Gamecube and others.

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Gamecube and others.

Post by nakamura » Sat Aug 19, 2017 12:06 pm

Hello people, I have for sale various items across formats and regions. All are complete and in generally good to great condition. Prices include basic postage.

Mario Kart Double Dash with Zelda disc in good condition (PAL GC) £25
Wave Race £5 (PAL GC in ok condition with generic case)
Resident Evil 2 (PAL GC lots of marks on disc, nothing heavy) £18
Resident Evil 3 (PAL GC Good condition) £22
Star Fox Adventures (PAL GC good condition) £5

Tomb Raider Legend (USA) £3 (PS2)
Need for Speed Underground 2 (JP) £3 (PS2)
All Japan GT (JP) £10 (with mini season review CD) (SFC)
Lunar (This is an official PAL board inside a JP cart, done by Superfamifreak) £12 (GBA)

Dragon Quest VIII OST (JP) £15
Dragon Quest I-II Symphonic Suite £15

Thanks for looking!

Please hit me with any questions!

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