Top 25 Amstrad Games

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Re: Top 25 Amstrad Games

Post by ivarf » Tue Nov 22, 2011 6:10 pm

batman877 wrote:
ivarf wrote:I would love to see a new 8-bit comparison of this and other 8-bit games. Anyone? :)
Might do one tomorrow! Althought it'll be my last if it disappears off page 1 in 24 hours - these things take time!!! :lol:
Excellent!!! :D

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Ritchardo mkII
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Re: Top 25 Amstrad Games

Post by Ritchardo mkII » Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:42 am

oh oh oh!

10. Head Over Heels
9. La Abadia Del Crimen
8. Seymour Goes to Hollywood
7. Donkey Kong
6. Spindizzy
5. Fly Spy
4. Bomb Jack
3. Batman
2. Switchblade
1. Oh Mummy

Tough choices though...
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Re: Top 25 Amstrad Games

Post by jake74 » Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:57 am

Found memories of my CPC 464, which is still in my loft…
In no particular order:

ATF: Advanced Tactical Fighter
Batman: The Movie
Head Over Heels
Ikari Warriors
Target Renegade
Chase HQ

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Re: Top 25 Amstrad Games

Post by Xyphoe » Thu Dec 01, 2011 4:46 am

OK! Haven't seen a reply from Darren or other staff whether Plus/GX4000 games can be included so will post 2 lists ;)

But is this the "BEST" amstrad games or your "FAVOURITE"?

I think there's a difference ... I really really enjoy Kiler Cobra but hardly anyone would think it's the best Amstrad game ...

Anyway I did a top 20 vid (posted earlier in the topic) which were my favourites so I'll squeeze it down to 10 and maybe do a re-jig cause its a top 10 and probably a mix of the best/favourites (and I may have changed my mind since that vid)....

(including Plus games)

#10 Robocop 2 [1 point]
#9 Navy Seals
#8 Batman The Movie
#7 Operation Wolf
#6 Robocop
#5 Prehistorik II (Plus verion)
#4 Prince Of Persia
#3 Chase HQ
#2 Megablasters
#1 Pang [10 points]

(not including Plus games)
#10 Jack The Nipper [1 point]
#9 Gryzor
#8 Switchblade
#7 Turrican
#6 Batman The Movie
#5 Operation Wolf
#4 Robocop
#3 Prince Of Persia
#2 Chase HQ
#1 Megablasters [10 points]

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Re: Top 25 Amstrad Games

Post by silvergunner » Mon Dec 05, 2011 8:42 pm

These are the games i played the most

Robocop 10 points
Switchblade 9 points
Barbarian 8 points
Ranarama 7 points
IK+ 6 points
Target Renegade 5 points
Captain Blood 4 points
Starglider 3 points
Game Over II 2 points
Final Fight 1

I know final fight was not great, i was young and just glad to be able to play it as i could never get on the arcade version round the corner from where i lived. But you have to admit those sprites were massive compared to the C64 version. Just gutted there was no tunes. Ranarama looked boring to me then i watched my dad play it and i got hooked on that one. Game Over was nails. Never did finish that one. Robocop was just amazing to me i would always turn the sound up full blast to hear the speech everytime i loaded it up which would have dad shouting at me to turn it down.

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Re: Top 25 Amstrad Games

Post by Skarn » Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:45 am

re: Best vs Favourite. You have to go with favourite otherwise what's the meaning of best?
Just reiterating all the ones the magazines at the time scored highly?

Where do we stand as overall judges of what really makes one game better than the others?

I reckon go with your heart and what you feel in your retro-bones.
The one's you loved the most - they *are* the best. And it may just turn out that many others felt so too.

And I said retro-bones. Not retro-boner (looking at you Leather Goddesses of Phobos fans) O_o

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