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Re: Is there room for the Wii U in this gen?

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:53 am
by Matt_B
Analog wrote:that's a good point, they are usually to a good standard overall even it its under par by its own series standards. the fact that we haven't seen any of these games anymore though makes me wonder, can nintendo still make these games? I don't doubt their talent they have working for them, but are they only good at making specific types of games?
They never really could. At least, for most of the series we're talking about, Nintendo only made the first few games in house back in the SNES/N64 era; the subsequent games have been, to varying degrees, co-operative efforts with third party studios. That's never been a wholly satisfactory arrangement for Nintendo, hence their reticence to bring them back, never mind the lacklustre sales on top of that.