(SOLD) PSVita £80 delivered

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(SOLD) PSVita £80 delivered

Post by RetroRevival » Tue Jul 16, 2013 3:50 pm


Here is the chance to pick up a Vita on the cheap....

It is just over a year old, and comes in a slightly tatty box. The Vita was used by one of my boys so you need to expect some wear and tear to be present, but specifically it includes the following...

1) There is a single mark on the screen, pretty much dead center and is visible when the console is off or when looking at dark screens. When playing a light screened game it is hardly visible if at all (see the picture below). Other than this the screen has no dead pixels and is in good shape.

2) There is a scratch on the rear touchpad which is noticeable when the unit is tilted in the correct light. This one is more cosmetic. As is a smaller scratch near the right hand grip.

3) There is a small dent in the metal chassis, right under the Vita moniker at the bottom.

The charger is present as are the manuals, but no AR cards.

There is also no memory card with this.

I am looking for £80 delivered due to the cosmetic issues. - SOLD ELSEWHERE

This has been advertised elsewhere


You can just about make out the mark on the screen in the picture above, however it is much more prominent in this one...


The rear touchpad scratch could not be picked up by the camera due to it wanting to focus on the playstation logos printed on the touchpad itself, but the smaller scratch by the right grip was picked up...


A picture of the tiny dent in metal chassis...


Finally a picture of the vita playing a game to show that the screen mark is not that visible when playing a game...


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