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Trading Corner - The Rules

Post by Darran@Retro Gamer » Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:26 am

Retro Gamer Forum is not a trading post and sales threads are technically in breach of the Ts & Cs of this board. Therefore all sales, both in terms of sale and receipt, are entirely at your own risk. Imagine Publishing is not responsible for any issues that arise through sales or trades made on this board.

To sell or trade on this board you must abide by the following rules;

1. This is supposed to be a community forum, and sales between long-time forum members can be tolerated (and, frankly, are more trustworthy). Therefore, selling, buying and trade threads are not permitted where members have a post count of less than 50. If you're desperate to sell something right now and haven't posted here before, use eBay. If sale or trade threads are created by members with less than 50 posts they will be deleted. Moderators will endeavor to advise the thread starter of the reason for deletion.

2. Any and all sales-oriented thread should be in the off-topic section of this board. Threads posted elsewhere will either be moved (if the moderators are in a good mood) or deleted.

3. Each member must only have 1 live sale or trade thread at any one time. Multiple threads of any kind constitute spam. They will be deleted without question.

4. All Sales threads must have a thread title that starts with either 'FOR SALE:', 'FOR TRADE:' or 'WANTED:'

5. If you are not intending to purchase said item, please don't criticise it. There's no need to contribute to the thread if you are not buying.

This final one's not a rule, but more of a tip, if you are planning on selling something, providing photos and postage costs would be a very good idea.


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