Nintendo bashing and being a forum troll

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Nintendo bashing and being a forum troll

Post by Darran@Retro Gamer » Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:11 am

I am getting sick and tired off hearing about the Nintendo Trolling that goes on this forum. You're all supposed to be adult men and yet you're acting like little kids. We get it people like Halcyon Daze, DreamcastRIP and The Laird don't like Nintendo. Just deal with it and accept that some people do. If you don't like Nintendo then stay out of the threads and stop winding people up. I've had five people the last week say they are leaving because of the aggressive bullying on this forum. And it is bullying no matter how you want to dress it up.

From now on there will be no playing nice. If you start threads or start trolling for no other reason than to wind people up you will be banned for a week. I don't care if you're a freelancer, or a forum regular. You're out of here. I've been way too lenient in the past, but it's time to do something about it.

I thought the original troll warning would be enough but it clearly wasn't and I'm sick to death of hearing about all the child like squabbling which is ruining the forum. I will be locking this thread because I don't want the same old people bleating to me about how they've been misunderstood or don't mean it.

This also goes for anyone who winds these people up just to get a rise out of them. You can all start growing up because you're acting like children and it's quite depressing to see how rubbish this forum is becoming because it's been dominated by too many aggressive types and I've been too soft to do anything about it. I'd say the same if it was Sony or Microsoft getting a bashing, but it appears to just be nintendo.


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