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Re: Gradius V

Post by Misery » Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:08 pm

weakboson wrote:1CC of Gradius V in a week is pretty impressive. To be honest I never got far enough for the length to be an issue but it does put me off coming back to it. For me 25-30 minutes is ideal. You're in the thick of the action sooner but also if you need to restart then it's not such a big deal. I generally like how Cave games are paced. The overall length is usually just right and a ridiculously long final stage makes it all the more epic. Gradius V seems over the top. I think even two loops of DDP ends up being shorter. Part of me wants to get back into this game, but it's funny Misery should mention the backwards scrolling section because that was what made give up on it on the first place. I was just trying to unlock all the stages but my skills should have improved since. That said I should probably wait until I can 1CC Sexy Parodius.

Also I know exactly what I don't like about Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun: the scoring system means you have to wait to kill enemies and leave them swarming around on the screen while you pick at them to keep your chain. It was always too much for my brain to handle, I just wanted to shoot everything. I keep toying with the idea of coming back to Ikaruga because the polarity mechanic is cool, but sadly there's no way to avoid chaining in RSG. My favourite Treasure shmup is actually Sin and Punishment 2, that game is ace, though it takes the biscuit for length - 3 hours for an ALL score!

Totally agreed.

It really IS longer than 2 loops of many of Cave's games. And Cave's games can indeed be a little longish to begin with, if you go through the entire thing! The 2 boss parades dont help matters. Though, those at least are a cool concept, but still, they make a long game take even longer.

And that backwards bit really sucked, didnt it? The annoying thing, at least for me, wasnt even the difficulty or anything... I thought the acid section was harder... it was just the fact that you really do have to know it's there IN ADVANCE or you might come to it with a setup that literally does not allow you to pop those things in your way. Bad design, that.

Though, even the acid section was like that. The way I got through THAT stupid area was the Option type that spins around your ship in a circle, and the "constant beam" type laser, I think is what it was, so I was constantly pushing acid blobs away in every direction.

Agreed on the Treasure shmups as well, for the most part. One thing that irked me about RSG was just that you had too many blasted weapons to deal with.... that and the stage design... but Ikaruga, argh, that stupid scoring system and the whole polarity thing. Easily my most disliked shmup, I think. As you say, I often wanna be blasting things, not watching them float around.

I mean, I like the idea of something like Futari's God mode.... where big scores are often gotten by letting big enemies fill the screen with bullets until the last possible second and THEN attacking them.... but Ikaruga often took the whole "wait to shoot, and shoot precisely" thing to a really stupid level. In the end I just found it really boring.

As for Sin & Punishment 2.... agh, talk about too long! I really enjoyed the gameplay with that one.... but it's WAY too long for my limited attention span, so I never finished it. I still have a copy, at some point maybe I'll borrow my friend's Wii and go through it, but for now.... way too bloody long.

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