Your own gaming evolution

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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by thingonaspring » Wed Jun 08, 2011 10:48 am

i'm one of three brothers, and between us we've been through these, in roughly the right order. this was in chronological order to the best of my memory, from back in the day rather than stuff i've bought more recently.

commodore 64 (family christmas present)
commodore +4 (whilst 64 was broken) - didn't last long, was replaced by
commodore 64c (another family christmas present)
commodore amiga 500+ (first computer i saved my pennies for myself)
amstrad cpc 464 (brother inherited from a friend)
first PC (again, saved up my pocket money/paper round money)
sega master system (brother bought from ebay i think - maybe a SNES too, but i think i went to university as he got that)
sega dreamcast (first console on first credit card after university)
nintendo gameboy advance (present from a now ex)
microsoft xbox (four player continuation of the above when living with friends)
sony playstation (flatmate had one, but then when i moved in with my (now wife), my stepson had one, so kind of inherited)
nintendo 64 (see above re: stepson)
sony playstation 2 (see above re:stepson)
sega game gear (found in a charity shop, hence a bit late)
nintendo gamecube (birthday present from the now wife)
microsoft xbox 360 (present to myself when said wife was in germany and i was drunk with a couple of mates staying over)
nintendo wii (birthday present from the wife)
nintendo ds lite (birthday present from the wife)
sony playstation 3 (birthday present from the wife)
apple i-pad 2 (birthday present TO the wife, from me - for a change)

bit of a theme there in recent years :lol:
there are another 3-4 PC's to insert in there at various points, but i don't know where, but i've had one pc or another since that first one! also got an android phone, so could include that, but don't really use it much for games tbh.

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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by Liamh1982 » Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:05 am

I'm from a big family, so there were many consoles I didn't actually need to own till much later!
1988 - VideoPac, shared with my brother, blew up.
1995 - PlayStation, again shared.
1996 - Mega Drive 2, hand-me-down.
1998 - Game Boy Color
1999 - Dreamcast
2000 - Mega Drive 2, replacement.
2001 - Game Boy Advance
2001 - Game Gear
2001 - Jaguar
2002 - Lynx
2002 - PSone, replacement
2002 - Saturn*
2002 - Nintendo 64*
2002 - Master System 2*
2002 - GameCube
2003 - SNES*
2008 - PSP-2000
2009 - Wii*
2010 - Neo Geo Pocket Color
2010 - PS2*
2010 - Xbox
2010 - PSP-1000, replacement
2010 - PC, hand-me-down
2011 - Mega Drive 1, replacement

* - already in the household before I got one.

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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by Antiriad2097 » Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:26 pm

joefish wrote:Grandstand TV Game - Haha you could shoot the ball in Tennis with the light gun, and wedge the switch between Soccer and Squash to play Soccer with 3 players on one team and 2 on the other. Since this trick works on so many old TV games, they must have been copying each other's circuits.
Most of them use the same chips from General Instruments and later Texas Instruments:

As a result, they mostly shared the same features and oddities with the variations mainly being in the packaging and controllers.

I'm surprised more of us didn't start with these and the mechanical games.

I started out with a couple of store return Pong variants myself (the guns didn't work), all I remember is one was a white and black console, possibly a Binatone. My uncle worked at a local home entertainment store, so these fell out the back of the shop as they were 'faulty'. They played Tennis, Squash and Football just fine, though mostly I played 'Practice' (one player squash) as there was no other solo play mode and other family members needed some coercion.

From there it was my beloved Galaxy Twinvader, followed by Earth Invaders and one or two others (I'm still particularly fond of the puzzle modes in Pass Me, they're an interesting diversion for the single player, though the volume is very loud on it).

After that, its mostly computers through the 80s and 90s.

Starting with a borrowed TI99/4A (the nice silver metal one, not the cruddy beige plastic released in some areas), I learned BASIC as there weren't much games for it.

This was swiftly followed by a borrowed Spectrum (rubber key 48k).

The first computer of my own was the swish Oric 1 48k, a sleek system that held its own in the early days but not an industry leader so lost out on advanced programming that came later. Modern games made for it better show its capabilities, like the recent Stormlord, Impossible Mission and Elite conversions.

After a couple of years, Boots closed down their computer department, so I picked up a ZX81 in the closing down sale to get to grips with Sinclair BASIC. It wasn't heavily used, but did well for its age and limitations and did give me vfm.

Eventually Woolworths followed suit and gifted me a C64 and a Spectrum+ on the same day. £75 for the pair and there was still a good few years left in them. The C64 had some drama as it didn't work intially, but some hassle with the store eventually saw a repair. It broke again and I took the brave step of sending it off for repair and bought a new PSU for it. This was greatly against my parents distrust of mail order companies - its only with online shopping in the last decade I've got over that, which is a shame as I missed out on so many mail order games especially in the Oric days.

Around '91 I ordered an Amiga at the local pub as my friends had them, but Dixons back door only had Atari STFMs available. As a young married parent, I couldn't afford to be fussy. It didn't disappoint as I found plenty of good exclusives and conversions.

I briefly owned a Mega Drive, but that remained with my stepsons when I divorced. This was followed by a SNES co-owned with my little sister as a Christmas present from my folks. We only ever had 3 games for that as they were so expensive and I was still getting ST games cheap/copied - Ranma 1/2, Mystic Quest and the pack in Mario All Stars (still my favourite Mario release, with special mention to Super Mario Bros 2 as I found a Nintendo multi game cab on an oil rig that had it and it hooked me for the few days I was there).

Eventually towards the tail end of the 90s I bought a Playstation. That was a revelation. At the time I lived in a flat on my own, so I could pull the armchair up to my 'massive' 20" telly, plop my big stereo speakers either side of it and play for hours on end. Many a Saturday was spent from 10am until 4am the following morning on that setup and its responsible for more than a few late book signings at work.

Eventually the ST was retired around '98 when I'd moved in with Mrs Ant and we were going for promotion at work. We decided that we really needed a better system to knock up our applications that were compatible with work formats for printing etc, so we got our first PC, a Packard Bell Cyrix MII 300, with a massive 2Gb HD and 32Mb of RAM (with 4Mb for shared onboard graphics no less). That old beast did well, eventually gaining a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI card and a memory upgrade. This is around the time I discovered Independence War (thanks Particle Systems 8) ). As Mrs Ant was going to be working away from home we bought a laptop. This was a 380Mhz AMD system that coped remarkably well with gaming, so much so I finished Quake while commuting (Mrs Ant ended up getting a laptop from work so we could have saved £1100, but where's the fun in that?). One of my proudest gaming memories came from working out an 'official' workround to get Independence War running on limited capability systems, it made it into the Particle Systems FAQ on their website.

From here it gets a bit dull, as I got into a regular 'price drop > upgrade' path, with Mrs Ant being the main donor to this cause at Christmas and birthdays, moving from PS1 to GC, followed by PS2 then an accidental donor of an X-Box (daughter's boyfriend left one behind and he's a git so he's not getting it back unless he takes it anally). This takes me through to PSP, DS, Wii, 360 then finally PS3.

Though now I think about it, there's an early Gameboy when I was at my mum's that technically belonged to my sister, a shared Game Gear in the same manner and the GBA I bought one year in Tenerife. I've no doubt missed some more, like the Vectrex from a few years ago, but that was from ebay and another gift. I love my wife :D
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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by mainvein » Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:37 pm

oooh, good thread idea:
mine starts from being 3yrs old:

acorn electron
2 game and watches
sega master system
amiga 500
amiga 1200 with hdd
sega saturn
sony ps1
sega dreamcast
gba sp (nes one)
pc engine gt
xbox 360
atari jaguar
nds lite

thats the official list of what i got growing up, i own sooo much more but from xbox onwards i got virtually every retro platform known to man (dont really count buying big ebay job lots in that list)

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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by ipmarks » Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:45 pm

Apart from collected ones the list of my gaming machines in order goes...

Grandstand game console - with lightgun and an excellent throttle controller and a motorbike bus jumping game
ZX Spectrum
Amstrad 1512 - not many games but got through a lot of Infocom adventures
386 PC
486 PC (many more PC's followed)
Gameboy Advance
....... then the collecting bug took over, and I acquired a lot of older consoles and computers from boot fairs etc., which I won't include.
Xbox 360
DS Lite

Have sold off most of my modern stuff recently, and am working on building up a collection of Atari 8-Bit stuff.

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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by Antiriad2097 » Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:02 pm

Doh! Forgot the Dreamcast. iirc I got that between GC and PS2.

And the Atmos I picked up after the Speccy/C64.
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Tom_Baker wrote:I just finished watching a film about Stockholm syndrome. It started out terrible but by the end I really liked it.

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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by greenberet79 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:44 am

Antiriad2097 wrote:Doh! Forgot the Dreamcast. iirc I got that between GC and PS2.

And the Atmos I picked up after the Speccy/C64.
Best phrase in the thread -
Antiriad2097 wrote:an accidental donor of an X-Box (daughter's boyfriend left one behind and he's a git so he's not getting it back unless he takes it anally)
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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by The Laird » Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:58 pm

When I was younger it went like this:

48k Spectrum
128k Spectrum +2a
Atari 2600 Jr.
Atari 520 STfm
Atari Lynx
Sega Megadrive
Atari Jaguar
Atari Jaguar CD
Sega Saturn

I never bought another console after that until I started collecting about 7 years ago. Since then I have added:

Sega Mega CD
Atari 7800
Nintendo Gameboy (given for free)
Sega Game Gear (sold)
Philips CD-i
Atari 800 XL (sold)
Sinclair ZX81
Sony Playstation (given for free)
Sinclair Spectrum +3
Dingoo A320

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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by Squigs_Ghost » Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:15 pm

It's interesting to see how many people stick with a brand or genre in one way or another, makes for good reading without people bragging.

For me personally I started with:

ZX81 - Horizons and Wall !!!! You wouldn't believe they give that game away with Kids Meals these days!
Spectrum 48K - Gotta love those rubber keys!
NES - My first Nintendo experience with Duck Hunt and Mario
Amiga 500 + Expansion - Insisted it was for school work, I really wanted Lemmings ;o)
SNES - A natural move from the NES
N64 - My choice over the PS1 before I went to Uni*
Game Boy - Decided to start getting retro.
Game Boy Colour - Started to have money
PS1 - Bought with dance mat and game for £25, cheaper than a quid a time at the arcade!
DS Lite - Began to have a little more money
Game Cube - Little Man needed his own game station
GBA - Little Man needed his own hand held (following the theme?)
Wii - Could afford to buy one
Game Boy Micro - Suited the Boss and came in PINK!
PS2 - Came cheap and plays DVD's (supposedly)... Little Mans purchase of course ;o)

*N64's became a bit of an obsession and I currently own 5, having already sold 3 in the past. My Pokemon collection was quite vast although I never played the game, including the Pikachu console, controller and expansion along with transfer carts from the Gameboy to the N64.

I suppose really I've gone backwards and forwards with my gaming, ironically backwards when I could afford to, and forwards when I wanted to upgrade. A little like today when I moved a 26" CRT telly up 3 flights of steps so I can play Point Blank and Time Crisis on Little Mans PS2 in his bedroom.

Sometimes we have to go backwards in order to appreciate what we have today.

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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by Farzlepot » Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:11 pm

My gaming 'evolution' has been more like a 'devolution' really.

The first video game I ever played was on my parents' Dragon 32. I can barely remember it, but I think it was some kind of Space Invaders knock-off - it's still in their loft actually, so I'll have to dig it out and see if I can't appropriate it!

At the time, my dad was involved in a startup commercial computer business in partnership with a friend of his - they built and programmed various computers and even small Nixdorf mainframes for a number of businesses around the country. This meant I was exposed to building PCs from an early age, but more importantly he got to bring home (and oftentimes, keep) computers. One day he brought home a portable Nixdorf computer, which was a rebadged Panasonic Senior Partner. These days he calls it the precursor to the laptop, but with an integrated thermal printer and CRT screen, it would have crushed even the sturdiest of laps. It was loaded with a few DOS games including some golf game I can't recall the name of, ZORK and, of course, a version of Pacman, to name just a few. He's still got this one in the loft somewhere as well.

A couple of years later, his partnership collapsed and he brought home a couple of computers he needed to start another (short-lived) business, including a 386 PC loaded with Windows 3. This bad boy had Commander Keen, Another World, Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, and a whole host of other games on it that I played religiously for a while.

Eventually, I saw my cousins playing Sonic 2 multiplayer on a Mega Drive, and I fell in love. That Christmas I demanded a Mega Drive and my parents obliged. That was the last console I owned for a while.

I played on the Mega Drive for a few years, before getting a Saturn - which at the time I didn't find all that impressive. I was a bit late on the Saturn bandwagon. But then I saw something magical - on the new family PC, I played demos of games like Half-Life, Urban Assault, SiN, Dark Forces: Jedi Knight, and a couple of Star Trek games like Generations and Starfleet Academy (I was a Star Trek fan back then). I was instantly enamoured - they were amazingly detailed compared to anything on the Saturn, and seemed so far ahead of anything I'd seen before, that I had to have them - and set about building a dedicated gaming PC. Armed with full versions of games such as those and then others like Age of Empires and Starlancer, I pretty much abandoned console gaming.

Generational increments in gaming ceased to be marked by bit ratings for me, and instead became tracked by Quake engine releases and Windows versions. I continued playing a multitude of fantastic PC games, all in high definition long before the term became popular, until about 2008. Egged on by a colleague at my old job who was espousing the genius of the soon-to-arrive GTA4, I picked up an Xbox 360 and an HD TV. I went from being a PC gaming snob to suddenly realising that console games were pretty good on their own merit. I haven't upgraded my PC since 2006.

A year or so later, after enjoying a number of Xbox 360 exclusives and a load of other great games, not to mention picking up classic games from the Live Arcade, I fell in love with the likes of Uncharted and Heavy Rain and picked up a PlayStation 3 - my first ever Sony machine (believe it or not).

At this point I dug out my old Mega Drive and Saturn, reliving some nostalgia, and started to wonder what else I'd missed while isolated on the PC. My retro gaming obsession was born. The first console I picked up off eBay was a Dreamcast - I had been a Sega fanboy and felt it was appropriate to pick up their last console, and from what I'd been reading it sounded great on its own merits. After playing a few of its better games I carried on looking into other console games I'd missed, and set my sights on the Nintendo 64 - which I promptly picked up along with some of its classic games. Deciding that Nintendo wasn't as bad as my Sega-influenced bias had suggested, I then picked up a Gamecube, and played a few games on that.

In the meantime I picked up a few PS1 games, knowing that they would work in the PS3, and tried them out, along with some Saturn games for my trusty, unused Saturn.

And most recently, I picked up a Sega Master System, nice and boxed like new.

So yeah, I've pretty much been going back in time for the last couple of years.

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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by storm_maker » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:12 pm

Basically I think it went like this

Atari 2600 (it was the family's really)
Commodore 64 (mine, christmas present)
Game Boy (mine)
Mega Drive (my brothers but I played it more than him in the end)
NES (I loved the system so when I saw one cheap I returned to 8-bit even though we had MD by then)

These machine were the ones I got at the time, or just after the time they came out, a few years after the Dreamcast I started searching for and buying every machine under the sun.

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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by fredghostmaster » Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:04 am

Pong Console
Atari VCS
Vic 20
ZX Spectrum 48k

My favourites would be the Atari VCS, Vic 20 and Spectrum - takes me back to my childhood!

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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by TwoHeadedBoy » Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:15 am

This'll be difficult...

-Videomaster, one of those Pong machines with tennis, football and squash.
-Grandstand Game Player, handheld thing with three cartridges. My auntie found it left behind on a plane.
-Spectrum+2 (or possibly a +3) - hours of fun playing through Gauntlet II on two-player, along with Rolling Thunder, 720* and Shadow of the Beast.
-Xmas 1993, the Mega Drive! With Sonic 2 and two pads.
-Brother's birthday, 1995 - Master System, 2nd hand.
-Xmas 1997 -!
-Brother's birthday 1999, Game Boy, mainly to play Pokemon.
-Xmas 1999, Neo Geo Pocket Color with Puzzle Bobble Mini. My first job meant I could get another game every couple of weeks.
-Xmas 2000, a choice between a 2nd hand Saturn with one game or a 2nd hand SNES with 12 games. Went for the SNES.
-Xmas 2000 (or was it 2001?) - Dreamcast!
-Around 2004 or 2005, bought myself a GBA SP from CEX.
-Birthday 2006, DS Lite as a present, and a 3DO with the birthday money.
-Sometime around 2007, got a PSOne with a screen for £12.50 from a charity shop.
-Xmas 2006, original Xbox.
-2008? Maybe? PSP.
-2009, PS2 as payment for painting a cousin's ceiling.
-Early 2010, Xbox 360.
-Early 2011, Wii.

All the other things I really can't remember when they came from. Started "collecting" in 2004/5, so they're all from after then.
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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by stvd » Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:48 am

Can't do dates but these are, AFAIK, in the order I bought/owned them.
My buying pattern is all over the place! :)

Atari 2600
ZX Spectrum 48K
ZX Spectrum+
(big leap here...............)
Sega Megadrive
Master System
Gameboy Advance
Atari 7800
Gameboy Advance SP
Wonderswan Color
Xbox 360
NEC Core Grafx II
Wii (not mine - it's the wife's)

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Re: Your own gaming evolution

Post by yakmag » Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:52 am

Grandstand Pong thingy (late 70's)
CBM 64 (xmas 83 - Good times!)
Amiga 500 (bought by me, 1989)
A1200 (bought by me 1993)
PS1 (bought by me 1998)
PS2 (bought by me 2006)
Wii (Xmas last year)

In between have also collected...

Gameboy SP
DS (original grey one)
Vic - 20
Atari 2600/7800

But now spend most of my time infront of my PC with emulators for the majority of the above!

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