For Sale: Everything (starting with PS2 RPG's)

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Re: For Sale: Everything (starting with PS2 RPG's)

Post by nokgod » Tue Oct 13, 2015 2:00 pm

HisNHer_LP wrote:Good call hope you do well there!

Will you happen to have a little list of what you will be selling so we can get our penny's together?
Well it'll be Gamecube....gamecube...with a hint of GC. :lol: There'll be 400+ gamecube games, multiple consoles and accessories.

There will be what's left of my other stuff too...which is an eclectic mix of random books, mags, consoles, games and other gaming merch for various consoles. Random all sorts, basically! :D :D
sscott wrote:I thought Tomb Raider was the best game of last gen (and I fuck1n hate the Tomb Raider series!)

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