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Post by EvilArmourKing » Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:37 pm

Oh, and also :

KILLER INSTINCT - The original is amazing and serves up quite a few different styles (Jago - Techno, Cinder - Hard Rock). We salute you RARE, for giving a CD of the game music away with the game!

Tekken 2 + Tekken 3 - Lots of very cool, mostly techno with a pinch of rock (certainly on T3) on both of the Original Sound Tracks. But Tekken 2 wins hands down thanks to the release of both "Strike" and "Arranged" soundtracks.

Also got to include the usual suspects :

Sonic (especially Mystic Cave on Sonic 2)
Streets of Rage + SoR2

And not many others have cited Revenge of Shinobi for it's amazing soundtrack. There's more to Yuzo Koshiro than just his Streets work you know!
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Post by Commander Jameson » Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:09 pm

A few of my Faves -

Speccy -
Ping Pong
Glider Rider
All the Magic Knight games (definiate David Whittaker theme brewing)
Yie Ar Kung Fu (Award for most inappropriate game music)
Sweevos' Whirled

Arcade -

Side Arms
Space Harrier (all by the same composer I think)

Amiga -

Chaos Engine
Desert Strike Intro
Xenon - Megablast (a no-brainer)
Cannon Fodder
There was a game, I'm sure it was by Ocean, a sort of cops and robbers / Chase HQ set-up, that had music by Utah Saints as the intro - it were ace. Anyone know what this was?
Also - does anyonr remember Nicky Baum, an obscure platformer...the game actually wasn;t much cop, but the music was all lilting pan-pipes and drum machines....excellent.

Once CD's became the accepted format for games, this took away the 'ooh isn't it clever what you can do with a SID/AY-8912 chip' element, and brought it into the pure music category.
Highlights include - (PSX)
Formula One 1997 (Steve Vai - say no more)
ALL the Wipeout games - these moulded my musical tastes even until now.
Another Psygnosis classic - Rollcage. Seriously underrated, especially Music Wise
SSX Tricky - the clue's in the title, any game that champions Run DMC wins in my eyes.
Finally - Operation Firestorm on the Playstation. Anybody into anything a little alternative, pick this game up. It combines skillful guitar likes with mental 303 riffs. And my copy is scratched, so if anyone is willing to part with one......PM me.

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