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Post by gmintyfresh » Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:13 am

Now rate every game.............. :lol: :wink:


Nes 7/10
Snes 9/10
N64 6/10
Gamecube 8/10
Wii 8/10
Gameboy 6/10
Gameboy Colour 6/10
Gameboy Advance 7/10
Gameboy Advance SP 9/10
Gameboy Micro 7/10
DS 9/10


PS1 7/10
PS2 8/10
PSP 7/10


TurboGrafix 16 – 5/10
Core 2 – 8/10


Master System 8/10
Megadrive 7/10
Saturn 9/10
Dreamcast 9/10
Game Gear 5/10


Xbox 7/10
360 9/10


Amiga 8/10
64 7/10


48K 7/10


CPC 464 8/10


Neo Geo AES 8/10
Pocket Colour 7/10


VCS 4/10
Lynx 6/10


3DO 7/10


CDi 3/10

No tens because there are no perfect systems out there in my personal opinion, the 360 and DC would come close though in my ratings.

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Post by DreamcastRIP » Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:19 am

Jaguar with Jaguar CD - 8
Lynx II - 9
Dreamcast - 10
Saturn - 8
Mega Drive - 8
Mega-CD - 6
32X - 5
Nomad - 8
Game Gear - 6
PlayStation 3 - 7
PlayStation - 9
PSP - 7
Wii - 8
GameCube - 7
DS Lite - 9
Virtual Boy - 6
GameBoy Advance - 7
GameBoy Color - 7
GameBoy - 7
Xbox - 6
SwanCrystal - 6
Neo Geo Pocket Color - 8

One's I've played but don't currently own:
Acorn Electron - 3
BBC Model B - 4
Spectrum - 10
Atari ST - 9
Amiga 500 - 9
NES - 7
SNES - 9
Commodore 64 - 8
Amstrad CPC - 6
N64 - 8
Philips CDi - 2
Atari VCS/2600 - 8
Atari 400/800 - 6
Master System - 7
PS2 - 7
Xbox 360 - 7
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Post by PSXPlayer » Mon Oct 27, 2008 12:40 pm

This is a challenge. I'm going to give each machine to numbers. 1 for games, 1 for hardware and spec and usability and reliability.

Hardware: 8/10 (Still own the same one, works fine)
Games: 9/10 (amazing all things considered)

Spectrum 128
Hardware: 6/10 (Unreliable, well mine was, technically unimpressive too.)
Games: 9/10 (Something for everyone, the coders were amazing but Dizzy? Starwars? Elite? )

Atari STFM
Hardware: 7/10 (Off the shelf stuff, little inspiration, TOS was poor)
Games: 7/10 (started off strong, then got beat by the Amiga, no single game stands out for me from my ST days. I was a poor student mind!)

Amiga A1200
Hardware: 9/10 (Staggeringly ace.)
Games: 8/10 (A lot of games appealed to me.)

Hardware: 5/10 (Rolled out the same old tat, reliable though)
Games: 1/10 (Did this have games? I bought one from eBay and never really used it)

Hardware: 8/10 (Well built but before it's time, impressive spec unless compared to the Saturn/PS1/N64)
Games: 2/10 (not much really was there? NFS?)

Hardware: 7/10 (Amazing Spec really, some reliability issues.)
Games: 2/10 (Same as the 3DO wasn't it?)

Hardware: 9/10 (Jaw dropping spec, rubbish reliability initially.)
Games: 10/10 (8,000 games, something for everyone surely! greatest console ever built? Surely?)

Hardware: 7/10 (thrown together 3D spec, with a strong 2D follow through, some nice add-ons too and reliable!)
Games: 7/10 (You have to dig, mostly in Japan. Sega Rally is alright.)

Hardware: 6/10 (uninspiring hardware and unreliable. A lazy upgrade?)
Games: 10/10 (one of the best collection of games ever?)

Hardware: 7/10 (expandable, i like expandable, but unreliable and uninspiring and no DVD?)
Games: 6/10 (Kept afloat by Virtua and Shenmue and some SHMUPS and piracy)

Hardware: 5/10 (It's a PC. Argue until you are blue in the face but it's a PC. Very reliable and very moddable but even more boring than the DC and PS2)
Games: 4/10 If it wasn't for Outrun 2 and half a dozen more, it would be a complete waste of money)

Hardware: 10/10 Reliable, expandable, multi-media, easy, elegant, wifi, blu-ray, SD, MS, USB it is absolutely fantastic actually plug 'n play piece of kit.
Games: 3/10 A careless oversight methinks. (uncharted and erm, erm, erm?)

Hardware: 2/10 I do not award prizes for rehashing old tat. Waggle always looked crap. And was. Except during the first 3 hours ownership.
Games: 4/10 few and far between plus rehashed waggle nonesense.

Hardware: 2/10 "Dated and rushed" (HD-DVD? HDD optional??) unreliable (RRoD?) clumsey interface, everything costs £££ from add-ons to competitve online to an avatar? Cheap money grabbing rubbish.
Games: 8/10 best games this generation not much competition to be honest but PGR, GoW, Halo 3 plus some downloadedable stuff like ikuraga is nice. Well, ace.

PSP Lite
Hardware: 9/10 Nice and powerful, good multi media (AVI support would be nice!) once modded it becomes a fabulous piece of kit. Better value than any other portable multi-media device.
Games: 5/10 The PS1 saves the PSP. And of cause Namco.

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Post by Fightersmegamix » Mon Oct 27, 2008 3:56 pm

This is completely random so with no explanation here goes:

Spectrum 48k 8/10
Amiga 500 4/10
SNES 8/10
Megadrive 7/10
Gameboy 3/10
Gameboy advance 4/10
Neo Geo Pocket 6/10
PS1 9/10
Saturn 9/10
N64 8 /10
Dreamcast 9/10
PS2 6/10
Xbox 4/10
Gamecube 9/10
Xbox 360 8/10 (so far)
Wii 3/10 (so far)
PSP 5/10 (so far)
DS 2/10 (so far)

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monkey puzzle
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Post by monkey puzzle » Mon Oct 27, 2008 4:05 pm

These ratings are purely based on my own experiences/enjoyment with the systems.

C64 - 10
Megadrive - 8
Amiga - 8
Game Gear - 3
Playstation - 9
Gameboy pocket - 8
Playstation 2 - 7
GBA SP - 9
X-box - 7

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Post by Rinoa » Mon Oct 27, 2008 4:11 pm

NES: 10/10
SNES: 10/10
N64: 4/10
Gamecube: 6/10
Wii: 6/10
PS1: 10/10
PS2: 10/10
PS3: 10/10 (so far)
Master System: 7/10
Mega Drive: 9/10
Saturn: 8/10
Dreamcast: 9/10
Xbox: 2/10

Game Gear: 7/10
Lynx: 5/10
Gameboy: 9/10
GBA: 7/10
GBA SP: 9/10
DS: 6/10
PSP: 10/10

I own a fair few other consoles, but haven't played them enough to comment.

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Post by PSXPlayer » Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:01 pm

Do you write for EGM?

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Post by Rinoa » Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:05 pm

Me? No. Why?

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Post by sscott » Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:44 pm

Tricky this.
Atari 2600 - 16/23
Atari XL 63.8/64
Atari ST - 6 bananas out of 7
Nintendo 64 - diez fuera de diez
Dreamcast - супер большой пульт одно моих фаворитов
PS3 - Ingredients
300g/10½oz plain flour, sieved pinch of salt
175g/6oz unrefined brown sugar
200g/7oz unsalted butter, cubed at room temperature
censored of butter for greasing

450g/1lb apples, peeled, cored and cut into 1cm/½in piece
50g/2oz unrefined brown sugar
1 tbsp plain flour
1 pinch of ground cinnamon

1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4.
2. Place the flour and sugar in a large bowl and mix well. Taking a few cubes of butter at a time rub into the flour mixture. Keep rubbing until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.
2. Place the fruit in a large bowl and sprinkle over the sugar, flour and cinnamon. Stir well being careful not to break up the fruit.
3. Butter a 24cm/9in ovenproof dish. Spoon the fruit mixture into the bottom, then sprinkle the crumble mixture on top.
4. Bake in the oven for 40-45 minutes until the crumble is browned and the fruit mixture bubbling.
5. Serve with thick cream or custard.

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Post by necronom » Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:26 pm

Atari VCS - 5
Vic 20 - 7
Spectrum - 7
C64 - 9.5
Amiga 500 - 10
Amiga 1200 - 10
Playstation - 9
PS2 - 9
PS3 - 9

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Post by EvilArmourKing » Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:50 pm

I won't rate every system I've played as that would take me an age, and I don't like people dictating what I have to do :wink:

Here is a few random choices and scores :

Nintendo Gameboy - 7/10
Sega Game Gear - 7/10
Sega MasterSystem - 8/10
Sega Megadrive - 9/10
Sega Mega CD - 8/10
Sega Dreamcast- 8/10
Sony PlayStation 2 - 10/10
XBox - 8/10
SNES - 8/10
NES - 6/10
Nintendo 64 - 7/10
Nintendo GameCube - 7/10
Nokia N-Gage - 4/10 (Make phones FFS, not portable consoles)
Sinclair Spectrum +2 - 8/10
Neo Geo AES - 9/10
PC Engine - 8/10
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Post by C=Style » Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:23 am

My list, and yeah I must be bored.

Atari 2600: 2/10 Can respect what it doesn't for gaming but I'm not a fan.

Atari ST: 5/10 Just an inferior Amiga

Amstrad CPC: 3/10 Terrible computer with only a handful of good games
Commodore 64: 10/10 The best 8-bit home computer, host to some great games

Commodore Amiga: 10/10 truly ahead of it's time, can still enjoy playing the games now, a machine with unmistakable character.

ZX Spetrum: 9/10 Classic example of gamplay over gfx, and some wicked games

Nintendo NES: 9/10 underrated (at least in UK), for me the greatest 8-bit console ever

PC Engine: 9/10 Great library if you're a shmup fan.

Sega Master System: 6/10 Some good games but the library is lacking and doesn;t compare to Nintendo's best on NES

Sega Megarive: 9/10 The console to get me into shmups, a total classic which introduced many of us to gaming

Super Nintendo: 9/10 Nintendo's greatest consople to date

Neo Geo: 7/10 Some great titles like Metal Slug and KOF but little variety and over expensive.

GP2X: 5/10 Had potential but was sadly underpowered, awful D-Pad.

Gameboy: 9/10 Ever kid had one at my school, if you didn't there was something wrong with you.

GBA: 7/10 A good machine and had Wario Ware on it, however I'm not sold on it's overall library.

Sony Playstation: 8/10 A great console which commerciaised gaming for better or for worse. Awful contorller.

PS2: 7/10 Some stunning games,only problem is you had to battle your way through a minefield of cack.

Xbox: 10/10 Unmodified it has a nice refined games library with around 100 must have titles, it has KOTOR, Halo, Half Life 2 as well as many great Sega games. Modified it is the best console ever bar none. Best controller of last gen too.
Nintendo 64: 8/10 Not a large games library but the great games it did have were as good as it gets. No decent fighting/racing games however.

Sega Saturn: 10/10 A true gamers machine, the unsung hero. Modify this baby to play import games and you will never want for another console again, finally ARCADE perfect gaming came to the home. Home to many of the best Sega games ever made.

Sega Dreamcast: 10/10 revolutionary console, online out of the box, great community, online play, Phantasy Star Online, and for it's short lifespan an absolutely spanking games library to please hardcore gamers.

Nintendo DS: 8/10 Some truly unique gameplay, easily modifiable and of course the superb ZXDS.

Sony PSP: 10/10 Best handheld ever made. Great D-pad, great games, homebrew is fantastic, emulation I never thought possible and the ability to play any PS1 game ever.

Xbox 360: 10/10 So far my most overall enjoyed console ever, even overtaking the Dreamcast. The variety of gaming on offer is quite stunning from XBLA through to it's own commercial games, it leaves you wanting for nothing. Very powerful machine, cracking joypad, great peripherals and online service. It's so good there's not even any need to modify it in any way shape or form. thanks to 360 I'm enjoying gaming as much (if not more so) as I ever have.

Sony Playstation 3: 6/10 Awkward hardware design making it difficult for programmers to squeeze all the juice out of it, lack of any decent exclusives, mandatory installs, bad joypad, over expensive and lackluster online service. I guess things can only get better then.

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Post by sscott » Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:44 am

Atari ST = Inferior Amiga
Sega Saturn = Inferior Playstation on your logic?

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Post by C=Style » Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:22 am

That's not my logic, that's yours. The way I see it is the way I said. The Saturn has many many exclusive titles that aren't available on PS1, they are very different machines and in the sprite shifting, 2D area the Saturn kills the PS1 stone dead. What does the ST do better than the Amiga games wise? sure it has Oids and a better version of DotC. Big whoop. :P

I also forgot..

Nintendo Gamecube: 8/10 Lovely machine but lack of software mean;t it couldn't compete with PS2/Xbox. Some of the games it did have though were the best of it's generation (ie. Metroid Prime, Mario Sunshine)

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Post by nesmaster » Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:25 am

Now now lads, lets not let this topic turn into a "my console is better than yours" argument.
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