What retro systems interest you the most?

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Re: What retro systems interest you the most?

Post by shiffy » Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:43 pm

I'm 36 ..... almost (in about a month). My first exposure to video games was my parents Acetronic console. I have no idea how old I was when I started playing that .... very young! I guess I first started getting into gaming properly around the mid 80's when school friends started getting an assortment of various machines. My first machine was a Speccy +2 (I seem to remember it going back to Rumbelows several times because the tape drive wouldn't work and they eventually swapped it for a +3). But I was blown away when I first saw a Master System, the visual leap from a Spectrum to Master System was huge in my eyes as young lad. From then I guess I was a "Sega Man".

It's mostly the 16 bit era that I look back on with great fondness. I had a Megadrive & a Snes, then progressed through to the PS1, N64, DC ...etc. I only got a Saturn when it was considered to be a "dead machine". And shortly after that I picked up a PC Engine Duo. So I have experienced most of what the various machines have had to offer.

If I had to pick one machine that I'm interested in the most, I would have to say it's the Megadrive. (Would I be allowed to include the Mega CD/32X with that?).

I'm now finding that I've grown very tired of the current gen & for the first time ever I don't think I'll be picking up new machines at launch. Have modern day consoles become too complicated in trying to be "Jack of all trades"? .... maybe that's another topic! I certainly preferred the simplicity of the previous generations of hardware.

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Re: What retro systems interest you the most?

Post by DoraemonTheCat » Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:34 am

The only systems I find "interesting" are systems I have not yet owned - most notably PC Engine and Neo Geo

My top three machines in order woulkd be - PS2, Megadrive and Barcode Battler. One of those may not be true :P

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