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Re: Another low for GAME

Post by Mr Vengeance » Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:16 pm

ToxieDogg wrote:
Mr Vengeance wrote:My local GAME has Klonoa preowned for the Wii for just €10 - I'm tempted, even though I rarely buy second hand games. Probably a limited release - didn't even know it came out here and I've never seen it on sale new. Going for more that that on eBay, so I might pick it up next time I'm down there....
I've never seen it on sale in any shops either, actually.....but I have had it since it came out last year (around May I think it was)....I got it from for £20 though it's probably a lot cheaper now.

It's well worth getting,'s not the hardest game in the world (it's slightly easier than the orignal PS1 version) but it absolutely oozes charm and it's really good fun finding all the hidden gems...I sunk over 30 hours into it easily, and the unlockable 'challenge' sections really are a challenge once you've completed the main game.
Yeah, it looks right up my street from what I've seen and heard of it. For that reason I think I might try and buy it new. We'll, see, I'm going to get it one way or another now that my curiosity and interest has peeked :)
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