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Please read this first

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 5:04 am
by Darran@Retro Gamer
Hi guys, thought I'd give you the heads up on a new idea that's been pottering around in my head for quite a while now. Basically we're the only community magazine I know that doesn't have a proper feature dedicated to the readers, which is insane when you think about it as I've never met a more loyal bunch than those who support Retro Gamer.

A few people now have been commenting that the classic games feel stale as they're not really getting to hear anything that they don't already know. Therefore I thought we could turn the classic game into an experience that everyone could join in on and our experiences could all be shared within the mag. I'll even speak to a few developers and get them to join in on the fun as well.

The first offering will be Mickey Mouse: The Castle of Illusion and the focus will be on the Mega Drive version. There will however be the opportunity to discuss the other versions of Sega's classic game.

I'll be putting a number of posts up that will cover all aspects of the game and the idea is to post your thoughts and comments as you play through the game. Myself and Stuart will be joining in and hopefully other freelancers will too.

I'd appreciate therefore that you do the following when posting here.
Don't start new threads within the forum.
Please don't railroad existing threads (there should be enough set up to cover all aspects of the game, even if you don't like it)
Add screenshots of your discoveries, so we can make the experience as fun and personal as possible.
If you do add screenshots, make sure they are BMPs or PNGs
Please PM me if there's an aspect of the game that hasn't been covered that you'd like to see discussed.

Well that's pretty much it. Let's see how this goes and I hope everyone is looking forward to going through these classics as I am.