Awesome Tribute to Video Games

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Awesome Tribute to Video Games

Post by Spacepatrol » Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:41 pm

Just found this on Reddit and thought it was worth a repost. It totally blew me away and I actually watched the whole 9 minute video twice. It is unbelievable what goes into US college sports, but this is just something else. I won't say much so you can be a surpised as I was.

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The Beans
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Re: Awesome Tribute to Video Games

Post by The Beans » Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:53 pm

Ha, that's absolutely amazing! :D

Well enjoyed that. My mrs thinks it's wonderful too.
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Re: Awesome Tribute to Video Games

Post by koopa42 » Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:56 pm

I plastered all over my facetommytank

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Re: Awesome Tribute to Video Games

Post by Antiriad2097 » Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:09 pm

I'd be more impressed if it hadn't been done before. Somewhere in the depths of the internet, there's a video of a very similar routine from several years ago.

Perhaps much like videogames, two developers have come up with the same idea independently?
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Re: Awesome Tribute to Video Games

Post by Lord Innit » Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:01 am

I've seen one similar before, but this one was better by a long way. The Zelda part was amazing.
Thanks for the link Spacepatrol. :D

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Re: Awesome Tribute to Video Games

Post by RetroMartin » Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:28 am

Thought that was quite good, the only bit that I didn't really care for much was the Halo bit, mostly because I haven't played enough of it to recognise the music so until they formed the logo it was the only thing I didn't know what it was. Bit of an odd choice as well given all the rest were classics and then they pick one very random modern game, seems a bit....silly?... to me guess.

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Re: Awesome Tribute to Video Games

Post by ShadowNeku » Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:21 pm

That was incredible. That horse was insane :shock:
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Re: Awesome Tribute to Video Games

Post by joefish » Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:28 pm

Yep, the bit from 6:09-6:37 is amazing. Though the guy that walks in front at 6:23 needs a slap! Get out of the way, fool! :lol:

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Re: Awesome Tribute to Video Games

Post by gman72 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:43 pm

My daughter and I thought that was fantastic, very, very talented bunch. :D
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Re: Awesome Tribute to Video Games

Post by bonerlaw » Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:39 pm

After about 2 seconds, the smile on my face was huge! This is brilliant!

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