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Rate every game system you've played out of ten

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 5:36 pm
by nesmaster
This includes consoles, handhelds and computers. Here goes:

Atari 2600 7/10
Intellivision 5/10
Colecovision 6/10
Vectrex 7/10
Spectrum 8/10
Amiga 8/10
NES 10/10 :D
Master System 8/10
Game Boy 9/10
Lynx 6/10
Game Gear 6/10
Barcode Battler 3/10 :lol:
PC Engine 8/10
Neo-Geo 9/10
Mega Drive 9/10
SNES 10/10
Mega CD 5/10
32X 3/10
Jaguar 5/10
3DO 6/10
Saturn 6/10
Playstation 8/10
Game Boy Colour 8/10
N64 9/10
Dreamcast 9/10
GBA 8/10
PS2 7/10
Xbox 7/10
Gamecube 8/10
DS 7/10
Xbox 360 9/10
Wii 7/10

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 5:42 pm
by sscott
What? What would be the criteria for that then.

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 5:50 pm
by nesmaster
I'm just interested to know what you guys think of certain systems. I'm not gonna argue with peoples opinions. Although if anyone gives the NES anything less than 8/10, then there will be trouble :wink:

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 6:40 pm
by Mootown
This is weird. I'm not sure it's a good thing to do, I only bought systems I liked. So they can all have 10/10 for providing me with entertainment throughout the last 31 years :)

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 6:46 pm
by DPrinny
Ill rate two
Saturn 10/10
Gamecom 1/10

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 7:01 pm
by Antiriad2097
But a system is only as good as its games. If you only bought or played turds, is it fair that reflects on the system when there are some gems? By this standard, Wii could be terrible because of the shovelware experience and bad ports, but if you pick the right games its great. Same for PS1 or practically any other system.

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 7:21 pm
by Vir_Lucis
Ok i'll bite :D With some added comments...

Atari 2600 - 3
Hate it. Hate it. Hate it :P But then, i never used one until about a year ago. Awful games, terrible glitches in graphics...

Commodore 64 - 6
The one i started on. Some good memories, mainly of Paradroid ;) Tape loading = bad.

Amiga 1200 (w/ WHDLoad) - 11
No words need be said :P

Amiga CD32 - 7
i know you can expand it to be a 1200, but even then there are memory issues. Pretty poor selection of games, and controllers are a bit naff. But it's still an Amiga!

DOS - 8
Some really awesome games on old DOS PCs...some issues with getting them to run can be frustrating though.

NES - 6
Never really got into these. A few great games, but most of them are way too shallow for my liking.

SMS - 7
Just a smidge better than NES, mainly because of Wonderboy :)

Gameboy - 6
Never really liked these either. Mainly used it for Tetris and Mario...and 99 games in one cartridges ;)

Gameboy Advanced SP - 8
Great handheld. The first time i was introduced to Final Fantasy Tactics as well...say no more.

Game Gear - 7
Loved this when i was younger. Great graphics and some really good games, pity about the battery life :(

Megadrive - 9
Absolutely adore the MD for some reason. It always just grabbed me more than the SNES. Plus it introduced me to Zombies Ate My Neighbours!

Mega CD - 5
Terrible system with terrible games. Glad to have one for completeness sake...

SNES - 8
Mainly like it because of all the RPGs

Playstation - 7
Has aged badly in my opinion. Kind of falls in the gap between retro and not for me...

N64 - 5
Really hated this system. Yes, there were some great 4 or 5 of them. One of my least favourite systems.

Dreamcast - 7
Never had one, but played my friends one heaps. Was amazing when it first came out - plus Soul Caliber!

Gamecube - 7
Only like it because of Resident Evil remake, to be honest. Plus the discs are cute :P

Xbox - 9
This, to me, was the beginning of proper mature gaming. Once they sorted out the controller (honestly, WHO did they test those original ones on!!!) it rocked. Live was a revelation.

PS2 - 8
Awesome library of games, some of the greatest...GTA 3 = OMG Awesome when it first came out.

DS - 8
Didn't like this much at all when it first came out...finally it has some good/great games on it now though!

PSP - 8
Super crisp graphics are amazing, UMD movies are great on a plane, customisability is top notch.

Xbox 360 - 10
Has caned everything (except the Amiga :P). Live is just mind blowing. Games are getting better and better with each passing year. Great selection on Arcade. Achievements have ruined gaming for a good way :P

Wii - 7
Can't get into it for some reason. Awesome for when friends are around. But not for me...maybe because i don't have enough space to flail about properly ;)

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 11:05 pm
by DPrinny
Antiriad2097 wrote:But a system is only as good as its games. If you only bought or played turds, is it fair that reflects on the system when there are some gems? By this standard, Wii could be terrible because of the shovelware experience and bad ports, but if you pick the right games its great. Same for PS1 or practically any other system.
But in the case of the gamecom it was also crappy

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 2:06 am
by Weekend_Warrior
Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom) - 9/10
- Had some amazing games for its time and got me started in gaming. Some games have proved to be true classics by still remaining playable, fun and challenging today. Although I'd say that the vast majority have not held up very well

Sega Genesis - 8/10
- This system was a great follow-up to my NES and came with a fairly solid lineup of games. But despite all its strengths.. it couldn't quite edge out my old NES as my favorite gaming console. Sonic was fun but I'd still rather play Super Mario Bros. The NHL games were great but could not compare to my memories of playing Ice Hockey or Blades Of Steel. And finally, the Mortal Kombat series was nice to have at home but I'd much rather go to the local arcade to play the vastly superior, original version.

Super Nintendo - 6/10
- There was some excellent games that appeared on this system, but honestly a lot of them didn't appeal to me. My main interest in this system was that most (if not all) the games that were also released on the Genesis looked better on the SNES.

Sega Game Gear - 4/10
- My first and only portable gaming machine. I bought only a few games for this thing. Probably because the marketing was so bad here in the States. Add to that the HORRIBLE battery life of the system and there isn't much else left to be said. The only good thing about it was the optional Master System Adapter, which I purchased.

Sega Saturn - 7/10
- If it wasn't for the Virtua Fighter series I never would have urged my parents to buy it for me for Christmas, I would have begged them to get me a PlayStation instead. But of course I didn't know that the system would have such a short lifespan and that the PS would go on to have so many more outstanding games released for it. Do I really regret it all though? Not entirely. There was still a lot of Saturn games that I enjoyed and there's still a lot of great imports (like Radiant Silvergun) that I need to collect.

Nintendo 64 - 5/10
- If it wasn't for GoldenEye 007 and Tony Hawk Pro Skater, I would have literally thrown this system right in the garbage. Nintendo truly dropped the ball on the follow through of this console and clearly didn't live up to all the hype and their promises.

Sony PlayStation 2 - 10/10
- It took me awhile to get serious about gaming again and purchase a new console after the trainwreck that was the N64. But the PS2 truly exceeeded all my wildest expectations. It was my first DVD player. It was backwards compatible with all PS1 games that I missed out on with my purchase of the Saturn. It featured an incredibly long list of original and exclusive games for it. And most importantly, I've never had one technical problem with it, not one hitch (knock on wood). It was a close call with the NES.. but since there's still games being released for it, I really have to give the PS2 the crown and award it a perfect 10 out of 10. It's definitely been the best console that I've owned thus far!

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:22 am
by coevin
ok heres mine.
Commodore vic 20 3/10
Commod0re 64 8/10
Commodore Amiga 9/10
Spectrum 7/10
Amstrad 7/10
Nes 7/10
Master system 8/10
Gamegear 6/10
Gameboy 7/10
Amiga cd32 5/10
Megadrive 7/10
Snes 7/10
ps1 8/10
ps2 7/10
Xbox 7/10
360 9/10
ps3 9/10
Gameboy advance 6/10
sp 8/10
ds 6/10
psp 6/10
Dreamcast 6/10 (overated)
N64 5/10
Atari 2600 6/10
Saturn 6/10
Gp32 8/10
Gp2x f100 5/10
Gp2x f200 8/10

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:44 am
Here's mine:

Atari 2600 - 7/10
- Unfrotunately my experience was ruined by a naff joystick! It wasn't an original 2600 joystick, but one that came from a 7800 (I think)

Atari 800XL - 5/10
- Unfortunately, didn't experience enough games of any variety

Amiga 500/500 Plus - 9.5/10
- Superb, if only it had AGA chipset !?!

Amiga 1200 - 100/10 (Can I have that?)
- WHDLoad came from heaven! Really cool stuff

Amiga CD32 - 8/10
- Slightly let down, what happened to this being better than other Amigas? Developers ported A500 versions straight to CD32! No enhancements.

Atari ST - 7/10
- All the games I played on this, I had on Amiga ........ Hmmmm! I think the Amiga wins that one. Since then, I've had a look at StickHead's chart, there's some decent games to be played on the ST

Amstrad CPC - 8/10
- One of the best 8-bit machines I've ever played. I had a lot of games on this system. Still play 'em now! Roll on the good times.

Amstrad GX4000 - 5/10
- I felt properly ripped off with the GX4000. Not enough games existed and the ones that did cost way too much.

Commodore C16/Plus 4 - 8/10
- For such an underspecced machine, there's tons of really enjoyable machines. Who says graphics and sound are everything? You're wrong! I have tons of excellent games on the C16.

Commodore C64 - 8/10
- Another awesome 8-bit micro. Nearly every game I played on this was superb. A few naff ones, but most were excellent

Super Nintendo SNES - 9/10
- Superb console ....... one of the best 16-bit machines, especially with some SF2 action ....... HA-DOO-KEN!

Nintendo NES - 8/10
- Really good console, definitely should be in every retro-gamers collection. High quality games make this one 'must-have' machine.

Sega Master System - 9/10
- To be this good takes Sega! :lol: I love my Master System, probably my favourite 8-bit console EVER! Strongly recommended. Get one ..... NOW!

Sega Mega Drive - 9/10
- Another top notch machine from Sega. Excellent quality games, and those 6-button pads are amazingly comfortable.

Sega Game Gear - 8/10
- By rights, I should've rated this 9/10 as it's a pratically a portable Master System, but the battery life lets it down!

Nintendo Gameboy - 7/10
- Why have I given it 7/10? It's that god aweful screen that I can't see. Other than that, it's an amazing hand-held

Neo-Geo Pocket Coulour - 8/10
- Brilliant little handheld - has an awesome thumbstick and excellent battery life along with some high quality games. Highly recommended!

Sega Saturn - 5/10
- I could find many decent games for the Saturn ..... sorry!

Sega Dreamcasr - 9/10
- A must own for any gaming enthusiast, be it retro or more modern games, get yourself a Dreamcast. With it's excellent addons, this makes for one awesome console.

Sony Plasytation (a.k.a. PSX/PS1/PSOne) - 8/10
- An awesome machine, giving me plenty of enjoyment. Unfortunately, early models had some reliability probs with the CD drives! Also, as much as there's a lot of decent games, there's a lot of poop too!.

Sony Playstation 2 (a.k.a. PS2) - 8/10
- I had a lot of 'reliability' problems with my PS2, DVD drive kept dying, other than that, still one of the best games consoles ever!

Microsoft XBOX (the original version) - 8/10
- I love my XBOX, probably my favourite modern (ish) purchase! Tons of awesome games, excellent spec and an excellent selection of games. Just don't get the original big bulky controller!

Microsoft XBOX 360 - 7/10
- I would've rated this highter, but: RROD reliability probs (I'm on my third 360 now), too many RPGs and FPS games too. Other than that, a superb machine, but lacks a bit of variety, software wise (or at least, that's my opinion).

Nintendo Gamecube - 7/10
- I quite like this little machine, but have struggled to find any amazing games, I like Mario Kart Double Dash, Need for Speed Underground 1 and 2, but that's about it. The Gameboy Player expansion made this machine a bit more worthwhile for me, as I can play some of my fav Gameboy games on the big screen! Not bad, but could of been better.

Nintendo Wii - 8/10, but early days!
- Having only owned a Wii for about 2-3 weeks, it's early days to give a decent rating. I really like the games that I have for it, but there's to many compilations of 'mini-games'

Nintendo N64 - 7/10
- Nice console, but unfortunately, I don't seem to have come many superb games that are well ahead of any other. Sure, it has it's "killer app", be it Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Killer Instinct Gold or Mario Kart 64, but it just seems to lack something!

Sinclair ZX Spectrum (128K+)- 7/10
- Some excellent games exist for this platform, but unfortunately, I've never really become a fan of the Speccy. For most games on the Speccy, I've played equivalent or better conversions on the C64 or CPC. The Speccy does have it's charm, but it just feels a bit too cheap & tacky to me. Sorry all Speccy lovers, whilst I understand your love for it, I don't share the same opinions. The 128K+ model is by far the best (and most reliable) model of Spectrum ever made, hence why I prefer playing on that rather than a +2 or +3.

Oric Atmos 48K - 5/10
- A quirky machine to say the least. I struggled to get mine to work properly, but even then, once working, struggled to find any decent software for it!

IBM PC/MS-DOS (old skool PCs, like a 286 etc.) - 5/10
- Hmmm! It always seemed that machines that cost as much as PCs did, should have been a hell of a lot better. Some games were a pain in the ass to get working, especially with the varying hardware and software configurations of end users. A definate let down!

IBM PC, later MS-DOS and Windows PCs (such as 486, Pentiums etc.) - 6/10
- A much better improvement. Unfortunately the "pain in the ass" element still existed with the varying configurations of end users and the amount of technical knowledge sometime required to get games to work was still present.

Philips Videopac G7000 - 5/10
- I look back on this with rose-tinted specs. I loved it back in the day, but the honest truth is ..... that it's a bit pants now!

Commodore VIC-20 - 5/10
- I loved this machine back then, Rockman and Perrils of Willy are superb, but there's too many games required memory expansions, kind of alienating those who had an undexpanded VIC-20. Unfortunately, my VIC-20 has now died, so I can only emulate (till I get another VIC-20) but I still have fond memories of said machine.

Sinclair ZX81 - 3/10
- I know this sounds harsh! But it was terrible! - Horrid black & white, lack of any decent sound, really small, and quite unreliable (or at leas mine was). I also found that the RF modulator was incredibly flakey, the signal would 'drift' occasionly, causing it to look like your TV had 'de-tuned' itself. Never happened on my other machines, only on the ZX81. However, I did have an awesome Black Jack game on the ZX81 though, which brought back many memories when I tracked it down recently.

So that's my ratings. Some may agree - some may not. However, there they are.

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:18 am
by Antiriad2097 wrote:Sinclair ZX81 ... lack of any decent sound
Not just lack of decent sound, but lack of any sound. The ZX81 had no beeper or sound chip at all, it was totally silent. The closest it ever came to sound was when 'enterprising' programmers used interference patterns on the telly to give variable levels of static hiss as a very primitive white noise buzzer.

Re: Rate every game system you've played out of ten

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:30 am
by Team Alfie
nesmaster wrote:GBA 8/10
I'd be inclined to give the original GBA 1/10. That screen was just unacceptable. If we're chucking it in with the SP, then an 8 is more reasonable.

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:51 am
Antiriad2097 wrote: wrote:Sinclair ZX81 ... lack of any decent sound
Not just lack of decent sound, but lack of any sound. The ZX81 had no beeper or sound chip at all, it was totally silent. The closest it ever came to sound was when 'enterprising' programmers used interference patterns on the telly to give variable levels of static hiss as a very primitive white noise buzzer.
:lol: That's probably what I was thinking about! :lol:

I've not played on a ZX81 for years now, so can't remember much about it other than it being naff!

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 10:51 am
by GarryG
DPrinny wrote:Gamecom 1/10
The screen on the was bad; which is a pity, because it had a lot going for it in other ways.

It introduced touch-screen gaming at the time of the Original GameBoy!
It introduced modem connect-ability to a hand-held with a dedicated internet service.
It introduced built in PDA type applications, and a rudimentary user accessible op-system, ICON driven interface.
It introduced the concept of having two game cartridges inserted at the same time.
All things weren’t added to any other hand-held until much later.
It was also capable of serial cable play, for link-up of two systems.

But the screen really was dyer, it blurred something awful making it next to useless for any fast moving games, and was really badly prone to screen bleed.
I really don't know why people have so much hatred for it. How many of them actually have one!?

All in all it really was a revolutionary little device, although it was still very flawed!
RG really should do a feature on it, balancing out all the good and bad. As it seems to have become, rather unjustly IMO, the console to hate/slate!!

Gamecom 6/10 (for effort and ingenuity) :wink: