What were the best game shops around your area..

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Re: What were the best game shops around your area..

Post by Stevenhill321 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:41 am

In Microbyte, Paul Davies the freelancer used to come in with his mates. I think it was just before he started to work on Mean Machines. I was there from 91 but it may have been 1990 and left in 92. I remember him as just a college kid with a huge interest in games (as we all did) and it was all Julian Rignall at that point. Paul used to come in with his heavy metal gear, leather jacket with tassles and long hair and he was just a really nice guy who would come and have a go on some games like most people. I'm not really sure why I remember him other than he was a bit of a regular. Imagine my suprise when years later I discovered that he was editor of MM and then freelanced for RG. Although it took me until RG edition 19 or later to realise of all this. It's a small world.

We used get Paul Ince and Gary Palatine, Bryan Robson from United come in with their kids and trophy wives which was always fun and the Ocean lads used to come in a well. We had a lot of celebs that came in over time. I was at the Replay Expo last year and the year before that I spoke with Mark Jones from Ocean who was working on a stall. I discussed my Microbyte days and Ocean and I was in 7th Heaven reliving the glory days. If there was ever a moment in life that could be revisited for a day then my time at that shop would be high on my list.

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Re: What were the best game shops around your area..

Post by Fishsta » Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:22 am

In Chorley, we had Dave's Consoles and Games and A&B Games (run by a mother and son, if I remember rightly, Alistair and Brenda)

Looking on Google Maps, if it wasn't for the Circus posters, you'd see those yellow signs either side of the window, showing Dave's has never become anything else since it shut down. One sign had a picture of Mario, one of Sonic, one said "Spectrum Commodore Amstrad" (you can just about see "Amstrad") and the other said "Atari PC Console & Accessories " (I think). The sign underneath still reads "Chorley's largest stockist of new and used games"


Dave did a roaring trade in selling old magazine cover disks very cheap. I think most people bought them to pirate games from their friends as he sold them cheaper than blanks...

A&B Games was in this wonderful location near the train station, one of the "basement" shops (see the red arrow), though after a while they became big enough to occupy the shop above instead.


I'm sure I'll still have a receipt from there somewhere from some game I've bought in the past.

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Re: What were the best game shops around your area..

Post by kelp7 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:13 pm

Can only really think of The Model Shop in Guildford, apart from the usual suspects of the department stores that stocked lots of tapes. We got our copy of Elite on tape (for 14.95 I remember to this day!) from the Model Shop when it came out. In fact, I remember going back even in the early 90s and buying stuff like Monkey Island for my Amiga from there! Wouldn't even be able to remember where it was in Guildford now though if I had to.
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Re: What were the best game shops around your area..

Post by flatapex » Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:59 pm

Well in Bury our main place in the 16 bit era was future zone/electronics boutique in the millgate shopping centre, it was opposite our price, i think it is now a travel agents and our price is now the e.e shop.

There was a second hand place on Bolton Street, the in thing at the time was to go to Richard's barbers (opposite Castle Leisure Centre) for a haircut and there was a games shop down there. Cant remember what it was called or anything about it.

Dixons and Norweb both had mega drives and snes consoles set up and we used to play the latest games on them, sometimes interesting bargains could be picked up from Asda on Spring Street

Rental games came from Blockbuster on Bolton Road, if you wanted something old or cheap the place to go was Victor Wright Electronics on The Rock

Second hand shop hasnt been there for years, I think Dixons has gone, Norweb is now hmv, Asda is still there and so is Victor Wright's, his son has run it for as long as I can remember, his name is Paul and I call in there every so often to see what interesting bits he has in

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