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Post by RolyRoly » Thu Jul 31, 2008 3:58 pm

I have a load of Gamesmaster magazines, most of them from from issue 1 up to the games crash just after the 16 bit era, before the Playstation kickstarted everything again. I'm very fond of them but they are prone to losing their stapled covers. Except the perfect bound ones which lose pages! :)

I have a load of old N64 and NGC magazines which I will treasure, especiallyt the N64 ones.

I chucked all my old Zzap64s in a loft purge. There's a regret. :(

Have all the RetroGamers, having seen issue 1 by chance in the local newsagent and quickly subscribed. 8)

Have a load of OPSMs from issue 1 up until I got my PS2. I bought the final issue of OPSM for old times sake.

Have a load of old Edge's too, but with GamesTM about, Edge is pretty much irrelevant now, IMO. Still buy the odd special, now and then.

Have most of the GamesTMs apart from issues 1 & 2 and the one where they went bust and subscribers got left out and missed an issue. (45 I think it was?) Bah!

Probably have a few issues of The One in the loft as well. Oh and I think I've still got a few Big-Ks somewhere too, I hope.
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Post by knight_beat » Sun Aug 03, 2008 12:45 pm

RolyRoly wrote:Have a load of OPSMs from issue 1 up until I got my PS2. I bought the final issue of OPSM for old times sake.
Has anyone noticed that graphics in magazines always look better in early issues in comparison to later issues? While looking through the early issues of OPS2 magazine I rescued from a recycle bin I was amazed at how good the games looked. I could have believed they were PS3 shots that had been sneaked into the magazine. The screenshots in the final issue of OPS2 mag look terrible, in comparison.

I imagine that differences can be explained by time dedicated to game development (less time and resources allocated to a game for a machine in its twilight years), magazine screenshot size (huge pornographic shots in early mags, teeny pictures in later issues) and changes in magazine paper quality. I'm looking at the screenshots for the first time and have little knowledge of many of the games so nostalgia is not a factor. However I wonder if other factors could be involved?

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Post by Titan » Sun Aug 03, 2008 5:24 pm

I have just about every issue of Gamesmaster from 1996 up to the present day, always loved that mag. Too bad the show isn't on anymore :(

Back in the day I absolutely adored Sega Saturn magazine, always brings back great memories when I flick through a copy now. And it was nice to see it appreciated in the recent feature in RG :)

And CVG was good before it suddenly got pulled, I didn't even find out till a few months later, I just assumed my newsagents were being crap and not getting the newest issue :lol:
Well, to be fair the mag was starting to go a bit downhill anyway, it tried far too hard to appeal to the "teen" market in its later days.

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