Strange/annoying design decisions

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Re: Strange/annoying design decisions

Post by killbot » Tue Jan 22, 2013 6:11 pm

DreamcastRIP wrote:
killbot wrote:
DreamcastRIP wrote:Wrong. The Dreamcast DID hit the ground running. In fact it shattered all previous sales records for a console launch in the Western world. So, yes, its launch was more successful than that of PlayStation, Sega's own past consoles and any past consoles from Atari, Nintendo, et al.
But that begs the obvious question of why Sega canned the machine after barely a year. I'm not disputing what you're saying, just wondering how come Sega threw in the towel when the machine seemed to be going down so well with both critics and punters?
There were many reasons combined for why Sega exited the console manufacturing business. I certainly have no desire to open that can of worms again because the topic has been discussed ad infinitum on the internet ever since and it usually ends up with hard of thinking people trying to pin it on one reason as if real life is ever that simple. Your comment referred to the console's launch and it was that alone which I addressed in my reply. Besides, this line of discussion is off topic anyway.
Fair enough.

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Re: Strange/annoying design decisions

Post by Freestyler » Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:48 am

I loved my DC. I really did. So did everyone I showed it to.

Their reactions to me saying they should get this wonderfully fabulously amazing little console? The same console they were begging me to lend them because it had some fantastic games on?

"Yeah... I think I'm going to wait for the PS2."

:( :( :(
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