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Sine mora

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2013 5:35 pm
by thebear
Just finally got round to downloading this on Xbox Live Arcade

and old school ish scrolling shooter crossed withone of those new fangled bullet hell jobbies for those that don't know

anyone else played? love the game itself, is like an old school shooter for most of level then bullet hell on bosses from what i see so far. and the graphics are stunning for a game of this type but sheesh enough with the freaking cut scenes and dialog, it's a schmup FFS

Re: Sine mora

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2013 7:15 am
by r0jaws
Yep, I have it on PC and love it. It looks and plays gorgeous but the cut scenes are a little long, and utterly pointless but I suppose it does provide a form of narrative if that's what flicks your bean.

Re: Sine mora

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2013 7:34 am
by psj3809
Really like the game. On ios as well

Re: Sine mora

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:45 am
by weakboson
It has flaws, and I don't think I'd care to go for a 1CC or play for score, but it's fun to stick autofire on and blast through the story.

Re: Sine mora

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:04 pm
by Misery
Seems to be a popular one, this. Couldnt stand it myself.

And I'm not even going to mention what I think of the idea of cutscenes and such in a shmup; it'd almost entirely consist of four letter words.

Re: Sine mora

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 9:32 am
by HEAVYface
it looks nice, but the game play is at best annoying.

got to a bit I just couldn't get past (it was either water or lava pouring over the plane) and no matter what I tried I couldn't get through, so lost interest. in general I hate shooters that have these sort of puzzle elements, It just gets in the way of the action.

also didn't like the fact that even the smallest enemy craft takes several shots to destroy.

the cuts scenes suck and I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea to put swearing in it, just like in Vanquish it's totally out of place. If you're going to put sweary dialogue in a game, have some censored courage and drop some f-bombs and c-bombs n there with a well placed tw@ too boot.