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Post by OldSkoolCoolFool » Sat Jan 31, 2009 9:02 am

Katzkatz wrote:I with you on the Monkey Island II with its amount of walking. On the Amiga and 11 disks it was the disk swapping as well. I even had a friend who hooked up the maximum 3 external disks and and the 1 internal to try and play it and he found out that the PSU wouldn't handle it! Having said that it is a very good sequel to the first game and a very good adventure at that, not quite up to the first one, but I'm glad I played it and managed tot complete it.
I thought the same about the 1st game on the ST but i didn't mind too much as the game was just so good. It also had a bug that made it so prone to crashing on certain ST's (mine included) that it was almost unplayable. I gave up on playing the 2nd when it was canned for the ST but by chance got hold of it with a really cheap A600 from a car boot sale. I'd never been happier until i got home and found that 1 disc was missing and i still couldn't play it!

And i really don't like only being able to carry so many items at once. I can't be bothered storing things in stupid chests or forgetting when i left item A because i had to pick up item B. I want to be able to carry absolutely EVERYTHING in my game world at the same time! The worst offenders are old 8 bit platform adventure games, the Wally games and Dizzy games spring to mind.
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Post by Pacific » Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:00 pm

Oblivion - there was a lot of controversy that PC gamer gave a higher position in its 'top 100' to Morrowind, but I understand completely why, and for two relatively small reasons.

Firstly, the scaling of monsters to your characters level. I used to love the fear involved in Morrowind of creeping into a dungeon, only to get utterly pwnd in 1 second by some hideously powerful creature, but equally that you could walk around at the end of the game like a badass virtually ignoring weaker mobs, only to discard them with a single swipe or spell. Secondly, I hated the 'fast travel' mode, which destroyed the immersion of the game - no problem, I said to myself I just won't use it, but it turned out fast-travel was more fun than walking down the country lanes while ogre lords and minotaur descended from the hills to attack you because of your high level. A real shame, this stopped Oblivion from ever coming close to the game that Morrowind was (at least for me, although I know some people who think differently so maybe its a personal thing), but at least Bethedesa saw the light and kind of went back on the whole scaled-levelling thing for Fallout 3.

(I also quite preferred the text speech in Morrowind rather than the same old Brian Blessed-esque thespian monologues of Oblivion but I know I am in the minority with that one :) )

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Post by de-void » Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:39 pm

I'm so glad I opted for PC Oblivon over XBox 360 - the modding community has made it a near-perfect game, especially removing things like the omni-prescient/psychic guards ;)

I am a member of a Retro Gaming Monthly Club where we choose 4 games to play that month. If you're interested, PM me. Mostly SNES based, branching out into PSX and MD/Genesis.

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Post by liveinabin » Mon Feb 02, 2009 3:01 am

I love the Ridge Racer series but they really need to resurrect the career element of Ridge Racer 4. It gave the game such character when you were helping a small race team to victory.
Latter games have just had you racing for yourself, with a huge garage of cars, all with whatever livery you wanted. Too much choice kind of dissipated the fun. And they need to find a way of making the Jogcon work on the PS3.

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