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Valuation wanted on Colecovision

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:29 pm
by Shinobi
I have a lose Colecovision fully working with about 20 games some boxed. Half of the Colecovisions power supply lead is gray so not sure if this has been replaced and the plastic casing has split slightly near the connector but the wires are undamaged. Also plastic has split on the Ariel lead but I have a spare lead. 2 pads both work and have.been taken apart and cleaned and Cheetah 125 + joystick
]Games boxed
Super Cobra cib all leaflets
Burger time red box with Close up of Cowgirl no instructions cart label has same western lady cowgirl maybe Brazilian clone
Ladybug cib knackered box
Smurf paint and rescue cib really knackered box missing flaps (the blue smurfs not the smarmy sock molesting kind)
Lose games
Cosmic Avenger instructions
Fathom cart only custom label mermaid on rocks came missing label when bought from abroad
Donkey Kong
Venture instructions
Pepper 2 instructions[
]Mouse Trap with 2 overlays instructions
Space Fury
Space Panic instructions
Bounty Bob strikes back
Mr Do instructions
Cabbage Patch Kids adventures in the park (really good pitfall clone)
a few extra Donkey Kong carts somewhere Regarding EBay I wondering about all the idiots who won't be able to grasp that not all new tellys have an Ariel port and the Colecovision will require running in[br]Image[br]

Re: Valuation wanted on Colecovision

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:21 pm
by oldtimer
Got to be in excess of a couple of hundred pounds easy id say.