8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

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Post by soggy_amphibian » Fri Feb 10, 2006 9:40 pm

C64s, all

Nebulus. I was really impressed with the 3D look of the towers and how cool they looked when scrolling.

I loved the look of RodLand when I first played the demo. Esp some of the baddie animations, and the flowers, and the weapons. Whatever happened to games like this?

And, to be unoriginal, Mayhem In Monsterland, one of the few games I actually completed. Of course, finding that one of the baddies always left behind an extra life, even if you'd killed him before, so you could rack up spare lives into the letters so you could do that hard jump near the end over and over without having to restart the game, that helped. I tried drawing pictures in Saracen Paint, and came up against that "can't have too many colours in one block" problem. Rowlands bros geniuses. Wish I'd got Creatures and Creatures 2.

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Post by Jet Set Willy » Mon Feb 13, 2006 2:46 pm

Jet Set Willy

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Re: 8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

Post by PanzerGeneral » Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:48 pm

8bit stuff that made me go wow?

BBC B - Elite(obviously)
Speccy - The Hobbit(looking back - god knows why!)
CBM64 - Antiriad
Atari800XL - Rescue on fractalus, attack of the mutant camels (check them next to the C64 versions)
Atari VCS - Star Raiders
Colecovision - Space Fury

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Re: 8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

Post by Guybrush » Fri Jan 15, 2010 8:35 pm


:D just kidding!

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Re: 8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

Post by C=Style » Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:30 pm

Trantor on the Speccy - Wow! the size of the main character!
Hawkeye on C64 - Beautifully detailed, 50fps movement with some fine parallax scrolling, all to a thumping soundtrack!
Renegade on Speccy - Superb detail and lovely animation.
Chase HQ on Speccy - Monochrome as usual but it looked as close to the arcade as you could hope.

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Re: 8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

Post by JazzFunk » Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:11 pm


Breakthru AND Operation: Fireball. Both of them rather un-great games, but I saw them running on a C64 in Microbyte's Wakefield branch in '87 (when I just had a Spectrum and Electron) and the smooth horizontal scrolling and ease of sprite movement made my jaw drop. I wish it had been better games, but it was actually those two titles that made me lust for a C64(!)

Impossible Mission. The sheer fluidity of it. I first played it on the 'Ricochet' re-release in late '88, and even then I admired it. Not only incredible gameplay but also amazingly smooth, impressive animation and FULL-ON speech samples. One of my Top 10 Of ALL.

Armalyte. Obviously, it was better than pretty much every C64 shooter out there, and its author was a gifted programmer of C64 music. Totally a win-win situation with that game, the real surprise being the playability and validity of the game itself.

Agent X 2: A multigame collection, none of the games being particularly brilliant (smooth but mediocre), with the majestic Tim Follin music holding everything together. I remember there was a Breakout clone in there, but can't remember what the other minigames were, so unmemorably throwaway they were. All I can remember is ALL of the music, I only used to play the game so I could hear the MUSIC! Tim Follin, what a man.


Three Weeks In Paradise. Apart from the crap Breakout clone included on the 48K+'s starter tape, this was the first Speccy game I ever played, on a C-90 'compilation' lent to me by a mate. I'd just converted from the game-barren Electron, and was amazed by the fluid animation, atmosphere, wit, character, 'sophistication' and invention of this game, it truly felt like a GOTY back then, it hit me like a Heihachi punch to the knackers.

Fairlight. First isometric adventure game I played. I never got very far in it (it was lethally difficult) but the medieval atmosphere was *IMMENSE*, the feeling of being involved in this vastly intriguing game-world, and I was *truly* impressed by being able to pick up and drop loaves(!)

Movie. I first played this in '88, again I barely got far through it yet remember it being *possibly* the most atmospheric game I have ever played. The noirish world suited the Speccy's graphical (monochrome!) capacities perfectly, and you truly got the idea of this seedy 1940s hardboiled detective world. Compared to Fairlight, it was maybe more clean-looking, but less detailed, it's just it had this incredible, haunting atmos.

Technocop. Either Your Sinclair or Sinclair User gave a multi-game demo tape on their cover approaching Xmas '88, and THIS was on it. I used to think the driving bit was AWESOME, I'd actually taped the Fletch theme from a Fletch video my mum's boyfriend had rented, and I used to play that while I played the driving bit. A lot. It probably explains why I am a defective adult. I still am 'into' Harold Faltermeyer's 80s synth fiddlings.

Robocop. I used to play the Data East arcade game loads, yet preferred how this game played. I got it for Xmas in '88, and it came in this glossy, big cardboard box, it felt sooooo special. The game was more of an 'event', it was guaranteed to sell but luckily the Speccy version was a corker, just a monochrome side-scroller with super-slick animation and this really SOLID, bleak feel, less unforgiving than the arcade, and admirably different. Pity the C64 one was so gash, but hey. ;)

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Re: 8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

Post by lostSUNDAY » Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:59 am

Stunts. I had never seen anything like it before, i was so blown away. Hell, a part of me amost prefer that early 3D to some of the later game on the PS1 and Saturn.
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Re: 8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

Post by jdanddiet » Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:09 am

I remember being very impressed by the graphics for Lightforce on the Speccy. Shame it made the game a bit frustrating to play.
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Re: 8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

Post by Mire Mare » Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:31 am

This is great! I haven't come across these old threads before they're well before my time on the RGF. I'm too lazy to trawl through the archives myself!

There were a lot' of stop and stare moments for me when it came to C64 graphics but I have a fond memory of one in particular. I vividly remember going into the local computer shop one Saturday morning and seeing The Way of the Exploding Fist for the first time. At that time I hadn't even seen shots of the game in the mags. I thought it looked brilliant but I couldn't get used to the controls. I still bought it that very morning, probably based on looks alone, and I left the shop a very happy boy. I still think it's a great looking 8 bit game today.

Skyfox was another that I'm sure I bought on looks alone. The 3d was very cool but despite it being visually impressive I never really got into the game.

There were a fair few loading screens on the c64 that were 'wow' moments..... Warhawk, Rambo & The Sentinel spring to mind.

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Re: 8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

Post by Nemesis » Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:50 pm

Lightforce on the ZX Spectrum. Amazing use of colour for a machine that was very proficent at colour clash.
Knight Lore on the ZX Spectrum for obvious reasons.
Head Over Heals on the CPC was pretty good too.
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Re: 8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

Post by RMLF » Sun Jan 17, 2010 8:03 pm

Multiple Years and these arent mentioned :(

International 3 d Tennis- awesome 3 sprite rotation, despite the wire frames for the c64

Autozone- C16 Plus 4
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Re: 8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

Post by clarance » Sun Jan 17, 2010 8:51 pm

Jeff Minter's Psychedelia - like wow man.
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Re: 8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

Post by Dennoman » Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:22 am

Only thing that comes to mind right now is Asterix on the Master System.

I don't know, but that just looks 16 bit to me, look at the bright and vivid colours on that :shock:
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Re: 8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

Post by Romulous » Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:58 am

I was always in awe at the later Ultimate games, Underwurlde etc, they were not cutting edge by any means, but very well drawn with lots of character.

I remember the first time i saw Monty Mole on the Spectrum by Pete Harrap on BBC News tying in with the Miners Strike and was blown away by it, and it still looks good today.

Probably the killer for me though was Impossible Mission which i still think to this day had the most amazing animation on the players sprite, absolutely beautiful. Add in all the props, bookcases, computers and everything was realised perfectly in minature blocky commodore 64 graphic stylee.

Only did ever finish that game once!
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Re: 8-bit graphics that really made you go 'wow' at the time

Post by the_hawk » Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:33 am

Karnov & The Real Ghostbusters on the Speccy

All that colour - no clash!

Oh and Savage on the Speccy - All that colour - sh-tloads of clash but they didn't give a hoot! :lol:
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