Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

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Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Yes! Gaming is as important as music and film
Yes, but I’m not sure there would be enough interest
Not really, you can enjoy retro games in other ways
No, video games will never gain the same respect as other mediums
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Total votes: 54

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Budly Moore
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Re: Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Post by Budly Moore » Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:39 pm

Actually just changed my mind, I mean theres museums dedicated to all kinds of stuff, porn, ganja, barbie, why not games? In fact there already is a games museum in USA aint there? King of Kong was filmed there, pretty much fills the criteria if you ask me.

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Re: Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Post by DPrinny » Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:11 pm

Theres a hat musiem in Stockport
I've been round it was very hatty.

A game's based one would be interesting
Andy@RCM wrote:I obviously think that video games / computers / consoles etc deserve their own museum - as this is what we are trying to do. Getting funding for something like this has been the hardest part.
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Re: Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Post by hydr0x » Fri Jun 19, 2009 3:17 am

I know you meant this as a joke, but that's indeed true for me. If I'd become a multi-millionaire by any means (incl. lottery) the first thing I'd do after building a house and going on a holiday would be to plan a gaming museum. Promised.

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Re: Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Post by Andy@RCM » Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:23 am

;) - sounds good to me - It is heartbreaking to have all of the systems in storage to be honest - they need to be used - I agree breakages and breakdowns will happen but that is part of life. As long as we have spares and spare parts I am sure that a museum could last my lifetime . . . :)
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Re: Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Post by Sureshot » Sun Jul 12, 2009 9:08 pm

I was randomly just thinking about this, and lo and behold, the search feature came in handy. ;)

It does baffle me that there isn't more academic research and 'official' preservation being done on this front. Considering the fact that the games industry is supposedly more profitable than Hollywood in today's world, something large-scale needs to be done in order to showcase and safeguard its history.

In my mind, I think as long as you create something which isn't JUST about the machines then it would be a lot more popular, including all the spinoffs and the truly amazing stories that have played out on the business side of things over the gaming timeline. If you consider gaming on a wider horizon such as this then I simply fail to see how it couldn't be interesting and drawing to the general public. The main thing is not to advertise it as if you were running an arcade, but as an experience of fun, education and fascination, along with the promotional perspective of a museum.

Does anyone actually have any data on how successful past ventures have been? No offence to anybody who runs any of the current (or past) museums, but has something truly massive ever been contemplated or attempted? How exactly have events such as Game On! done when they've pitched up in proper museums?

Perhaps one of the main reasons why nothing much has been done is due to a lack of a real centralised body for gaming. Many have been created, but these have been mainly for development, trade, ratings, rights and so on. Otherwise, gaming usually gets shoved under the 'media' umbrella and takes a back seat. There's nothing like the British Film Institute for gaming, for instance.

Despite what some are saying, gaming is not 'too young' to have its own museum(s). We are talking 1971 since the first commercially-available arcade was released - that's rolling up to 40 years ago, and we're not even touching on the likes of Space War! yet. For some perspective, the Paley Centre for Media (formerly The Museum of Television & Radio) was opened in 1975, and granted, it covers radio which has been around for donkeys, but commercial televisions were only emerging in the 1930s.

If I had a bit more disposable income, I'd have no hesitation about looking into opening a full-blown museum for computer and video games (and surrounding areas) with a consortium of like-minded people in a high-traffic area. I'd also perhaps look at giving alternative reasons to visit, such as a themed restaurant or café in supplement - something that people either want to visit regularly or as a cult niche-type thing.

Anyway, I'm probably being a bit naive here and I don't have all the facts by any means, but if there was ever something I know I'd put everything into, then this - along with promoting being a video games historian as a truly viable career (as it is for most other historians) - would be it.

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Re: Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Post by morph-ball » Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:01 am

Hell yes.

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Re: Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Post by Andykiwi » Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:06 am

And here it is... well, one of them anyway...

an international traveling museum exhibit chronicling the history of mankind's first interactive media

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Re: Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Post by muguk » Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:23 pm

They already exist in other European countries so it'd be nice to have one in the UK.

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Re: Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Post by FatTrucker » Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:38 am

This is where emulation comes into its own. Computing and gaming history and hardware should absolutely be preserved.
The hardware is obviously more unreliable the older it gets and due to the tactile nature of experiencing it, then allowing people to interact with the hardware on display doesn't really work in the long term if its going to be preserved.
However emulation allows you to have an interactive display for virtually every machine ever conceived and allows the public to interact and play with it while safely preserving the original hardware in an adjacent glass display.

Its also one of the reasons RG is so important. Apart from being a great mag, its pretty much the only publication out there dedicated to featuring old hardware and talking to the figures who were there (man), recording their experiences and anecdotes before time takes them away from us for good.
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Re: Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Post by Corranga » Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:47 am

It's a nice idea, but what would you put in it...?

I mean do you go for games that are proper true classics even if they are common as heck / playable on things such as the Wii Virtual Console, ie SMB3.

Or do you go for mega rare valuable stuff like the now infamous Sealed US NES Stadium Events which will hold someones interest for a nano second as they walk passed in awe and will require a dust proof, UV resistant cabinet so as to not be devalued.

Then, do you let people play the games, which will inevitably lead to grubby finger marks and broken controllers...


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Re: Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Post by Paulie » Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:08 pm

I voted Yes, but I’m not sure there would be enough interest.

I work in a museum (sadly not a gaming museum) although we had a Speccy on display about 6 months ago which was nice. I really think it would be great to have a dedicated video gaming museum, but sadly I dont think anyone I know would be interested enough to visit such a place if it did become a reality.
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Re: Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Post by nokgod » Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:09 pm

I'm bloody sure there'd be plenty of interest.

Look if you have a museum like this:


There HAS to be a good case for a Videogame museum, right? :wink:
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Re: Poll: Do you think video gaming deserves its own museum?

Post by Chinnico » Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:27 pm

If we look at a museum as a place to preserve things, then videogames do deserve one. Internet isn't just enough: of course i''s possibly the safest way of preserving games, mostly due to redundancy; but as for all that is beyond the mere software,that is the 'tangible' part - and for what concern retrogmaes is a very big one, saying that the internet would suffice, would be like saying that paintings can conveniently be preserved as digital photographs.

As for attratting people, that is to build an exhibition out of a museum, it must be carefully built with that purpose in mind. Obviously the image of a single enormous vault filled with retro goodies is a bit of a naive one. I'd rather imagine small local entities, each dedicated to a rather specific (and possibly territory related) topic. In UK there would be plenty of possibilities: for example a museum of Sinclair machines would surely fill up a few rooms and link with objects and references to the culture of the 80's (from furniture, to pop music, clothing, life-style, magazines etc etc).
How many developers made a particular place a little more famous by having their offices there and employing people from the surroundings? A small museum that speaks to the people and reminds them what there was once upon a time in the same place where they grew up, I think it may be moderately successful. Travelling in northen EU and a little in the US I've seen a few examples of this concept: small 'museums' of all sorts, from old farming tools, to local cheese, to typical lace of the village.
In the US there should be plenty of such places. I'd like to see a transparent tunnel under the E.T. cartridges' burial site! :D

In the end, to make a successful exhibition, you have to involve the visitors. For that you have to reference to their lives, their past and culture. I think videogames have made enough way to be perfectly able to do that. It's up to us to make them speak.

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