38 pm

In no particular order, these were THE games i played the most whilst a Saturn owner (and ones i'd love to see get an HD re-release):

-Baku Baku Animal.


-The Horde.


-Mass Destruction.

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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by DPrinny » Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:54 pm

Panzer Dragoon saga
Guardian heroes
Dragon Force (this would be 2, but the fan translation isnt perfect and I got stuck near the end)
Mass destruction

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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by Liamh1982 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:01 pm

Fighters Megamix
Baku Baku Animal
Athlete Kings
Sega Rally
Virtua Cop 2

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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by Space_turnip » Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:13 pm

Mass Destruction (by a margin my favourite Saturn game)
Winter Heat
Sega Rally
Guardian Heroes
Duke Nukem 3D

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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by Mancman » Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:17 pm

I remember buying mine brand new for £400 back in the day, mixed feelings...

1 - Need For Speed
2 - Daytona
3 - Panzer Dragoon
4 - Marvel Super Heroes
5 - Sega Rally

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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by ALK » Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:09 pm

Magic Knight Rayearth, Nights, Street Fighter Alpha 2, XMen Children of the Atom and Sonic Jam.
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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by PaulEMoz » Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:19 pm

Loved the Saturn so much.

1. NiGHTS into dreams...
2. Guardian Heroes
3. SEGA Rally Championship
4. Panzer Dragoon Zwei
5. Dark Savior

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Re: Top 25 Saturn Games

Post by Sephiroth81 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:36 pm

You guys are terrible, especially to my wallet! I've just ordered Mass Destruction on the Saturn after this.............. :( :D

The PS1 version was cheaper, but I saw that the Saturn version is superior, so had to go with that, plus more collectible.

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