Parting with your collection

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Re: Parting with your collection

Post by mlucifersam » Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:35 pm

I did sell stuff. When I wanted a new system I sold the old one to help fund the next one. I did this with most of the my stuff except for my Spectrum and N64.

Big regret really.

If I'd have known then what I knew now I would have kept all the stuff I used to use lots. Since then, I've bought back 90% of my collection, with just odd little bits still to get. The stuff I've gathered up now I will probably keep until I die. It's all in the spare box room, nicely laid out like a little working museum. It's great just being on there and looking around, don't even have to turn anything on.

And if I'm bored AND skint I can just go on there and I've got PLENTY to do without spending any more money.

I'd have to think hard about selling anything again. I can't be arsed missing it and wanting to get it again in 5 years time.
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Re: Parting with your collection

Post by The Laird » Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:37 pm

Since I started collecting I have sold a few things because they just never got any play:

Game Gear & Games - Awful machine with an unspiring library that has very few exclusives made a nice profit on selling it all off too so very happy with my decision.

Atari 800XL + Accesories & Games - I had a really nice one with a 1050 disk drive and around 20 or so games and demos on disk. Got offered a really good price for the whole lot and so accepted as it just never got used. I might buy another A8 at some point though to play all the great homebrew games for it.

Spectrum Collection - I had stacks of tapes and +3 disks and am still in the process of selling it all off as again I just never play on it. I will probably keep the 3 machines (+2a, +3 and a rubber key 48k) but all the games will go eventually.

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Re: Parting with your collection

Post by speedlolita » Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:38 pm

retrojc wrote:I own maybe 20 games, used to own over a thousand.

Although I've owned over a thousand, not owned all at once though.
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Re: Parting with your collection

Post by jcdentont1000 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:19 pm

I've not sold any complete games as an adult apart from FIFA every year when it gets to December/January and I can still get £25 or so in trade for them. BUT when I was young and didn't know any better (back then stuff wasn't 'retro', it was 'old') first we swapped our SNES for a Mega Drive with similar number of games with a Mega-CD (except all our SNES games were first party and kept mint, and the Mega Drive games were, well, Mega Drive games). then bought a 32x for £5 from Cash Converters (with a free Master System Converter) - then sold it all in the 'Friday Ad' and bought an Amiga CD32 :shock: Snatcher was one of the Mega-CD games, too. Then ended up selling that and buying back another SNES. Which since got taken to a carboot sale by my parents when they emptied the loft. I feel physically sick when I think about some of the 'deals' we did back then, buying PS1 Suikoden for £3 from VideoStar then giving it to family friend because we didn't like it.. It was a simpler time before eBay and 'old' games being worth £££'s!!

I've over-compensated as an adult by keeping every complete game I find no matter whether I have the console or not! The cart-only pickups are sold and the money 'reinvested' in the same game boxed and complete.
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Re: Parting with your collection

Post by aztecca » Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:41 pm

Had a censored load of games that i have sold over the years and a massive xbox collection that now consisits of a chipped xbox and a 100 or so games i am yet to get around to chucking on eBay.Have a 360 with 10 or so games and xbxo live and i actually enjoy gaming more than ever at the mo.For me it just became collecting and buying stuff for the sake of it and that isnt healthy for anyone.If you have 400 sners games that ayou can get top dollar for at the minute sell them and do something that you will remember forever like going to disney land or a great holiday.Much better than having a load of plastic and cardboard sitting on a shelf.I have no regrets in selling any games i ahve owned apart from the ones that are now selling for 10 times what i sold them for. :? Go on get rid you know it makes sense :D

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Re: Parting with your collection

Post by Roo » Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:51 pm

I have literally hundreds of games sitting at the other side of this room in *counts* fourteen bundles that I'm trying to sell. I'll see how I feel if I ever do sell them, I suppose. They'll maybe even end up on here someday...

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Re: Parting with your collection

Post by SJ_Sathanas » Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:27 pm

I've sold loads of stuff the past 6 months. My Xbox360, all my DVDs and CDs were copied to file and the discs sold. I have a sizeable stash of Airfix-style kits - most of them are going. My Nissan S12 Silvia Turbo "project car" - that's going. Sonn as I figure how to get my PS2 games onto file and the PS2 talking to my NAS, they'll probably go, too.

You have to ask yourself, why do you surround yourself with so much crap ? I couldn't say, so got shot. It's a personal decision, ofcourse, but my own personal purge has been AWESOME.

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Re: Parting with your collection

Post by sscott » Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:57 pm

I have loads of games and hardware, feels great! :D

People can do what they want (and they do) but people who sell a lot, buy a lot back often. I don't understand that. I'm luck enough to have the space but have been careful to make sure the room is still very neat and nothing is packed away in boxes, would not have bought anything if there was nowhere for it to go.

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Re: Parting with your collection

Post by nokgod » Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:14 pm

sscott wrote: People can do what they want (and they do) but people who sell a lot, buy a lot back often.
Very true that. I'm guilty of it myself. I put it down to my short attention span.
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Re: Parting with your collection

Post by ToxieDogg » Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:27 pm

Personally for me, it's always been a case of sell in haste, repent at leisure. :(

Nearly every game I've ever gotten rid of I tend to regret and feel like playing again and end up replacing at some point. I was fortunate with the SNES and Gameboy in that the games I traded in/sold back when I was in school and didn't have disposable cash were still fairly cheap to replace by the time I was working, as some of them go for ridiculous amounts now. Nowadays I barely get rid of any games.

I've probably got an underlying problem with hoarding crap though. :lol:
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Re: Parting with your collection

Post by jcdentont1000 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:36 pm

And unashamed hoarders and collectors step forward.... 8)
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Re: Parting with your collection

Post by Neilos626 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:37 pm

Quote: Actually the main thing that led to me selling a lot of the systems was having my modded xbox.

This is what I'm thinking, it would take some of the pain away.

Looks like most people who have sold haven't looked back.

The other thing is that with current I prices I now also look at my collection as an investment. It did'nt start out like that as I never bought with the intention of selling, but current prices are hard to ignore and I could probably triple what I paid for it all. But if I did cash it all in, what else would give me such a good return on my money?
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Re: Parting with your collection

Post by simes » Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:59 pm

When I first got my Commodore 64 I had sold almost my entire Vic 20 games collection to help pay for it although I kept the Vic 20 itself...

The Commodore 64 got expanded over time with loads of software, a disk drive, sound sampler, and even the music expansion system, but I sold the whole lot when I bought my first Amiga as it cost me £1,500...

I missed owning a C64 so I bought a C64GS but sold that to a collector when I was desperate for cash (although I had been bitten by the C64 bug and had bought a C64C as well)...

Sold a lot of my Amiga software, as well as all of my Amigas apart from one as I didn't think I use it again when I finally bought a PS2...

Sold a lot of my games for the PS1, PS2 and N64 over the years when I've needed to get cash quickly for one reason or another...

And looking back, I've regretted every single sale. I'm trying to restore my Vic 20 collection and get my Vic back into working order, I'm getting as many cheap C64 games as I can on ebay, and I'm picking up whatever PS1 bargains as I can as well. I know that I'll never be able to afford a C64GS now with the price they are selling for and even some of my old CDTV / CD32 games that I sold are fetching ridiculous prices.

I am being fairly focused on what I do own in the collection and what systems I buy games for, but I don't want to be in the position of clearing stuff out for the sake of it again as I've had nothing but regrets for years over a lot of the games and hardware that I sold off.
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